Coca-Cola Alliance introduced to IUF African Regional Conference

Oct. 31, skype video technology was used to present the work of the global Coca-Cola Workers Alliance to the IUF African Regional Conference.

IUF Alliance support officer Gisela Neunhöffer adressed the Conference, speaking from Berlin, Germany to participants convened in Johannesburg, South Africa. It became immediately clear from discussion contributions, that the working priority of the Alliance, the fight against job destruction and casualisation, is extremely up-to-date for Africa, as several examples of abusive employer behaviour were named. The work of shop floor activists, national unions, IUF regional coordination and the global Alliance thus needs to complement each other in order to stand up successfully against casualisation and its detrimental consequences for workers and society as whole.

The website was presented as a multilanguage, interactive tool to improve information exchange and facilitate discussion among Coca-Cola workers worldwide. 

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