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Amatil Indonesia - Campaign News

Pakistan: Coca-Cola beverages workers union in solidarity with independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia 13-12-2017

The IUF-affiliated Coca-Cola Beverages Workers Union(CCBWU) in Pakistan organized a protest action at Coca-Cola Karachi factory. Karachi city council extended their solidarity with the dismissed leaders of independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil(CCA) Indonesia.

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IUF gate crashes Coca-Cola Christmas Truck promotion in London 11-12-2017

Labour friendly activists organized a leafleting at the 02 Arena in London to support the IUF International campaign condemning the "Zero Rights" regime of Coca-Cola Amatil in Indonesia.

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IUF Africa regional committee shows solidarity with independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia 11-12-2017

IUF Africa Regional Committee met in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso between December 4 and 8 and supported the IUF international campaign that challanges the human rights violations at Coca-Cola Amatil in Indonesia.

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Guatemala: Coca-Cola FEMSA workers stand shoulder to shoulder with Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia workers 07-12-2017

The IUF-affiliated Union of Workers of Embotelladora Central SA (STECSA) organized a solidarity demonstration for the victimized leaders and harassed members of independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia. Demonstration was supported by STECSA's members at a Coca-Cola FEMSA facility in Guatemala. Coca-Cola FEMSA workers chanted "an injury to one is an injury to all".

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Africa: Women members in solidarity with the IUF international campaign targeting zero rights at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia 06-12-2017

Women delegates from Ghana, Senegal, Togo, Zambia, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, Ivory Coast, Niger and Kenya joined the IUF African women project evaluation workshop held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on December 4 and 5, 2017 and expressed their solidarity with the victimized leaders of independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia.
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Latin America: IUF Dairy affiliates salute the fight for independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia 04-12-2017

Delegates to the ATILRA meeting of unions representing workers in dairy sector met in Sunchales Argentina on November 30 and expressed their solidarity with the ongoing fight for independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia.
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Uruguay: Coca-Cola workers union shows solidarity with victimized union leaders at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia 04-12-2017

The Union of Coca Cola Workers of Uruguay (STCC) joined the IUF's Global Campaign questioning the zero-rights regime at Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia operations.
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Latin America Coca-Cola Workers Federation in support of independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia 04-12-2017

FELATRAC, the Latin America Coca-Cola Workers Federation, held its 7th annual meeting in Argentina on November 23 and 24, 2017 and joined the solidarity actions taken by the IUF affiliates in support of the independent unions and their victimized leaders fighting for their human rights at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia.
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Coca-Cola Amatil's Zero Rights Christmas Truck is here for the Holidays! 04-12-2017

Coca-Cola's famous Christmas Truck has already begun making the holiday rounds as people in many parts of the world gear up for their festive season. In some places, Coke offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a night in the truck! A cozy Christmas fireplace awaits the lucky guests…
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Protest action in Indonesia against Coca-Cola Amatil continues despite Bali airport shutdown 30-11-2017

IUF members from across Indonesia held a protest against attacks on trade union rights at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia at the Coca-Cola Balinusa Operation Headquarters and distribution center in Bali on November 29.
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Pakistan Food Workers Federation calls on Coca-Cola to respect union rights in Indonesia 27-11-2017

Pakistan Food Workers Federation (PFWF) expressed its full support to Coca-Cola workers in Indonesia and highlighted its extreme concern that Australia-based Coca-Cola Amatil, The Coca-Cola Company's bottler in Indonesia, undermines the rights of trade unions.
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Coca-Cola Africa Francophone affiliates in solidarity with independent unions at Coca-Cola Indonesia 27-11-2017

Delegates to the IUF meeting of unions representing workers at Coca-Cola operations in Benin, Ivory Cost, Niger and Togo met in Cotonou on November 20-21 and expressed their solidarity with the ongoing fight in Indonesia and supported the IUF international campaign of "Zero Rights at Coca-Cola Amatil Indon
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IUF HRCT affiliates defend independent unions at Coca-Coca Amatil Indonesia 27-11-2017

International delegates to the IUF's hotel, restaurant, catering and tourism (HRCT) Trade Group Board meeting in Palma de Mallorca, Spain November 6-7 show their solidarity with independent union leaders and workers fighting for basic rights at Coca-Cola Amatil in Indonesia.
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AB InBev EWC members call on Coca-Cola Amatil to end violation of rights in Indonesia 09-11-2017

AB InBev European Works Council(EWC) members who are representatives of IUF affiliates in Germany, Luxemburg, the UK, Belgium, Spain, France and the Netherlands invited an IUF Secretariat representative to present the IUF's brewery division work and successes in organizing transnational company.

