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Coca-Cola Co. offers to buy China Huiyuan Juice Group. in some US$2.5B deal

The Coca-Cola Co., the world's biggest beverage company, moved to expand its operations
in the fast-growing Chinese market Wednesday with a US$2.5 billion bid for major juicemaker China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd.

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Coke to expand distribution centers in Africa

efforts to secure hard-to-reach markets as well as create more job opportunities, Coca-Cola Co. has planned to expand locally run distribution centers in Africa by up to 2,000 within three years.

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Coca-Cola to invest US$50m in Kenya

9 May 2008 | Source: just-drinks.com editorial team

The Coca-Cola Company has announced it is to invest US$50m in the expansion and up-scaling of its bottling lines across Kenya.

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CHINA: Authorities “blacklist” Nestlé, P&G, Coca-Cola products

12 May 2008 | Source: just-food.com

China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (GAQSIQ) has reportedly blacklisted products from companies including Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and Nestlé over safety concerns.

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CHINA: Coca-Cola signs up to water partnership ( just-drinks.com)

20 March 2008 | Source: just-drinks.com editorial team

The_Coca-Cola_Company was today part of a public-private partnership that announced a collaborative project to address water issues in four water stressed provinces of China: Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang and Liaoning.

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Chief change at Coca-Cola "a wasted opportunity" - Teamsters

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters said late last week that Coca-Cola's new leadership structure "fails to establish the independent board leadership critical to ensuring objective board oversight and management accountability".

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Coca-Cola profits from sales in Japan and Brazil

By Mary Jane Credeur, Bloomberg News - Thursday, October 18, 2007

ATLANTA: Coca-Cola, the world's largest soft-drink maker, posted third-quarter profit that rose more than analysts anticipated by selling Coca-Cola Zero soda to the Japanese and bottles of tea to Brazilians. The shares rose the most in almost a year.

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Coke sees progress in N America

Neville Isdell, chief executive of Coca-Cola, said on Wednesday he was seeing “the early signs of progress” in efforts to revitalise its North American operations, which account for almost 30 per cent of its sales.

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Coca-Cola lawyers asked the Chancery Court judge to make a pronouncement on a pending lawsuit filed by the US Teamsters Union (IBT) claiming that Coca-Cola controlled the operations of its largest US bottler, Coca-Cola Enterprises, to the detriment of the bottler's shareholders.
CCE is 35%-owned by Coca-Cola and handles around 80% of the company North American sales. The judge has 90 days in which to rule on Coca-Cola's request.

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The seven German independent Coca-Cola bottlers have agreed to merge into Coca-Cola majority-owned Erfrischungsgetränke AG (CCEAG) leading to the creation of a single bottling entity for the whole country. In 2006, German IUF-affiliate NGG had secured an agreement on job tenure and guarantees for German Coca-Cola workers.

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LATIN AMERICA: FEMSA TO BUY Brazilian bottler from Coca-Cola AND to invest in distribution center in ARGENTINA

Mexican Coca-Cola bottler FEMSA is to buy a wholly owned Coca-Cola franchise in the Brazilian state of Mina Gerais for $380 million. FEMSA, which intends to further expand its Latin American operations, will also build a $60 million distribution center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in an area currently belonging to the city Central Market.

Para leer un artículo en Español sobre la nueva franquisia en Brasil chasque aquí.

Para leer un artículo en Español sobre el nuevo centro de distribución en Argentina chasque aquí.

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Coke to buy stake in S.Korea bottling unit: source

SEOUL (Reuters Wed Jul 25) - Coca-Cola Co. has agreed to take part in LG Household & Health Care's acquisition of the South Korean bottling arm of Australia's Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd. a source familiar with the deal said on Wednesday.

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FLAI-CGIL's Regional Secretary Wanda Vallettini denounced the unacceptable conditions the about 60 Coca-Cola HBC workers - vending machine and sales operators - in the Italian region of Liguria are enduring. Forced to work up to 11 hours a day (instead of the regular 8 as per CBY) to reach impossible targets such as minimum number of visits or case sold per day - on which their bonus pay depends.


