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STECSA and STIBYS join forces to face their respective collective bargaining processes

Trade union officials of Guatemala’s Union of Workers of Embotelladora Central SA (STECSA) and Honduras’ Union of Beverage and Related Industry Workers (STIBYS) met in Guatemala to exchange information, strengthen ties and step up mutual support between the two labor organizations, in the context of their collective bargaining processes with Coca-Cola.

Alliance of Coca-Cola Unions Philippines (ACCUP) rolls back casualization, wins 741 new permanent jobs in 2012

In a meeting between Coca-Cola Philippines Bottlers Inc. (CCBPI) management and the IUF-affiliated Alliance of Coca-Cola Unions Philippines (ACCUP) on 14 June, the company committed to 741 new permanent jobs in 2012.

ساؤتھہ انڈیا میں کوکاکولا یونینز متحد ، مشترکہ تنظیم سازی کی کوششوں کا آغاز

ساؤتھہ انڈیا میں کوکاکولا یونینز پچھلے بارہ مہینوں سے زیادہ منظم ھونے کی کوششیں کررہی تھیں ان کوششوں کا اختتام 28 مئی کی ایک میٹنگ میں ھوا جس میں ساؤتھہ انڈیا کوکاکولا کی یونینز، آئی یو ایف کے ساتھہ مشترکہ طور پر منظم ھوئیں۔
اس میٹنگ میں آندھرا پردیش اور کرناٹک میں موجود 7 بوٹلنگ پلانٹوں کی عارضی ملازمین کی 3 یونینزسمیت 13 یونینز شامل تھیں ۔

"A very positive and trust-building meeting"

August 22, the 3rd Meeting of the Latin American Federation of Coca Cola Workers (FELATRAC) was held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

FELATRAC: Two years of struggle and solidarity

Second anniversary of the Latin American Federation of Coca Cola Workers (FELATRAC). Founded on 6 May, 2008 in Buenos Aires, it has been constantly growing and acting in defense of the interests of Coca Cola workers in the region and worldwide.

Germany: NGG and CCEAG facing industrial dispute?

„CCEAG has forfeited their second before last chance to a peaceful solution“ – said Claus-Harald Guester, vice president of German IUF-affiliate NGG and lead negotiator during talks with CCEAG, the German Coca-Cola bottler, after the seventh round of negotiations on employment security at Coca-Cola Germany.

FELATRAC plans 2010 activities

February 9 FELATRAC, the Latin American Coca-Cola Workers Federation, held an ad-hoc meeting regarding the situation at Montevideo Refreshments, which will be also subject to a detailed report for the next meeting between unions and the company in Atlanta.

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