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AMWU members in Australia demand that Mondelez respects human rights

AMWU members employed by Mondelez at the company facilities at Ringwood and Scoresby in Victoria, Australia, were shocked to hear a report from their union about company actions in Egypt, Tunisia and Pakistan.


The union members passed the following resolution, and forwarded it to the CEO and other senior Mondelez managers.

Having heard a report from the AMWU in relation to workers being injured and deprived of their rights in Tunisia, Egypt and Pakistan and having heard the response of the Company, this meeting of members of the AMWU Food and Confectionery Division calls on the global management of Mondelez to respond to the approaches made by the IUF and to commence discussions to stop further occurrences of these injuries and to formalise their assurances to provide safe working conditions and freedom of association for all its employees.