Uruguay: Agreement reached avoiding job losses at Coca-Cola

The IUF-affiliated Coca Cola Workers' Union (STCC) warned in August that a distribution sector restructuring threatened jobs. Following 2 months of negotiations between the Federation of Drink Carriers (Fetrabe) and the union, an agreement was reached. Please find below an interview with Javier Martinez, treasurer of STCC about this agreement:

Indonesia: Coca-Cola Amatil continues to victimize members of independent unions

On September 9, 2020 Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia suspended two members of an independent Coca-Cola union for not meeting sales targets. The two sales representatives, Riyadi, and Nursalam Jamil, were working in COVID-19 red zones where many shops are closed.

The Coca-Cola Company's reorganizing of global structure will lead to job losses

The Coca-Cola Company recently announced plans for a reorganization of its operating structure and a wave of major redundancies as part of a larger restructuring. In its publicly released statement on August 28, 2020 the company stated that this would result in reallocating jobs and resources, including "voluntary and involuntary reductions in employees."

Benin: Coca-Cola union shows solidarity with Coca-Cola Filipino workers

The IUF affiliated SYNTRA.SOB represents workers at the Coca-Cola bottler in the Castel group in Benin. They have joined affiliates around the world calling on the Coca-Cola Company to respect rights and reinstate dismissed union leaders in Coca-Cola operations in the Philippines.

Uruguay: Coca-Cola Workers ready to confront restructuring

An interview with Javier Martínez, STCC Treasurer

The IUF-affiliated Coca-Cola Workers' Union (STCC) in Uruguay has warned that restructuring in the distribution sector is putting jobs at risk.

Coca-Cola workers in Belgium stand with their coworkers in the Philippines

Members of the IUF-affiliated ACV-CSC at Coca-Cola European Partner's Chaudfontaine water bottling operation in Belgium showed their solidarity with the unfairly dismissed leaders of FCCU-CENTRO in the Philippines who are fighting for their rights and reinstatement. 

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