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Joint IUF/Coca-Cola declaration in different languages

In March 2005, a first joint declaration between the IUF and Coca-Cola was signed, confirming the company`s obligation to ensure observance of basic trade union rights in the Coca-Cola system, and designing a mechanism to monitor observance of this obligation. Click on "read more" to find the text of the joint declaration in different languages.

Coca-Cola Workers launch Global Union Alliance

Coke participants at Oberjosbach NGG training centre

Members of the newly formed Coke Global Alliance

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Über diese Seite

"Coca-Cola Workers Worldwide" (Coca-Cola Beschäftigte  Weltweit) ist eine gemeinsame Webseite von und für Beschäftigte und Gewerkschaftsmitglieder in den Unternehmen des Coca-Cola-Systems, ob in der Coca-Cola Company, einem der grossen Bottlers, oder bei einem unabhängingen Lizenznehmer, oder einem Subunternehmen, das von Coca-Cola-Aufträgen lebt.


Please find below documents, pictures, and other resources, that Coke Unions can use in their work, for example the IUF-Coca-cola Joint declaration in different languages: 

The IUF Global Coca-Cola Workers Alliance

On May 22/23, 2008, the 2nd Coca-Cola Workers’s Unions Global Meeting took place in Oberjosbach, Germany.

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