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Atlanta: November 1st IUF/TCCC meeting addresses outstanding issues notably in the Philippines and Guatemala

At the most recent bi-annual meetings between IUF and TCCC in Atlanta, the IUF delegation called for further concrete results from the now well-established Atlanta process. The IUF stressed that without concrete and positive outcomes for Coca-Cola workers the process will become meaningless.


Please find the preliminary results of the IUF "Route to Market" survey for Coca-Cola system in English and Spanish.


Please find Coca-Cola global developments report for the period of March-October 2012 here.

IUF Brief "Route to Market" Survey

What distribution system does Coca-Cola use to deliver its products from the plants to the market  in your country?

1-Coca-Cola's own distribution system:  YES/NO or PARTIALLY
Please provide more detail:_______________________________________________________

2-An outsourced distribution company: YES/NO or PARTIALLY
Please provide more detail:_______________________________________________________

3-Direct to major customer's own distribution centres: YES/NO or PARTIALLY

Please provide more detail:_______________________________________________________

Coca-Cola Company to streamline global structure

The Coca-Cola Company recently announced plans to streamline its operating structure and make certain management changes.

Coca-Cola currently reports its operating results under six segments, broadly geographical: Eurasia & Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, Pacific, Bottling Investments and Corporate.

What do the beverage companies do to fight back over obesity?

Beverage companies such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo hire lobbying groups to defend themselves against advertising campaigns linking their products to obesity. Same kinds of campaigns were targeted notably against cigarette companies which were also working closely with lobbying groups to vindicate their products' bad effects on customers' health.

Casual Work, Employment and Union recognition rights issues at the heart of IUF/Coca-Cola March 2012, Atlanta meeting

On March 29, a team of Coca-Cola union representatives met Coca-Cola's Global Workplace Rights Director Ed Potter and his team in Atlanta to discuss global labour relations at Coca-Cola, specific cases from countries where issues were reported, and, in particular, the issue of precarious work in Coca-Cola's system.

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