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UNIA Geneva: Decent Work for Nestle Workers Worldwide!


On October 7th - the World Day fo Decent Work, a group of trade union activists and supporters from UNIA, Switzerland's largest inter-professional union, put up banners and handed out leaflets in front of the Nespresso shop in Geneva in support of the Nestlé Panjang workers’ struggle for trade union rights.


Many of the protesters were disguised as the actor George Clooney, the “face” of Nespresso in Europe. Some 80 signatures were collected under a petition to Paul Bulcke, Nestlé CEO and handed over to the manager of the Nespresso shop.


On the same day, Nestle workers at their demonstration in Panjang, Indonesia, were wearing UNIA caps to demonstarte that international solidarity has no borders, and that their collective bargaining rights are universal and must be respected in Panjang, as everywhere in the world.

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