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Date updated : 27-Jan-2016

Status: active

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Carlsberg/Cambrew dismisses striking beer promotion women in Cambodia!

Eleven members of the IUF-affiliated Cambodian Food and Service Workers' Federation (CFSWF) employed by transnational brewery giant Carlsberg’s joint venture local brewer Cambrew have been dismissed in retaliation for taking strike action on January 16. Workers are fighting the company's attempt to impose short-term employment contracts and late working hours.

The beer promotion women are employed by Cambrew to market and serve Angkor beer at restaurants, where they compete with promoters from other breweries working in the same restaurants. After two years on the job, workers have a legal right to a permanent contract, which gives paid maternity live and other benefits. Carlsberg/Cambrew refuse to comply with the law.

The company refused the union’s request for talks on the contracts and escalated the conflict on January 15 by extending working hours to 11:00 PM, which puts the women at greater risk of harassment from customers and transport difficulties at late hours. Determined to win their rights, the women struck on January 16. Management responded by claiming that current contracts had expired and that the striking workers had to accept new short-term contracts.

The Labour Arbitration Council instructed workers to resume work while awaiting the outcome of a dispute resolution process. However workers returned to work on January 21 to learn that 11 prominent union members had been dismissed.

USE THE FORM BELOW TO SEND NOW A MESSAGE TO CARLSBERG, telling them to reinstate the dismissed workers, enter into good faith negotiations with CFSWF and ensure that Carlsberg/Cambrew respects its workers’ rights.

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To Mr Cees't Hart, CEO and President, Carlsberg
Cc Ms Claudia Schlossberger, Senior Vice President, Group HR, Carlsberg
Mr David Fang Vice President, Communications & CSR Asia, Carlsberg

Dear Mr Cees't Hart,

I am outraged to learn that Carlsberg/Cambrew is brutally violating the basic human rights of its workers in Cambodia. The January 21 termination of 11 prominent union members employed to promote Angkor beer by your joint-venture partner Cambrew after they took action to defend their legal right to a permanent contract negates any claims Carlsberg might make about respecting human and workplace rights.

I urge Carlsberg/Cambrew to take concrete steps towards fulfilling its human rights obligations by acting immediately to:

• Reinstate the eleven unfairly dismissed union members, and fully respect union rights;
• Negotiate in good faith with the Cambodian Food and Service Workers' Federation to secure permanent contracts in accordance with Cambodian labour law and a fixed basic salary for beer promotion women;
• Ensure safe working conditions protecting beer promotion women from sexual harassment with working hours from 14:00 to 21:00, clear supervision structures and grievance procedures.

Yours sincerely,

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