In addition to the brewery sector work, rights violations taking place at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia operations were presented. AB InBev EWC members showed solidarity with the ongoing struggle in Indonesia to secure rights of independent  unions to organize and bargain. IUF affiliates present in the meeting asked Coca-Cola Amatil management to respect the bargaining rights of independent unions and restore the rights of victimized independent union leaders.

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18,000 strong petition stressing rights abuses in Indonesia presented to global workplace rights director of TCCC 05-11-2017

IUF general secretary Sue Longley presenting a petition of over 18,000 names to Brent Wilton global workplace rights director at The Coca-Cola Company Atlanta headquarters during discussions with several IUF affiliates focused on Coca-Cola Amatil's abuse of the human rights of its Indonesian workforce.

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IUF major Coca-Cola affiliates raise rights abuses in Indonesia with Coca-Cola Atlanta corporate management 05-11-2017

IUF affiliates that represent Coca-Cola workers in Germany, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, USA and Canada together with the IUF Secretariat held a meeting with TCCC corporate management in the company`s headquarters in Atlanta to discuss rights violations and ongoing issues in Europe, Spain, Indonesia, Haiti, Ukraine and Puerto Rico in addition to their countries.

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Indonesia: IUF food and beverage unions stand with Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia independent unions and their victimized leaders 05-11-2017

IUF affiliates organized at Cibitung and Semarang Coca-Cola plants organized protest action at Coca-Cola Surabaya plant where 150 workers were pressured by Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia management to withdraw their signatures in support of a petition expressing their lack of confidence in the Suharto-era worker organization which CCA insists on imposing.
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IUF Danone affiliates support Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia workers' fight 29-10-2017

IUF affiliates representing Danone workers confirmed their solidarity with Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) workers who are fighting to establish their own independent unions at CCA in Indonesia. The 28 unions from 19 countries attending the international Danone union meeting expressed outrage at the actions of Coca-Cola bottler Coca-Cola Amatil and pledged support for an open-ended IUF international union campaign until full access to fundamental human rights at CA's Indonesian operations exists.

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European Coca-Cola Unions stand with Coca-Cola Amatil workers in Indonesia 29-10-2017

IUF affiliates attending IUF European region EFFAT's meeting of union representatives at Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) met in Madrid recently and organized a visit to CCEP Fuenlabrada plant as part of ongoing protests against CCEP's attack on decent jobs in Spain. Affiliates at the meeting were informed about Coca-Cola Amatil's (CCA) attack on independent unions and their elected leaders in Indonesia and joined IUF affiliates around the world in expressing support for IUF members in Indonesia and condemning CCA for its direct attacks on fundamental human rights.

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Germany: Coca-Cola Central Works Council shows solidarity with independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia 13-10-2017

Central Works Council at Coca-Cola European Partners Germany met at the end of September and discussed the situation of Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia workers who have been fighting against zero rights. Council members support the victimized union leaders Atra Narwanto and Lutfi Ariyanto and the fundamental human right of workers to form and join independent trade unions.

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Indonesia: Protest actions continue in support of victimized independent Coca-Cola Amatil union leaders 03-10-2017

The IUF-affiliated Food and Beverage Workers Union in Indonesia held another protest action in front of the Coca-Cola plant in Lampung on September 29, 2017.
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Indonesia: Coca-Cola Amatil workers fight against zero rights 27-09-2017

Protest actions were organized in front of Coca-Cola Amatil Bandung Plant in West Java, Indonesia on September 9 and 25, 2017 in defense of the fundamental human right to form a trade union and in support of Atra and Lutfi, the victimized leaders of two newly formed independent unions.

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IUF World Congress highlights struggle for independent unions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia 27-09-2017

The 27th IUF World Congress expressed unanimous support for Indonesian members at Coca-Cola Amatil, the Coca-Cola bottler headquartered in Australia, in their fight against repression of their fundamental rights.

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Independent unions at Coca-Cola Indonesia rally to demand respect for human rights 11-05-2017

Independent unions at Coca-Cola Indonesia, joined by IUF affiliates and other Coca-Cola unions, rallied in front of the Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia head office on May 8 in defense of the fundamental rights the company continues to systematically violate.

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Indonesia: Coca-Cola's bottler determined to stifle independent unions 27-03-2017

Coca-Cola's Australian-based bottler Coca-Cika Amatil is systematically violating basic rights in an effort to stamp out independent and democratic trade unions at its Indonesian operations. And Coca-Cola corporate management in the US know the full history but has failed to remedy the abuses.

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Coca-Cola workers in Indonesia continue to fight for their basic trade union rights 15-03-2017