IUF | Coca-Cola Workers Network | Monthly : November 2004

New Angle of Attack?

Interesting article on Coke on just-drinks.com, 29 Nov 2004, entitled "Shareprice threatened by activist."

This may be smoke and mirrors, but even though mainly based on fantasy, this makes Ray Roger's "Killer Coke Campaign" look like a stone axe.

What interests me: 1-such a threat is being made publicly; 2-Coca-Cola has declined so far in a few years from being voted "America's most Respected Corporation" to a situation where such a threat can be taken seriously in the business press. To me, it reflects the lack of competent leadership at the top levels of the company that prevents it from confronting underlying realities (including its failure to seriously negotiate with the IUF).

"Coke is under attack again for its record in the developing world, this time from a Wall Street stockbroker who aims to half the value of the companyĺs share price. Max Keiser has styled himself as a investment activist and plans to set up a hedge fund to short-sell Coke. He said that any profits he makes he will donate to people in countries Coca-Cola has exploited. Keiser, 44, has teamed up with the London-based Ecologist magazine, run by the son of the late entrepreneur Sir James Goldsmith, Zak Goldsmith. Ecologist will decide where to distribute the profits. Keiser claims Coke has caused environmental damage in India and abused human rights in Colombia. Coke has called the claims ôblatant falsehoodsö. Keiser plans to see a boycott of Coke products drive down Cokeĺs share price. The hedge funds will then sell Coke shares with the aim of buying them back more cheaply later. "

Colombia Forum at Europe Coke Meeting

Among the subjects addressed at the European Coca-Cola meeting in Rome on 11-13 November was the current situation in Colombia. Representatives of Coca-Cola HBC management and of The Coca-Cola Companyĺs management in Europe were present for this part of the meeting.

A panel composed of a representative of the IUF international secretariat, of an Irish trade unionist just returned from a delegation to Colombia and of the IUF-affiliated Colombian union Sinaltrainbec denounced the grave abuses of human and labour rights in Colombia.

In this situation the different factions that are fighting for control of the country perceive trade unionists as a threat. Numerous trade union leaders have been murdered as a result. The meeting condemned the way these murders were committed with total impunity and demanded that the Colombian government take its responsibility in holding the perpetrators accountable for these criminal actions.

The meeting also heard and discussed allegations made by a representative of the Colombian union Sinaltrainal against The Coca-Cola Company in Colombia together with that union's call for a global boycott of Coca-Cola products. The Coca-Cola Company representatives present rejected these allegations as "totally false and without foundation" and expressed the company's condemnation of human and labour rights abuses.

The representative of the Colombian union Sinaltrainbec rejected the call for a boycott of Coca-Cola, outlining the importance of foreign investments in his country while stressing the need for companies investing in Colombia to act in an ethical way and conduct their relations with workers and local authorities with respect for human and labour rights. The Sinaltrainal representative reiterated his union's call for a global Coke boycott. The European trade unions represented at the meeting agreed to increase pressure on the Colombian government to provide protection for trade union and social activists against assassinations and repression, but to reject support for any boycott of Coca-Cola products.

The delegates proposed that companies of the food and beverage sector operating in Colombia should join with the International Union of Foodworkers in calling upon the Colombian government to establish respect for human and labour rights. The Coca-Cola Company expressed an interest in the idea of bringing together companies who seek to address human and labour rights issues in Colombia.

European Coca-Cola Coordination Group

On November 11,12 & 13, the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT), in cooperation with the Italian unions of the sectors, FLAI-FAI-UILA, and with the International Union of Foodworkers (IUF), organized in Rome a European meeting of Coca-Cola trade union delegates.

This event was supported by the European Works Councils of The Coca-Cola Company and of its two main bottling partners, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company. Employees and union representatives from other European Coca-Cola bottlers also attended the meeting. The major outcome of the meeting was the creation of a European co-ordination group for Coca-Cola employee and trade union representatives. The specific proposal follows.

Coca-Cola European Coordination Group
November 2004

 Share information and experience/expertise to assist employees in Europe,
 Elaborate and implement joint strategies
 Support IUF / EFFAT actions
 Share information, experiences and strategy development with Coke unions in other regions by assuring communications through the IUF with Coke unions and project coordinators in other regions.

 Employee chairperson and EFFAT coordinator of each EWC,
 1 Employee representative from Germany and Spain
 Expert

 TCCC Gerry Farrell (concentrate, Drogheda, SIPTU) + Uwe Witt (NGG)
 (substitute Jan-Vidar Hansen, Norwegian Bottler)

 CCE Christian Jurcenoks (CFDT) + Bjorn Desmet (FGTB)
 (substitute: Alain van Peteghem, FGTB)

 CCHBC ? (present chairperson not EFFAT affiliate + Vincenzo Sgalla (FLAI - CGIL)

 Germany: Johan Botella (President of central works council, CCEAG)

 Spain Jesus Calderon (Alicante bottler, UGT)

 Expert Marcello Ries

 Aim is 2 times/year

 Each member bears own travel cost, unless EU funding available
 Expert shall be remunerated through company, where possible

As it is unlikely that all EFFAT coordinators will be available to attend meetings, the substitutes should be invited on a permanent basis.

