Spain: FITAG and FEAGRA to analyze the new "workforce reduction scheme" proposal of CCIP

On June 13 Spain's High Court ordered the Spanish Coca-Cola Bottler CCIP to reverse its decision to fire 1,190 workers as a result of theirplans to close 4 plants.
CCIP appealed the Ruling of the Audiencia Nacional to the Tribunal Supremo. At the same time, IUF affiliates organized at CCIP factories have already called for the provisional execution of the ruling and asked for the reinstatement of dismissed workers.

CCIP has declared its willingness to reopen the negotiations with trade unions establishing a new constructive dialogue. At a joint meeting convened by CCC, which brought together the three unions that challenge the workforce reduction scheme (ERE)- CCOO, UGT and CSIF- and the Coca-Cola Company management (CCIP), and after bilateral meetings between CCIP and the three unions, CCIP has presented a proposal with the intention to find a solution to the labor dispute behind the ERE.

Unions have expressed their intention to study and analyze the proposal, and though there is a clear change in attitude and contents regarding activity and employment, social conditions are improved, and the return of groups transferred to their centers of origin is ensured, it is deemed insufficient. Unions want to submit some counter proposals for improvement, in order to be able to assess, by the end of the negotiations, whether or not there is agreement.
CCIP proposal needs to be examined more extensively in all groups and areas, before any kind of agreement is signed.

Manuel Pimentel, former Labour and Social affairs Minister during the José María Aznar's government, has been appointed by the company as the new mediator and interlocutor with the unions. Manuel Pimentel, after having left the Partido Popular already participated in different negotiations in the last years as the one between Aena and Air traffic controllers in 2011 and Iberia and its pilots in 2012.
Both FITAG and FEAGRA have approached this new negotiation phase with a great sense of responsibility in defending the rights of CCIP workers and bearing in mind the important achievement they have obtained with the ruling issued by the Audiencia Nacional on 13 June 2014.