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European Trade Unions condemn Coca-Cola's aggressive attack on jobs and workers' rights

Please find here the declaration adopted by the EFFAT Coca-Cola Coordination Group on November 23,2013 in Antwerp during its Coca Cola Conference on working time&flexibility within the Coca Cola supply chain in Europe,
condemning Coca-Cola's aggressive attack on jobs and workers' rights in Europe.

Strike at the Coca Cola Enterprises plant in Belgium

Coca-Cola Enterprises plant in GENT (Belgium) is on strike to protest against the unfair dismissal of a 54-year old technician.
The spontaneous initiative began with a 2-hour stoppage on October 9 afternoon shift and was continued for additional 2 hours during the night shift and is permanent since October 10 shift.

FRANCE: Coca-Cola Entreprise cuts jobs in sales department

The French unit of Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE) has confirmed it is significantly cutting the size of its commercial division, but stressed there will be "no compulsory redundancies" after an agreement with employee representatives,CFE CGC(French confederation of management-General Confederation of Executives) was struck.

Coca-Cola Enterprises could cut up to 288 UK distribution jobs

The IUF affiliated Unite the Union, which represents 160 of the drivers and warehouse workers, described the news as a 'devastating blow'.

Unite the Union believes that Cola Coca Enterprises is a highly profitable and successful global company and the union will be doing everything in their power to protect jobs.

Germany: NGG wins employment guarantees, gains for temporary workers at Coca-Cola Germany

IUF affiliated NGG concluded a very successful collective bargaining agreement after 11 rounds of negotiations and 2 weeks of nationwide warning strikes at Coca-Cola Germany to stop job cuts. NGG secured employment by ensuring that no forced redundancies to take place for the duration of the collective agreement.

2 weeks of nationwide warning strikes at Coca-Cola Germany to stop job cuts

Thousands of workers from Germany`s largest beverage company, Coca-Cola (CCE AG) organized by IUF affiliated NGG will be staging 2 weeks of warning strikes at about 60 sites of Coca-Cola in Germany against the company`s plan over restructuring, job cuts and more flexible working hours.

Coca-Cola Norway: Switch to disposable bottles costs 500 jobs

On February 10, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has announced that they no longer will use recycling systems for their plastic bottles but will use disposable bottles for bottling Coca-Cola products in Norway. IUF affiliated NNN (Norwegian Food and Allied Workers Association) which represents Coca-Cola Norway workers is very disappointed with the decision made in Atlanta which will lead to almost 500 unionized job cuts. The union representatives conducted negotiations with the employer since then and strongly opposed to this change.

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