A User's Guide to the IUF Internal Coca-Cola Workers' Network Site

Purpose of the site

This site is intended to give IUF affiliates representing Coca-Cola workers a forum to exchange information, discuss events around the Company, and discuss trade union strategies. It will be used for regular information updates, campaigning, and as a database for useful information.

1. Visiting the site.

As a member of an IUF affiliate organizing Coca-Cola workers you will get a username and password. You should use this when you go to:


This site is internal to IUF affiliates. However, as any internet site with a broad range of access, data protection is limited. Don´┐Żt post data you consider very confidential.

As this is an internal site contents should not be forwarded or re-posted on publicly accessible websites.

2. Commenting on items.

You can comment by simply clicking the word comment at the bottom of each item. You need to put in your name and email address and then your comment (a URL is not necessary).

3. Categories.

The site archives items in different ways. One is by category. To see all the items already accessible under one category you can click on the category and only those items in that category will appear. An item may appear under more than one different category.

If you think of new categories that would be helpful please send them to: paul.garver@iuf.org

4. Putting up new items.

To be able to do this you need an account with a special username and password. To get one you should email: paul.garver@iuf.org

When you put up a item you should identify which category it should go under. Pick one when you first put up your text. When you confirm your text you will see that you have the opportunity to select "multiple categories". Click on this and you will be able to select additional categories for your item if it fits in more than one category.

5. Translating items

The translation system used is very approximate. You can use it to translate up to 10,000 characters (normally at least 1,500 words) at a time. Treat any translation with care since they can be misleading though generally give at least a sense of what is written.

Leitfaden f´┐Żr die Benutzer der internen IUL-Site des Netzwerks der Coca-Cola Arbeitnehmer

Zweck der Site
Die Site soll IUL-Mitgliedsverb´┐Żnden, die Coca-Cola Arbeitnehmer vertreten, ein Forum f´┐Żr den Austausch von Informationen und die Diskussion ´┐Żber Ereignisse im Umfeld des Unternehmens und Strategien der Gewerkschaften bieten.

Sie wird f´┐Żr regelm´┐Ż´┐Żig aktualisierte Nachrichten und Kampagnen sowie als Datenbank f´┐Żr n´┐Żtzliche Informationen dienen.

1. Besuch der Site

Als Angeh´┐Żriger eines IUL-Mitgliedsverbandes, der Coca-Cola Arbeitnehmer vertritt, erhalten Sie einen Benutzernamen und ein Passwort. Diese sollten Sie benutzen, wenn Sie die folgende Site aufsuchen:


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Guida dell´┐Żutilizzatore della rete interna per i lavoratori Coca-Cola sul sito UITA

Scopo del sito

Si tratta di offrire agli affiliati UITA che rappresentano lavoratori della Coca-Cola un forum per scambiarsi informazioni, discutere avvenimenti che riguardano la Societ´┐Ż e discutere strategie sindacali.

Sar´┐Ż usato per la diffusione d´┐Żinformazioni regolarmente aggiornate, di campagne e come banca dati per informazioni utili.

1. Per visitare il sito

I membri di un affiliato UITA che organizza lavoratori della Coca-Cola riceveranno un ´┐Żnome di utente´┐Ż e una ´┐Żpassword´┐Ż, che utilizzeranno per l´┐Żaccesso a:


Questo ´┐Ż un sito interno per gli affiliati UITA ma, come per qualsiasi sito internet dotato di largo accesso, la protezione dei dati ´┐Ż limitata, quindi si consiglia di non pubblicarvi dati molto riservati.

Poich´┐Ż si tratta di un sito interno, il suo contenuto non va trasferito n´┐Ż copiato su siti web accessibili al pubblico.

2. Commenti sugli articoli

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Guida del Usuario para el Sitio de la Red Interna de la UITA de Trabajadores de Coca-Cola

Objetivo del sitio

Este sitio est├í destinado a ofrecer a las afiliadas de la UITA que representan a los/as trabajadores/as de Coca-Cola un foro donde intercambiar informaci´┐Żn, discutir acontecimientos relacionados con la Compan├şa y debatir estrategias sindicales.

Ser´┐Ż utilizado para actualizaciones peri´┐Żdicas de informaci´┐Żn, campa´┐Żas y como una base de datos para informaciones ´┐Żtiles.

1. Visitar el sitio.

Como un miembro de una afiliada de la UITA que organiza a trabajadores/as de Coca-Cola, usted recibir´┐Ż un nombre de usuario y una contrase´┐Ża. Deber´┐Ż utilizarlos cuando se dirija a:


Este sitio es interno para las afiliadas de la UITA. Sin embargo, como todo sitio de internet con una amplia escala de acceso, la protecci´┐Żn de los datos es limitada.

No publique datos que usted considere muy confidenciales.

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Guide l´┐Żusager pour le site interne du r´┐Żseau des travailleurs/euses de Coca-cola de l´┐ŻUITA

Objet du site

Le site a ´┐Żt´┐Ż mis en place afin de permettre aux affili´┐Żes de l´┐ŻUITA repr´┐Żsentant des travailleurs/euses de Coca-Cola d´┐Ż´┐Żchanger de l´┐Żinformation, de discuter d´┐Ż´┐Żv´┐Żnements reli´┐Żs ´┐Ż la soci´┐Żt´┐Ż et de discuter de strat´┐Żgies syndicales.

