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Mondelēz Union Network

What is Mondelēz?

Mondelēz is a global foods company which came into being on October 2, 2012 when the former Kraft Foods Inc. was split in two. Mondelēz took the “snacks” products (biscuits, confectionery, salty crackers, nuts, gum). The remaining “grocery” products were stuffed into a North American (only) company now known as Kraft Foods Group. Former Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld now heads up Mondelēz.

If you worked for the former Kraft or one of its subsidiaries manufacturing or distributing snack products, including former Danone or Cadbury products, you now work for Mondelēz or one of its subsidiaries. In some countries, the name change will not be immediate.

When Kraft bought Danone’s biscuits division in 2007 and then Cadbury in 2010, it took on enormous debt to finance these acquisitions. After the split, this debt was placed with Mondelēz. That debt will have to be paid off, and Mondelēz workers will be squeezed to pay the debt through more attacks on wages and pensions, more redundancies, more outsourcing, more contract manufacturing and more attacks on trade union rights.
Kraft’s deeply anti-union corporate culture will be exported world-wide through Mondelēz – and it’s already happening! Unions need to be on high alert, brace for what’s coming and ORGANIZE!

Click here for a briefing on the creation of Mondelēz for trade unionists:

Deutsch Warum wurde Kraft aufgespaltet und was bedeutet es für die Beschäftigten?

English Why was Kraft split, and what does it mean for workers?

Español ¿Por qué se dividió Kraft? y ¿qué implica para los/as trabajadores/as?

Français Pourquoi a-t-on scindé Kraft, et quelles sont les conséquences pour les travailleurs/euses ?

Svenska Varför delades Kraft i två bolag och vad innebär det för de anställda?

What you can do

• Discuss the creation of Mondelēz and the likely impact with union members in the workplace

• Link up with workers in other Mondelēz factories and distribution centers to share information and provide mutual solidarity and support

When any group of Mondelēz workers are attacked, hold membership meetings and meet with local management to demand that workers rights and decent jobs are respected everywhere

• Participate through your union in the IUF Mondelēz international union network to build the global fight back against job destruction, outsourcing, casualization and social dumping.

• Build international trade union power inside Mondelēz to support new organizing and the conversion of precarious to permanent jobs

• Contact us:!

Cadbury workers take stand against Kraft/Mondelez human rights abuses // 2:23 (or watch it on YouTube)

Interview Hussein Ahmed Hussein - sacked by Kraf/Mondelez // 9:36
(or watch it on YouTube)

Interview Nasr Awad - sacked by Kraft/Mondelez // 7:36
(or watch it on YouTube)
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