Coca-Cola German Works Council support for the IUF's "Zero Rights" campaign

The IUF-Affiliated NGG and General Works Council of Coca-Cola European Partners Germany have lent support to the IUF's "Zero Rights" campaign and denounced The Coca-Cola Company's current human rights failures in a number of countries. The Works Council published a special edition of their newsletter expressing support and collected signatures from members at Coca-Cola and activists all demanding that the company fully respect and guarantee access to human rights throughout Coca-Cola operations worldwide.

The newsletter details Coca-Cola human rights failures particularly in Indonesia, Haiti and the Philippines and stresses that workers have to be treated with dignity at work and that right cannot be simply set aside by management. You can read the newsletter in German here.

Johan Botella, Chairman of the Works Council in Germany explains that the law in Germany protects and secures rights for workers including Coca-Cola workers but such protection either does not exist or is simply ignored in other countries where workers are defenseless.

Guido Zeitler, NGG Deputy Chairman says "It is unacceptable that Coca-Cola exploits workers in other countries to produce cheaply. That is maximizing profits at the expense of defenseless workers. Human rights must be the indispensable foundation for any workers that work and cooperate anywhere in the company and its system.