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Current campaigns

  1. PepsiCo complicit in ongoing rights violations at Indian warehouse supplier 26-Apr-2016
  2. Swedish foodworkers fighting Findus factory closure by asset strippers Nomad Foods 07-Apr-2016
  3. Tell the European Commission to ban glyphosate and get off the pesticide treadmill! 30-Mar-2016
  4. Vicious union-busting at Moroccan fish canner DOHA 05-Feb-2016
  5. Carlsberg/Cambrew dismisses striking beer promotion women in Cambodia! 27-Jan-2016
  6. Workers taste bitter repression at International Flavors & Fragrances in Turkey! 06-Jan-2016
  7. New police raids, more arrests - stop the Korean government's attacks on trade union rights! 23-Nov-2015