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In Timashevsk, temporary workers are transferred to permanent contracts

At Nestle’s coffee plant in Timashevsk, the abuse of temporary contracts for permanent work is coming to an end. Since the beginning of January, out of 238 workers more than 120 already have been transferred, beginning with those with the longest employment relationship with the factory.

The administration has assured the union the transition will be completed in the nearest future. A union campaign of several years at factory and national Coordination Council level is such coming to a successful conclusion.
When taking over the factory in 1998, Nestle had transferred permanent workers to temporary contracts, promising continuous employment.
Only afterwards, people realised the vulnerable situation they had been manoeuvred into.
The union, organising "permanent temporary" as well as permanent workers, started to take up the issue in discussions with management constantly and was promised several times that workers would be transferred permanent contracts, but nothing happened. In 2005 and again in 2006, it was discussed at the meetings of the Russian Nestle Unions Council with HR management, where management recognised that this abuse had to come to an end.