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IUF Coca-Cola news move to new interactive website

In line with the Global Coca-Cola Workers meeting in Oberjosbach, Germany, and the decision to set up the Global Coca-Cola Workers Alliance, the IUF has set up a new, interactive website for communication between Coca-Cola Union activists at http://www.iuf.org/ccww. Check out the possibilities of the website - read news about labour related issues at Coke around the world, register as a user and post your own news, participate in forum discussions and online polls etc: http://www.iuf.org/ccww.

Next IUF/TCCC Global Meeting IUF Agenda Proposal, 28 February

The IUF has proposed the following agenda for the next semi-annual meeting on 28 February with The Coca-Cola Company at its Atlanta headquarters.

La UITA a propuesto los temas siguientes para el proximo encuentro con The Coca-Cola Company el 28 de febrero en su jefería de Atlanta.

L'UITA a proposé l'agenda suivante pour la prochaine rencontre semi-annuelle avec The Coca-Cola Company auprès de son siège d'Atlanta.

L'UITA ha proposto il programma seguente per il prossimo incontro semi-annuale con Coca-Cola presso la sede di Atlanta il prossimo 28 Febbraio.

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Informe y plan de accion de la reunion UITA/Coca-Cola

Para informacion y uso de las organizaciones afiliadas a UITA solamente, se adjunta un informe interno de la UITA y un plan de accion emanado de la reunion entre UITA y Coca Cola realizada en Atlanta el 4 de octubre. Se solicita no difundirlo publicamente pues seria contraproducente anunciar compromisos que todavia no se han instrumentado.

Informe y Plan de Accion

IUF/Coca-Cola Meeting Internal Report and Action Plan

For the information and use of IUF affiliates only, an internal IUF report and action plan from the IUF/Coca-Cola meeting in Atlanta on October 4 is attached. Please do not disseminate to public, as it would be counter-productive to announce commitments that have not yet been implemented.

Download Meeting Report file

Agenda for Next IUF/Coca-Cola Meeting

The IUF is proposing the following draft agenda for the next semi-annual meeting on 4 October 2005 with The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta.

Your comments and suggestions for additional agenda items are welcome.

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Union Rights Issues Head Agenda for IUF/Coca-Cola Meeting

The IUF team of affiliates from Argentina, Ireland, Japan and North America and the IUF General Secretary met with senior representatives of the Coca-Cola Company at its Atlanta headquarters on March 15.

At the conclusion a negotiated joint statement was agreed and signed.

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HIV/AIDS Issue at IUF/Coke Meeting

The agenda of the IUF/Coca-Cola meeting on 15 March included an update and discussion on the company's HIV/AIDS Programmes in Africa.

Two items are worth commenting. The spokesperson for the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation noted that the "take-up rate" for Coke's programmes in Africa was lower than expected. Apparently some HIV-positive Coke employees are still afraid of losing their jobs if they acknowledge their disease. The IUF pointed out that if IUF affiliates representing Coke workers in Africa participated more fully in the implementation of these programmes, these fears could be eliminated.

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Coke Code of Business Conduct

The agenda for the IUF/Coca-Cola Meeting of 15 March includes the objection raised by several European unions to signing Coca-Cola's Code of Business Conduct, which is a unilateral company document that conveys additional responsibilities on employees with no additional rights.

Code of Business Conduct Procedural Guidelines (Download)