McDonald’s Korea Union continues fighting against abuses and for union recognition
March 31st, 2015 by Massimo

On March 28, the Korean Arbeit Workers’ Union, the organization which has been fighting widespread abuses at McDonald’s Korea, protested in front of 3 McDonald’s outlets across Seoul to demand a wage increase for part-time workers, reinstatement of dismissed activist Gahyun Lee (click here for more) and talks with the union. Management’s response was to temporarily close the outlets in the name of protecting ‘customer safety’.










The union, which says McDonald’s Korea violates national labour law by, among other things, failing to convert temps into permanent workers after two years’ service and unilaterally altering employment contracts, plans to join the International Fast Food Workers’ Day on April 15 and to continue holding actions from May Day to June.


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  • mr kamal sanusi writes:
    April 1st, 20152:12 pmat

    Dearest brothers and sisters
    Your struggle today is for many years to come for human basic rights to be acknowledged and conformed with.
    It is our rights for a decent living earnings and to associates. It is the struggle to set a new platform for future generations.
    Continue to fight for your humanly rights. Enough of short change from the employer. We must move on from modern days slavery to future co owner of business establishments.
    My prayers with you all.

  • Frans Cobben writes:
    January 10th, 201710:28 pmat

    In the Netherlands McDonald’s is a moderate employer. Yes to safe work kitchen.

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