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Nasr Awad Abdulraheem
Nasr Awad Abdulraheem, vice president of Alexandria Cadbury workers’ union, fired by Mondelez for his union activity in July 2012, after 18 years of work for the company. Nasr was born in 1970, he has a family with 7 children.

It was in June 2006 that we started to contact the Cadbury management, complaining about injustice and that there are many health injuries. We were working 12 hours a day, also during weekends and holidays, without being allowed to take leave for any circumstances, which took us away from normal life. We were all first class workers, professionals in operating the machines, and our yearly evaluations were always either good or excellent. But we wanted an independent union and when it was allowed by the new law, we decided on April 30, 2012 to establish our own union to get relief from the injustice and oppression we were facing.

But the company did not like this. Things have changed since the establishment of the union. Previously we had an agreement with the company, signed by a group of workers’ representatives. But when the union was created this agreement was completely forgotten by the company. Since then when we raise demands for the workers, we are faced by ignorance from the company and claims are put in drawers. We demand implementation of these previous agreements but they were ignored and the objective was to marginalize the union.

A legal consultant was then assigned from outside of the company to be a link between us and the management. His name is Abdulwahab Suliman. This legal consultant is worse than the company. He spoke to the union members and to other workers trying to convince them to leave the union, and what surprised me, is that this consultant said he can dissolve our union and establish another one – with an executive board, selected by management.

He meets now with some workers and discusses with them the possibility of dissolving the union and establishing a general assembly with leadership which is loyal to management. But the workers refused, saying those fired union leaders are our colleagues and we will support them because they are defending our rights and working for our benefits.

We are the five union leaders who were fired by the management because we represented the workers during the protest at the end of July 2012, when the company refused to obey the decree of the President of Egypt and pay the social benefit. The protest was provoked by management’s arrogance, not by us, but they decided to punish us.

Since July 28, 2012, I have no work, no income. How do we survive? Better not ask.

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