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IUF/Coca-Cola discussions: summary report and action points from 28 February 2007 meeting

On 28-02-2007 and IUF delegation headed by the IUF General Secretary met with Coca-Cola's senior management to discuss union rights and workplace issues in the Coca-Cola system and review progress since the last discussion. The delegation was composed of representatives of unions with membership in the biggest Coca-Cola markets (i.e. USA, Germany, Canada, Japan etc.) or facing particularly harsh rights issues (i.e. Guatemala).

As an outcome of the meeting a work plan was drafted and is available for download here.

IUF proposal to Coca-Cola for International Union Rights/Recognition Agreement

Proposition de l'UITA à Coca-Cola pour un accord international sur les droits et reconnaissance des syndicats

The IUF team has made a formal proposal to Coca-Cola for an International Union Rights/Recognition Agreement. The agreement will be discussed between the IUF team and the company for the first time at the next meeting on February 28 in Atlanta.

You can read and download the full proposal in the IUF languages by clicking the link corresponding to your language. You may need to enter your username and password again to view the document.


It is impossible for practical reasons to convene a meeting of our entire membership representing Coca-Cola workers world-wide. We are therefore testing a unique and potentially historic on-line consultation mechanism to assess the views and support of IUF affiliates representing Coca-Cola workers and local unions representatives in the company.

Please take part in this survey if you represent a union with Coca-Cola members or are a union representative or a worker in the company itself. To complete the survey in ENGLISH click on this link

Veuillez participer à ce sondage si vous représentez un syndicat avec des membres chez Coca-Cola, si vous êtes un représentant syndical ou un travailleur/euse chez Coca-Cola.

COLOMBIA: Successful Collective Agreement Signed at Carepa

After a difficult bargaining process between IUF-affiliate SICO and Bebidas y Alimentos de Uraba, Coca Cola franchised bottler, both parties managed to reach an agreement.

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IUF and Coca-Cola agreement to request United Nations' ILO to conduct independent investigation of Coca-Cola labour practices in Colombia

The IUF has consistently expressed serious concerns about labour relations practices in the Coca-Cola system's Colombian operations. Like others, we have supported the call for an independent investigation (rather than a Coca-Cola initiated internal assessment) as the only adequate response to reported serious rights violations. The IUF has now secured agreement with The Coca-Cola Company that both parties shall request the United Nations, through its International Labour Organization (ILO), to conduct such an investigation.

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Press Release: Rights/Job Security/ HIV/AIDS Will Top Agenda at International Trade Union Talks with The Coca-Cola Company

An IUF delegation made up of affiliated unions from among the largest markets in which Coca-Cola products are manufactured and sold will meet in a full day session on February 28 with senior members of the Coca-Cola Company's corporate structure in Atlanta to review labour rights and labour relations issues throughout the Coca-Cola system.

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IUF/Coca-Cola Meeting Internal Report and Action Plan

For the information and use of IUF affiliates only, an internal IUF report and action plan from the IUF/Coca-Cola meeting in Atlanta on October 4 is attached. Please do not disseminate to public, as it would be counter-productive to announce commitments that have not yet been implemented.

Download Meeting Report file

Coca-Cola Releases Audits of Colombia Bottlers

Shortly before its shareholders' meeting, the Coca-Cola Company relased assessments of six Colombia bottling plants conducted by Cal Safety Compliance Corporation (CSCC) for the CCC.

The report claims to have found no serious violations of union rights. However it did identify numerous health and safety problems at the Carepa plant.

The Company also announced that similar assessments will be carried out at Coke bottlers in other countries. The IUF has told CCC that this process will lack credibility without the full involvement of the IUF and its affiliates.

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Union Rights Issues Head Agenda for IUF/Coca-Cola Meeting

The IUF team of affiliates from Argentina, Ireland, Japan and North America and the IUF General Secretary met with senior representatives of the Coca-Cola Company at its Atlanta headquarters on March 15.

At the conclusion a negotiated joint statement was agreed and signed.

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Agenda for IUF Meeting with Coca-Cola

A draft agenda (Download file) has been sent to The Coca-Cola Company for the meeting with the IUF "Team" headed by General Secretary Ron Oswald on 15 March.

Background documents related to the items on this agenda dealing with trade union rights can be downloaded from this site below.

Issues relating to water use in India are posted separately.

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