STECSA and SITINCA: Strengthening the coordination and cooperation

Accompanied by the Trade Union Federation of Food, Agribusiness and Allied workers(FESTRAS) and the Latin American Federation of Coca Cola (FELATRAC), the Union of Central Bottling SA (STECSA) and the Union of Coffee Industry Workers SA (SITINCA), met again last week in the Guatemalan capital.

This new meeting is part of the process of coordination and strategic program initiated in 2008 between the two organizations under the auspices of the Rel-UITA.
"For us it is crucial to work together and strengthen each other and develop strategies to improve our potential to negotiate with Coca Cola," Luis Felipe Catalan SITINCA Secretary of Finance told Sirel.

"For this experience SITINCA and STECSA exchange is essential to strengthen our organization," Catalan said.

According to Jose Francisco Argueta, Executive Committee member of STECSA, solidarisma which means the "invasion" of the territory of Central Bottling and therefore STECSA by the other franchises of Coca Cola, as well as outsourcing and casualization of labor, have been other big topics discussed by both unions.

"It was a very intense meeting and we will go deeper, always with the guidance and support from FESTRAS, the IUF and the FELATRAC" said Argueta.

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