US-UK: Coca-Cola may buy Snapple tea brand from Cadbury Scwheppes

Coca-Cola may be seriously looking into buying Snapple (cold flavored teas) and Mott's (leader in apple and cranberry juices) from Cadbury Schweppes. Coke is interested in expanding its non-carbonated drinks portfolio further after it paid 4,1 bn USD for its largest acquisition ever of Glacéau, market leader of enhanced waters and functional drinks in the US. Cadbury is under strong investors pressure to split its confectionary and drinks business. Coca-Cola competes with a number of private equity groups including a rumoured alliance between Indian Tata Group and private equity Blackstone.

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RUSSIA: CCHBC buys Aquavision bottling plant near Moscow

CCHBC continues its strategy of investing and diversifying in Eastern Europe's emerging markets by buying a bottling plant located in proximity of the Russian capital for 191.5 million euros ($260.6 million). The Aquavision facility already counts 4 bottling lines for carbonated drinks, juices, waters and functional drinks along with a warehouse and office space. CCHBC may expand its capacity in the future.

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EUROPE: CCHBC changes its regional structure


CCHBC, the 2nd Coke top-to-top bottler, has announced major changes in the geographic coveragge and management of its regional structure. All three newly defined "regions" now span from the Western Europe to Russia and CIS countries.
To read CCHBC's press release in ENGLISH click here.

ITALY: CCHBC buys vending operator Eurmatik

ITALIA: CCHBC compra l'operatore di distributori automatici Eurmatik

Coca-Cola 2nd world bottler CCHBC completed its acquisition of the Italian vending operator Eurmatik for EUR15.8m, after similar moves in Ireland with Vendit (2005) and Hungary with Yoppi (2006). Eurmatik distributes hot and cold beverges, waters and snacks. Read full article.

TCCC make buy South Korean Coca-Cola bottler

Coca-Cola may move for South Korean bottler

By Neil Merrett 24/05/2007
The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) could step in to purchase its troubled South Korean licence, after an Israeli group linked to a possible deal for the bottler, pulled out of the move, press reports have said.

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Isdell's "no comment" on union protests at CCE

During the 17 April conference call between The Coca-Cola Company executives and market analysts on first quarter earnings, Matthew Riley from Morningstar asked Neville Isdell about "the labor issues the Coke system seems to be facing in North America." Isdell responded, "Well, the issue is one that is with CCE. We don't want to comment on what our bottlers are doing in terms of a potential labor dispute."

The Coca-Cola Company owns 38% of CCE.

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Transcript of conference call on Coca-Cola Q1 2007 earnings

Below is the full transcript of the the Coca-Cola Company first quarter 2007 earnings conference call that was held on April 17, 2007 at 8:00 am ET. TCCC executives involved in the conference call included: Ann Taylor - VP, Director, IR Neville Isdell - Chairman, CEO Gary Fayard - EVP, CFO Muhtar Kent - President, COO.

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Coca-Cola CEO granted $20.9 million in 2006 compensation

The Associated Press, March 9, 2007

ATLANTA: The chief executive of The Coca-Cola Co., Neville Isdell, was granted $20.9 million (€15.9 million) in total compensation last year as valued by the company, according to an analysis of a regulatory filing issued by the world's largest beverage maker Friday.
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Tajikistan: Coca-Cola Içecek to enter market

Source: just-drinks.com

Coca-Cola_Içecek (CCI), the Turkey-based Coca-Cola bottler, is to set up a subsidiary in Tajikistan, the company said today (6 March).The bottler said the site will be set up through its wholly-owned subsidiary Efes Invest Holland, which will initially invest US$900,000 into the project. CCI said the company will be called CC Trade LLC but gave no further details about its functions or its locations in Tajikistan. The investment marks the bottler's first move into the former Soviet state. CCI produces and distributes Coca-Cola and third-party beverages for Turkey and four other markets including Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Coca-Cola owns a 36% stake in CCI with Anadolu Group owning a 51% majority interest in the bottler.

CCE: while 3,500 jobs are to go executives get "discretionary cash awards"

CCE : alors que 3.500 postes sont supprimés les cadres obtiennent des primes 'extraordinaires'

Coca-Cola Enterprises will pay seven top executives $3.6 million in "discretionary cash awards" to replace bonuses they missed after failing to hit performance targets. The awards, granted Feb. 8, were disclosed in a federal filing Wednesday, just a day after Chief Executive John Brock announced the bottler will cut 3,500 employees in the next two years. Brock, 58, will receive a cash award of about $1 million, according to the filing. His annual salary is about $1.1 million.

