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New SICO-Urabá Collective Bargaining Agreement

New agreement enhances economic and social gains

The 2008 ILO Mission that assessed the situation of trade unions and labor rights in Colombia found a very professional atmosphere and an openness to dialogue in the labor relations between the National Union of Beverage Industry Workers of Colombia (SICO) and the company Bebidas y Alimentos de Urabá (BADUR). Now, the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement reaffirms the ILO’s positive evaluation and proves that it is possible to pave the way to decent work.

STECSA warms up its engines

Workers mobilize against Coca-Cola FEMSA’s delaying tactics

For the second day in a row, dozens of members of the Union of Workers of Embotelladora Central SA (STECSA) mobilized in the company’s main plant, in the Guatemalan capital, to demand that the company stop delaying the negotiations for the new collective bargaining agreement.

گوئٹے مالا : ٹھیکیداری / بیرونی ذرائع سے ملازمتیں دینے کا سلسلہ دوبارہ شروع

آئی یو ایف سے ملحقہ لیبر یونین آف ایمبو ٹیلا ڈورا سینٹرل امریکہ (ایس ٹی ای سی ایس اے) نے کوکاکولا بوٹلر ایمبو ٹیلا ڈورا سینٹرل کی ملکیت ایف ای ایم ایس اے میں آؤٹ سورسنگ کو کم کرنے کے لئے ایک ایک مہم چلائی ھے۔

Variable salary issue resolution in Ghana

By Seth KWAKYE, Coca-Cola Accra


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