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Mohammad Hassan Ahmed
Mohammad Hassan Ahmed is the president of workers union in Alexandria Cadbury plant, which belongs to Mondelez. He’s been working at the factory for 20 years and was thrown out of his job after protest action in July 2012. Since then he has no income. Born in 1966, he has 4 children.

I started work with the company on 1st of July 1993, but it was only 5 years later, January 1997, when I signed a permanent employee contract. I am among the 5% who suffer health disabilities, and I worked with the company until now as machine operator and technician.

On July 26th the workers on the third shift protested against the company notice that they will not receive the allowance. This was their pay day and they were shocked to learn that the company decided not to follow the presidential decree. I immediately went to speak to the factory manager about the importance of paying the allowance and to revisit the decision on the notice. He replied that he will be able to dismiss the workers if they do not stop the protest and he did dismiss four of the precarious workers already.

July 27, Friday, was the day off, but management came to the factory. My colleagues delegated me to negotiate with the management for the pay increase in the form of the 15% allowance, decreed by the Egyptian president and we also raised the issues of family medical insurance, tax differences, profit differences, etc.

Such were the workers’ demands which I passed to the factories manager, Mohammad Mustafa, who rejected all of the mentioned demands and told me he will not respond to any demand unless the workers stop the protest. But I continued to communicate with him as we wanted to reach a solution.

We met on the next day, Saturday, at 9:00 am in the cafeteria with all the workers from the three shifts and the precarious workers as well, to discuss their demands. We offered the workers to take the demands and negotiate them with management but they refused and insisted management agrees with their demands.

Workers, refused to work and demanded guarantees that no one will be punished. We negotiated with management - Ameer Shahata the production manager and Ala'a Darweesh the factory manager - until 5 pm, when the agreement was reached.

I was glad it was finished, but after that everything turned into a nightmare. We were dismissed and lost all our earnings. We are not allowed to look for another job if we want our case to proceed through the courts and my family can hardly make ends meet since my dismissal.

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