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Date updated : 14-Jan-2014

Status: active

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Murders continue in Colombia - Demand the perpetrators be brought to justice!

Ever Luis Marín Rolong, a regional leader of the SINALTRACEBA brewery workers union was murdered on January 4 by unknown gunmen who fired six times at him, as he was waiting for a bus in the town of Soledad.

The next day the President of SINALTRACEBA, Gamboa Rafael Maldonado, received death threats from paramilitaries while the union was holding its General Assembly. The person on the phone, stated to the union President that they had already taken the life of Ever Luis and he would be next.

In October, the government of President Juan Manuel Santos admitted that since 1986 some 12,000 murders and threats against union members have been carried out within the framework of Colombia's decades-long armed conflict and identified them as one of the main groups of victims of the violence.

A report published in late 2013 reveals that abuse of labor rights continue in Colombia with the perpetrators going unpunished in 83 percent of reported cases.

Use the form below to send a message to the Colombian authorities. The Spanish message calls on the President and Labour Minister to swiftly bring the perpetrators and organizers of this crime to justice through a full and transparent investigation, and to provide all necessary security for other union members at risk.

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Dirigido al Señor Juan Manuel Santos, Presidente de la República de Colombia
Señor Doctor Rafael Pardo, Ministro de Trabajo
Señor Presidente y Señor Ministro

El dirigente sindical Ever Luis Marín Rolong fue asesinado el 4 de enero en la ciudad colombiana de Soledad. Al día siguiente, el Presidente de SINALTRACEBA, Gamboa Rafael Maldonado, recibió amenazas de muerte de los paramilitares, mientras que el sindicato estaba llevando a cabo su Asamblea General.

Le instamos a su gobierno a actuar con rapidez para garantizar que los autores y los organizadores de este crimen sean llevados ante la justicia a través de una investigación completa y transparente.

También insisto en que se proporcione la seguridad inmediata y total a los miembros de SINALTRACEBA y líderes en Soledad y para el resto de los miembros del sindicato en situación de riesgo.

Le saludamos atentamente,

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