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CFNU calls for Labour Department inspections throughout Nestle Philippines

On 6 April 2006, the IUF-affiliated Council of Filipino Nestle Unions (CFNU) submitted a written request to the Department of Labor and Employment Secretary, Patricia Sto. Tomas, calling for labour inspections of all Nestle worksites in the Philippines to assess labour standards compliance and expose violations.

The move was prompted by the attempt of the management of the Nestle Cagayan de Oro plant to submit the Department of Labor and Employment's “Checklist for self-assessment on compliance with labour standards” survey without conducting a joint assessment with the union. Instead, management requested that the union simply sign the already completed self-assessment survey. The union refused and filed a grievance, accusing the management of failing to abide by the bipartitie procedures required under DOLE's self-assessment of labour standards compliance.

A key provision of the “Checklist for self-assessment on compliance with labour standards” survey is that all contractors and subcontractors must be interviewed and provide documentary evidence of social security registration, social security payments, wages payments, etc. This is something that none of the CFNU affiliates have seen and are now calling for DOLE labour inspectors to examine closely whether Nestle’s contractors and subcontractors are in fact abiding by the Labour Code.