IUF | Coca-Cola Workers Network | Monthly : January 2006

European Coca Cola workers to demonstrate at CCE headquarters in Paris on 6 February

Over the last two years, CCE restructuring plans have made redundant at least 496 workers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK. This trend is likely to continue if left unchallenged. Unions representing Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) Europe's 8.000 employees are organizing a demonstration on 6 February 2006, outside CCE's Paris headquarters. All restructuring plans were announced by CCE without any prior information and consultation with the competent unions, nor to the EWC. CCE management is trying to bypass the unions by proposing individual packages to workers and trying to obtain agreement to their plans from local works councils.

The demonstration in Paris aims to force CCE management to provide information to the unions in a timely manner, and to respect the unions' demands for genuine negotiations in each country over the restructuring plans and their negative consequences for employees. We have received more than 400 solidarity messages. Thank you for your support!

IUF Talking Points on Coke Boycott

Coke boycott activities continue on many university campuses. Ten U.S. universities and colleges now observe an official boycott of Coke products, as do a number of universities in Ireland and Canada. A major discussion is underway about whether a long-term agreement for Coca-Cola to supply products for UK universities should be renewed.

Two representative global meetings of IUF Coke unions have rejected the calls to boycott Coke, while supporting a policy of continued pressure on the company to respect human rights throughout its global system. However the IUF and its affiliates representing Coke workers are still frequently asked for our position on the boycott. In order to assist affiliates in discussing the Coke boycott with members and other responsible persons, the secretariat has decided to issue an internal statement with talking points for use by affiliates.

Download the IUF talking points here.

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