IUF | Coca-Cola Workers Network | Monthly : October 2004

Coca Cola Russia Unions create Coordination Council

At their second meeting, organised by the IUF, trade unions of Coca Cola plants in Russia formed a coordination council to improve information exchange and have a common voice to speak out on questions concerning all Russian Coca Cola plants, but also in case of conflict.

The meeting discussed the current situation at the three represented plants, overall company economic situation and corporate strategy, and common strategies for collective bargaining.

The meeting adopted a resultion calling on workers across the Coca-Cola system to form trade unions, and regional trade unions to support them. It also demands from management to stop violations of union rights. See the text of the resolution:

Second meeting of Russian
Coca-Cola Trade Unions


We, representatives of trade union organisations at Coca-Cola factories in Russia from Moscow, Sankt Petersburg and Volzhskiy, convening in Moscow for the second meeting,

1. state, that
- only by uniting in trade unions and actively taking part in their work, can workers achieve improvements in their working conditions, protect their rights, and obtain social security.
- in the framework of a transnational company trade unions have to cooperate beyond single factories or regions;

2. therefore decided,
- to form a Coordinating Council of Coca-Cola trade unions in Russia, which will facilitate the exchange of information between trade union organisations and will strive to commence collective bargaining at the national level,
- to strengthen the coordination of activities with trade union organisations in the Coca-Cola system beyond the Russian borders, particularly to enhance information exchange and support each other in situations of conflict,
- to support within their means all efforts of workers in the Coca-Cola system to unite in trade unions.

3. call
- on all workers in the Coca-Cola system to create independent democratic trade union organisations and to seek contact with other trade union at the company, to protect our rights together
- on all national and regional trade union associations to support in all possible manner workers in the Coca-Cola system in creating trade unions at the company level;

4. demand from the management of all factorys and departments forming parts of the Coca-Cola system
- to abide by national and international laws concerning the right of workers to association and the rights of trade unions to unhindered activity
- to secure constructive bargaining process with trade union organizations, including on questions of attachments to collective bargaining agreements, but also the restructuring processes at the factories and the transfer of contract workers to a constant employment.

Moscow, 15 october 2004.

Coke Union Victories in Latin America

Good news in two disputes with Coke in Latin America. Coca-Cola Femsa has reinstated three Nicaraguan union leaders fired on 3 August. In Peru a 15-day strike ended with winning a satisfactory one-year CBA, including wage increases and improvements in union rights clause.

Issue of reinstatement of laid off workers is expected to be resolved next week with favorable decision of labour ministry. Company will be fined if it does not comply.

For more details see stories on IUF Latin American web-site on Peru (16 October, "The Times They are A-Changing" and on Nicaragua (15 October, "The Sweet Taste of Victory").

Those without Spanish could ask specific information through Beatriz.

Strong local mobilization, solidarity campaigns through IUF Latin America web-site, and pressure on Coke Atlanta and regional bottlers Femsa and Lindley Corp. worked together well.