IUF | Coca-Cola Workers Network | Monthly : November 2006

Pakistan: Union beats back outsourcing plan

When management at the Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd (CCBPL) plant in Karachi announced that the maintenance and transportation departments will be outsourced, the Coca Cola Beverages Staff and Workers Union strongly opposed the plan. The Union's defence of employment security and trade union rights finally forced management to drop the plan.

For the Coca Cola Beverages Staff and Workers Union, an affiliate of the National Federation of Food, Beverages and Tobacco Workers, the plan to outsource the the maintenance and transportation departments was yet another attempt by management to undermine employment security and weaken the union's collective bargaining power.

Despite the Union's success in stopping outsourcing, the Union must wage a continuous fight against management's new precarious employment practices.

A new hiring practice at the Karachi factory involves 3 month contracts for workers assigned to positions formerly occupied by union members such as forklift drivers, boiler operators and electricians. At present there are 10 casual workers hired on 3 month contracts and the Union is trying to secure regular employment status for these workers. At the same time the Union is preparing to battle further management attempts at "creeping casualization" via 3-month contracts.