Ireland - IUF urges Coca-Cola to find a negotiated solution

IUF General Secretary Ron Oswald has urged Coca-Cola Hellenic's  Employee Relations Director Libbi McKnight to make sure that a "mutually acceptable, negotiated solution, including alternatives to the proposed outsourcing" would be reached with IUF affiliate SIPTU as soon as possible.

In a letter to Ms McKnight, he pointed out that CCH and the incumbent third party providers had violated the "Transfer of Undertakings regulations” regarding the Protection of Employment, and voiced his concern that the company was rather seeking court injunctions against its employees against picketing than finding a negotiated solution.

The ongoing strike at Coca-Cola Ireland notwithstanding, Coca-Cola Hellenic had proceeded to dismiss 120 workers  Sept. 8. 

This has triggered protest not only from the workers themselves, but also for example from a support group which Sept. 10 presented a letter to the Managing Director
of Coca Cola, Val Quinn, in Baggot Street, Dublin. In it
the chairman of the support Group, Paddy Cahill called on Ms. Quinn ‘to
use your influence to ensure that Coca Cola HBC Ireland management
withdraw the redundancy against their loyal and hardworking staff and
return to the appropriate third party to resolve this unnecessary and
potentially bitter dispute’.

He also asked her to bring the dispute ‘to the attention of management at the highest level in the company’.

Mr. Cahill worked for Coca Cola for forty years and is a former union representative in the company and Worker Director.

Read more on SIPTUs website.


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