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Israel: Coca Cola fires 50 workers at Bnei Brak plant

ISRAEL: Coca cola licencie 50 travailleurs de l'usine de Bnei Brak

Source: Israel Money and www.globes.co.il

The Coca Cola fired 50 employees of its 2,700 employees, mostly production workers. Most of the workers fired were from the company's factory in the city of Bnei Brak and the rest were from the company's distribution department. Coca Cola said that the dismissal was carried out because of small technological and managerial changes, in spite of the fact that the company was profitable and its financial situation was stable.
Histadrut Ramat Gan region chairman Avi Galili, who signed the agreement for the lay-offs, said that only 12 of the employees were included in the collective labor agreement between the company and the Histadrut (General Federation of Labor in Israel). He said the other employees were hired under personal contracts, or were seasonal workers.

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US: Coca-Cola Bottling Co. gets conditional approval for 33,000sq. addition to its Londonderry plant, New England

Source: JON CAMPISI, www.unionleader.com

The Planning Board has given Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Northern New England conditional approval to construct a 33,000-square-foot addition to its manufacturing plant on Symmes Drive after the bottler received a variance to reduce the number of required parking spaces.The planning board has scheduled a public hearing tonight on a proposal by Coca-Cola Bottling Co. to construct a 33,000-square-foot addition

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Coca-Cola Amatil announces 2006 results, still looking at possibility of selling off Korean operations

Earlier today Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd (CCA) announced its 2006 results, and again raised the possibility of selling off Coca-Cola Korea Bottling Corp (CCKBC). Last week the three unions representing Coca-Cola workers in Korea (two are affiliated to IUF and the third is in the process of affiliating) raised concerns about a possible sell-off.

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Manila Times commentary: Why SanMig gave up on Coke

This article in business section of The Manila Times is interesting because while it recognizes CCBPI's poor sales performance and loss of market share under San Miguel, it also raises the issue of the amount of royalties paid to TCCC, where "Coke was making more money (about P4 billion) than San Miguel itself (about P150 million in 2006) despite declining sales volume for the Coca-Cola Beverage Group (CCBG)."

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San Miguel Corp sells its 65% stake in Coca-Cola Philippines to The Coca-Cola Company

After two years of uncertainty for the members of IUF-affiliated ACCUP, a deal has finally been made for San MIguel Corp's to sell its 65% stake in Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc (CCBPI) to The Coca-Cola Company.

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Investigated Coca-Cola man earmarked for No.2 position

This provides an important insight into the background of Muhtar Kent who has just been appointed President and Chief Operating Office (COO) of The Coca-Cola Company. He was investigated by the Australian Securities Commission for selling off 100,000 shares and making AUD$400,000 when he was managing director of Coca-Cola Amatil's European division.

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Fraud exposed in San Miguel Corp's Coca-Cola earnings

Over the past five years members of the IUF-affiliated Alliance of Coca-Cola Unions Philippines (ACCUP) have reported widespread corruption, mismanagement and dubious business practices in the operations of Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. - including contracts for third-party distribution allocated on the basis of political connections and bribes, and the deliberate holding back of Coca-Cola products in favour of San Miguel Corp's own local colas. Together with excessive outsourcing and casualization this has led to a massive loss of market share, poor business performance and low morale. More important the work environment has deteriorated, together with declining union membership.

ACCUP's criticisms of mismanagement are vidicated by a new report that San Miguel Corp fabricated its earnings: "... revenue of the entire Coca-Cola beverage group may have been artificially inflated by a much as 20 billion pesos worth of accounts receivables caused by a scheme meant to window-dress the company’s financial records.”

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Coke aims to take control of Philippine bottler

REUTERS Mon Sep 25, 2006

MANILA, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Coca-Cola Co. is set to take over management and control of the soft drinks arm of the Philippines' San Miguel Corp., though a formal deal has yet be agreed, a Coke official said on Monday.

