Unions from all over the world support CCE workers' protest on Oct. 27

Workers across the European operations of Coca-Cola Enterprises will embark on joint protest action October 27.

They will be protesting against restructuring plans under the "Plant Performance Project", threatening to slash more than 400 jobs all over the five countries in which CCE operates. 

Unions from all over the world have sent their solidarity messages in preparation to the action day, among them from the US, Russia, Poland,
Pakistan, Japan, Serbia, Zimbabwe, and others. 

IUF General Secretary Ron Oswald expressed the IUF's full solidarity with the protest, saying: "

Kursbogen 2011 englisch

Enterprises, being part of the global Coca-Cola system, should adhere to
principles of decent work and fair social dialogue. This is especially true in
times of restructuring – companies must not put the burden of change on the
shoulders of their employees who have been devoting years of their worklife to
the well-being of this company."

Read a press-release by IUF affiliate Unite.

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