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Nestle sells off milk brands in the Philippines; dairy plant in Vietnam

In the Philippines, Nestle sold off its three local milk brands (Alpine, Liberty and Krem-top) to Alaska Milk Corp. Nestle also gave Alaska the licence to manufacture and sell its Carnation evaporated and sweetened condensed milk and Milkmaid sweetened condensed milk in the Philippines. In Vietnam, Nestle sold its dairy subsidiary, Ba Vi Dairy Products Company, to Anco Group.

UPDATE: PHILIPPINES: Nestlé offloads milk products

18 April 2007 | Source: just-food.com

Food giant Nestlé has said it wanted to move away from commodity products after its decision to sell three milk brands in the Philippines.

A spokesman for the Switzerland-based group told just-food today (18 April) that the sale forms part of the company's global strategy to focus more on its "value-added products".

The spokesman said: "We want to concentrate more on value-added products, rather than produce something of a commodity. The strategy is the same all over - from markets to Greece, to Thailand, to the Philippines."

Philippines diary group Alaska Milk Corp. has bought the three brands for an undisclosed sum.

Under a two-pronged agreement, Alaska Milk Corp. secured the Alpine, Liberty and Krem-top brands.

Alaska Milk Corp. has also attained the licence to produce and sell two other products from Nestlé - Carnation evaporated milk and Milkmaid condensed milk.

Officials at Alaska Milk Corp. could not be reached for further comment as just-food went to press.

VIETNAM: Nestlé sells dairy plant

18 April 2007 | Source: just-food.com

Nestlé has sold a dairy unit in Vietnam for an undisclosed sum, the company told just-food today (18 April).

The Swiss group sold the subsidiary, Ba Vi Dairy Products Company, to food producer Anco Group.

A Nestlé spokesman said the company wanted to focus on producing its core products in Vietnam. He said: "Chilled dairy is not a central part of our core business."

However, Anco will continue to produce Nestlé yogurts and pasteurised milk under licence. The spokesman added: "We wanted to keep a foothold in the chilled dairy market but we don't need to run the facility ourselves."