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Nestlé European Works Council addresses open letter to management

At the NECIC union evaluation meeting on 21 November, delegates reviewed recent developments in the company - restructuring of the chocolate business with over 600 job cuts in the UK, forced redundancy of sales staff in Ireland (both reported on in this site), issues with Globe, programmes to outsource administrative functions - and voiced their dissatisfaction with Nestlé's approach to industrial relations. The meeting heard testimonials from delegates affected by restructuring, outsourcing, benchmarking pressure. A number of shop stewards cited a marked increase in grievances in their plants. Delegates agreed it was necessary to communicate our grievances to Nestlé European zone management and agreed to do this in the form of an open letter.

The text of this letter - which is now affixed to union bulletin boards and has been circulated through union e-mail networks throughout Europe - can be viewed here in English français deutsch español italiano