Ireland: Coca Cola Dispute escalates as picketer is injured, company restricts pickets by court injunction

SIPTU member, Martin Daly, was taken to hospital Tuesday, September 1 after he was injured by a car driven through an
official picket at the Coca Cola distribution centre on Ballycoolin
Road, Finglas in Dublin.

At a meeting in Liberty Hall, Dublin, on Monday (August 31) it was
decided by the SIPTU Strike Committee that pickets would remain in
place at Coca Cola HBC Ireland depots in Dublin, Cork, Tuam, county
Galway and Tipperary.
It was also decided that the dispute will be escalated by SIPTU
engaging in an on-going campaign across the island of Ireland to seek
the support of the general public for the workers of Coca Cola HBC in
their fight for justice.

Read the full story on SIPTU's website. 

SIPTU also declared that its members are engaged in peaceful and legal picketing dismissing claims by the company the pickets were "illegal and dangerous". The company has gone as far as seeking court injunctions against the picketers.

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