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Stop Nespressure! New Rally at Nescafé Panjang Factory

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On June 3, the Nestle Panjang Workers Union (SBNIP) organized a peaceful rally outside the Panjang factory demanding that Nestle management stop supporting the yellow union and start bargaining with SBNIP now.

Since 2007, SBNIP has been campaigning for the right to wage bargaining. In response to the union’s demand, Panjang management formed a rival union, the Communication Forum of Nestle Indonesia Panjang Workers (FKBNIP), in December 2007.

Several workers, under the instruction of management, then went to the houses of SBNIP members coercing them to leave SBNIP and join the rival union. In addition, management also called SBNIP members one by one to their office asking them to sign a resignation letter from SBNIP membership. What was done by management and the support for a company-sponsored union is a violation of trade union rights as outlined in Indonesian law and ILO Conventions.

SBNIP President Eko Sumaryono said, "This shows Nestle is socially irresponsible as a corporate citizen. Based on Indonesian labour law, the right to negotiate wages is a basic right that has to be respected by companies. Since 2007, SBNIP tried to resolve the problem through bipartite negotiations but Panjang management refused again and again. We urge the Panjang management to resume the negotiation process in good faith with SBNIP, which is the only legitimate union in Panjang Factory."

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