Il sera utilis´┐Ż pour pr´┐Żsenter de l´┐Żinformation ´┐Ż jour sur la soci´┐Żt´┐Ż, pour des campagnes et servira de base de donn´┐Żes pour divers renseignements utiles.

1. Acc´┐Żs au site

Les membres des affili´┐Żes repr´┐Żsentant des travailleurs/euses de Coca-Cola recevront un nom d´┐Żutilisateur et un mot de passe pour acc´┐Żder au site www.iuf.org/coca_cola

Ce site est un site interne ´┐Ż l´┐Żintention des affili´┐Żes de l´┐ŻUITA. Toutefois, comme c´┐Żest le cas de tous les sites internet offrant un large acc´┐Żs, la protection des donn´┐Żes est limit´┐Że. En cons´┐Żquence, n´┐Ży affichez pas de renseignements que vous consid´┐Żrez confidentiels. En outre, comme il s´┐Żagit d´┐Żun site interne, le contenu ne devrait pas ´┐Żtre transmis ou affich´┐Ż sur des sites grand public.

2. Commentaires sur les articles

Pour faire des commentaires, il suffit de cliquer sur le mot ´┐Ż Comment ´┐Ż au bas de chaque article. Vous devez indiquer votre nom et une adresse de courriel avant de faire votre commentaire (il n´┐Żest pas n´┐Żcessaire de fournir un URL).

3. Cat´┐Żgories

Sur le site, les articles sont archiv´┐Żs de diff´┐Żrentes mani´┐Żres. L´┐Żune d´┐Żelles est un classement par cat´┐Żgories. Pour voir tous les articles d´┐Żj´┐Ż accessibles dans une cat´┐Żgorie, il suffit de cliquer sur celle-ci et seuls les articles appartenant ´┐Ż cette cat´┐Żgorie seront affich´┐Żs. Un article peut ´┐Żtre r´┐Żpertori´┐Ż sous plus d´┐Żune cat´┐Żgorie.

Si vous croyez qu´┐Żil serait utile d´┐Żouvrir de nouvelles cat´┐Żgories, veuillez faire parvenir les cat´┐Żgories souhait´┐Żes par courriel ´┐Ż paul.garver@iuf.org

4. Ajout de nouveaux articles

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Lorsque vous proposez un article, vous devez indiquer sous quelle cat´┐Żgorie il doit appara´┐Żtre. Choisissez une cat´┐Żgorie lorsque vous affichez un texte pour la premi´┐Żre fois. Lorsque vous confirmerez votre texte, vous aurez la possibilit´┐Ż de d´┐Żajouter des cat´┐Żgories en choisissant l´┐Żoption ´┐Ż multiple categories ´┐Ż si vous croyez que votre article devrait appara´┐Żtre sous plus d´┐Żune cat´┐Żgorie.

5. Option de traduction

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Sri Lanka: CMU negotiates new CBA, casual workers secure permanent status

On Novemer 1, the IUF affiliate CMU signed a new Collective Agreement with Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka that is effective (retrocatively) from July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2006.

CMU represents both the clerical staff and production workers, with a total membership 240 members, including 22 casual workers. This represents 80% of all employees at that the Biyagama plant.

There are 3 important gains for the union in the new agreement:
1) wage increase of 10% on basic salary for the first year and 5% in the second year;
2) annual bonus increased from one month basic salary to two months;
3) all casual workers will be granted permanent status by January 2007

Under the agreement, half the casual workers will be given permanent status by January 2006, and the other half will be made permanent by January 2007.

The text of clause 34 in the agreement reads:

"34. Casual Employment
The Employer will continue to employ Twenty Two (22) persons on a casual basis, to meet the cadre requirement in the factory and the persons so engaged will also be given 10% and 5% increases to the existing wage of Rs. 300/- per day, on the same basis as is granted to the permanent employees covered under the agreement. In addition the company shall also continue to extend to them the benefit of a meal as may be granted to other employees in the factory on such days. It is hereby agreed by the Employer to absorb 11 of the casual cadre set out herein to the permanent cadre in January 2006. The balance 11 casual employees will be absorbed to the permanent cadre in January 2007 subject to the realization of the Companyĺs expansion plan."

Though small in number, the union has been actively fighting for the rights of these casual workers, including their right to union membership. By securing their right to permanent employment status over the next 2 years, the union has now effectively halted any further casualisation. In addition, this victory sets an important precedent in the food & beverage industry in Sri Lanka.

Sabco Moves into Asia

The Biyagama plant is one of 7 C-C bottling plants in Asia that will be acquired by C-C Sabco. Sabco started its push into Asia in March, with the acquisition of plants in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Vietnam. In June, Sabco secured an agreement with CCC to take over the plant in Cambodia and to start a new plant in Laos.

CMU has already negotiated with Sabco to respect the newly signed CBA and expects no major changes until 2007.