Germany - Last minute negotiation success for NGG - Employment at CCEAG secured

Source: NGG

Niedernhausen / Berlin – March 29, 2010.

Late at night of March 28, the German IUF-affiliate NGG could reach an agreement with Germany's biggest soft drink producer, Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetraenke AG (CCEAG).  „After we had threatened severe warning strikes and in the course of extremely difficult negotiations we succeeded to secure first of all employment, and to find cornerstones for five agreements on different issues"said Claus-Harald Guester, lead negotiateor and NGG vice president, after the negotiation marathon of four days and four nights. 

In particular, apart from regulations to protect employment, agreement was secured on issues of working time, part-time work for employees in pre-pension age, salaries, and general conditions of work (Manteltarifvertrag or framework agreement)

  • The "red fleet" - Coca-Cola's own distribution fleet - will be kept within CCEAG. The drivers will equally be covered by the agreement on employment security.
  • No lay-offs for operational reasons for NGG members. Transfers with regard to overcapacities in production locations are possible only within the same sales region.
  • No outsourcing will take place in production ad services: commissioning, sorting and IT will not be transferred to third parties. 
  • Workers representatives (works councils) will be closer involved and will have more rights in planning and implementation of restructuring measures.
  • There will be voluntary regulation for pre-pension part-time work. 
  • The agreement concerning working time will allow CCEAG to flexibly react to the situation on the soft drinks market, as weekly working time can be extended to 48 hours. However working on weekends will continue to be exceptional. 
  • Framework agreements that regulate among other things the weekly working time of 37,5 hours, Vacation, Vacation and Christmas allowance will keep in force.
  • Salaries will be increased in 2010 by 200 Euro, 2011 by 300 Euros plus compensation for inflation, and in 2012 by 2,3%. 
  • All trainees will be kept after their traineeship for at least 12 months.

The agreements will have a duration until December 31, 2012. 

CCEAG currently employes around 11.000 employees.

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