Swiss unions say no to McDonald’s-Uber Eats partnership
November 23rd, 2018 by Massimo

Swiss unions including IUF affiliate Unia are organizing to stop McDo’s tie-up with delivery service Uber Eats.

McDonald’s has recently announced that Uber Eats, a branch of Uber, will deliver its burgers in Switzerland, an operation which would bypass the national collective agreement for the hotel and restaurant industry. Riders will be self-employed without any social benefits, insurance, and with wages by far below the national agreement. Unia is demanding that fast food restaurants hire their own couriers, so that the national collective agreement is applied.

“With this outsourcing, McDonald’s is saving labor costs and gaining competitive advantage by using bogus self-employment. We cannot accept this in the industry “, said Mauro Moretto, Unia’s national secretary for the hotel and restaurant sector.

Unia calls on the authorities to act against Uber’s violation of social and labor legislation, and proposes the creation of a national task force, which would have the task of developing effective measures to protect workers.

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