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WHO objects to reference in Coca-Cola campaigns

THE FINANCIAL EXPRESS, 20 September 2006

New Delhi - Taking exception to its name being “unauthorisedly” used by Coca-Cola India in its promotional activities, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has asked the company to withdraw such references.

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Coca-Cola Africa moves group office to South Africa

In a clear signal of its commitment to growing its business in Africa, the Coca-Cola Company is relocating its Africa group office from windsor in the United Kingdom to Johannesburg, South Africa, beginning in January 2007, the company announced. The final move will be completed in June 2007.

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The Philippines: "SanMig vs. Coke": continuing news reports on uncertain future of Coca-Cola Philippines

SanMig vs. Coke
The Manila Times & ABS-CBN

The marriage between San Miguel Corp. and Coca-Cola Co. of Atlanta is on the rocks, it seems. The rift may lead to the dissolution of their 65-percent (SMC) and 35-percent (Coke) joint venture, the Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc., according to industry sources.

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WORLD: Coca-Cola Reports First Quarter 2006 Results

Source: Bloomberg

Coca-Cola Co., the world's largest soft-drink maker, said first-quarter profit rose 10 percent, bolstered by gains in Asia and Latin America. Sales were unchanged. Net income jumped to $1.11 billion, or 47 cents a share, from $1 billion, or 42 cents, a year earlier, when profit was cut by a tax expense. Revenue was $5.23 billion, the Atlanta- based company said today in a statement.

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US: Coke chief says turnaround "on-track"

Source: just-drinks.com editorial team

Coca-Cola Co. chief executive Neville Isdell said today (19 April) that the US drinks giant was 'on-track' in turning around the business after posting a slight increase in first-quarter sales and earnings.

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GREECE: Lanitis suffers losses in 2005

Source: just-drinks.com editorial team

Recently-acquired Cypriot bottler Lanitis Bros posted pre-tax losses of CYP942,755 (US$2m) in 2005 compared with a pre-tax profit of CYP427,590 in 2004.

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GREECE: CCHBC closes Lanitis offer

Source: just-drinks.com editorial team

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC) has successfully completed its tender offer for the outstanding shares in Lanitis Bros and now owns 95.43% of the Cypriot bottler.

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GTM Strategy: Example of Outsourcing & Contractualisation

Attached is a copy of a company bulletin announcing the success & continued expansion of GTM (Going-To-Market) strategy for third party outsourcing of sales & distribution at Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines.

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Coca-Cola Releases Audits of Colombia Bottlers

Shortly before its shareholders' meeting, the Coca-Cola Company relased assessments of six Colombia bottling plants conducted by Cal Safety Compliance Corporation (CSCC) for the CCC.

The report claims to have found no serious violations of union rights. However it did identify numerous health and safety problems at the Carepa plant.

The Company also announced that similar assessments will be carried out at Coke bottlers in other countries. The IUF has told CCC that this process will lack credibility without the full involvement of the IUF and its affiliates.

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Coca-Cola creates Colombia Foundation

A few days before its annual shareholders' meeting, the Coca-Cola Company is taking steps that it hopes will reduce protest over Colombia.

The company announced that it is contributing USD 10 million to a fund for the victims of violence in Colombia. The text of Coca-Cola's press release follows below.

The Foundation is to be controlled by a Colombian Board of Directors that includes Carlos Rodrguez (President of the CUT National Labor Center).

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Coca Cola SABCO Annual Shopstewards meeting

The annual shopstewards meeting of SABCO Coca Cola in South Africa was held on 4th February 2005 in Bloemfontein. They reviewed the last annual negotiation and the process of the collective agreement to recognise Fawu which is now eight years on the negotiation table.The shopstewards resolved that should this agreement not be finalised in due course they will call for international support to put pressure on the company(SABCO).

The IUF regional office is following developments on this matter.

Coca-Cola Business Strategy

Cover story in Business Week on Coca-Cola Company, titled "Gone Flat." Good historical analysis of why Coke's current business strategy is suffering from its past successes.

Click here to read the article.

New Angle of Attack?

Interesting article on Coke on just-drinks.com, 29 Nov 2004, entitled "Shareprice threatened by activist."

This may be smoke and mirrors, but even though mainly based on fantasy, this makes Ray Roger's "Killer Coke Campaign" look like a stone axe.

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