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  • If your union represents Coca-Cola workers deliver a message to the company telling them to put an end to ongoing violations of human rights in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland and the United States.
  • Organize workplace meetings, actions, rallies etc. in solidarity with unions in these 4 countries and send action photos to [email protected].
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Campaign News

Indonesia: Coca-Cola Amatil continues to victimize members of independent unions 18-09-2020

On September 9, 2020 Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia suspended two members of an independent Coca-Cola union for not meeting sales targets. The two sales representatives, Riyadi, and Nursalam Jamil, were working in COVID-19 red zones where many shops are closed.

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Senegal: SNTIA stands in solidarity with Coca-Cola workers in the Philippines 19-08-2020

Benin: Coca-Cola union shows solidarity with Coca-Cola Filipino workers 13-08-2020

The IUF affiliated SYNTRA.SOB represents workers at the Coca-Cola bottler in the Castel group in Benin. They have joined affiliates around the world calling on the Coca-Cola Company to respect rights and reinstate dismissed union leaders in Coca-Cola operations in the Philippines.

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Coca-Cola workers in Belgium stand with their coworkers in the Philippines 27-07-2020

Members of the IUF-affiliated ACV-CSC at Coca-Cola European Partner's Chaudfontaine water bottling operation in Belgium showed their solidarity with the unfairly dismissed leaders of FCCU-CENTRO in the Philippines who are fighting for their rights and reinstatement. 

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IUF affiliates in Ukraine stand with Coca-Cola Filipino workers 20-07-2020

IUF affiliates representing Coca-Cola and Bio Med Sklo workers expressed their solidarity with Coca-Cola workers in the Philippines who are fighting human rights violations by The Coca-Cola Company and demanding the reinstatement of union leaders dismissed for trying to protect the health of their members.
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Australia: United Workers Union in solidarity with FCCU-SENTRO in the Philippines 13-07-2020

The IUF-affiliated United Workers Union (UWU) in Australia expressed their solidarity with three dismissed union leaders who were asserting their members' right to a safe workplace in the Philippines during the strict lockdown measures against COVID-19 in March 2020.
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RadioLabour interview: The IUF's Coca-Cola campaign in the Philippines 13-07-2020

RadioLabour has broadcasted an interview with Hidayat Greenfield, the IUF Asia Pacific Regional Secretary, about the struggle in the Philippines. The Coca-Cola Company is abusing a national health emergency in the Philippines to attack workers' rights.
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Coca-Cola Philippines union leaders defending their members' right to safe work sacked for 'economic sabotage'! 23-06-2020

Coca-Cola management in the Philippines is capitalizing on the coronavirus emergency to attack union leaders of the IUF-affiliated FCCU-SENTRO and intimidate their members with dismissals, disciplinary procedures and the use of police power. CLICK HERE to sign a petition to the Coca-Cola Company demanding an end to these human rights violations!
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Coca-Cola Indonesia exploits COVID-19 lock-down to impose secret collective agreement, undercutting the rights and benefits of 6,000 workers 03-06-2020

As Indonesia moved into lock-down in late March, Coca-Cola management secretly signed a new national collective agreement with the pro-management national union structure created decades ago during the Suharto military dictatorship to suppress workers' rights. This agreement effectively imposes new terms and conditions on more than 6,000 Coca-Cola workers without any of them being able to obtain a copy of the actual agreement and read it.
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Coca-Cola fails to address its actions in Philippines that expose workers to violence 06-02-2020

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, which works to advance human rights in business and eradicate abuse, published the IUF's rejoinder to Coca-Cola's response regarding the company's attack on unions in the Philippines that invites potential violence against workers.

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Coca-Cola's attack on unions in the Philippines invites violence against workers 18-12-2019

Management at The Coca-Cola Company's operations in the Philippines is using "red-tagging"- the public smearing of unions as subversive organizations to invite and legitimate violence and repression - in order to undermine union organization and spread fear among workers. The threat of violence is real: at least 43 trade unionists have been murdered since Rodrigo Duterte took office in 2016. The violence is not 'collateral damage' spilling over from the government's 'war on drugs'; it is highly selective and precisely targeted. The international trade union mobilization on December 10 exposed the scope of the practice and brought to light new cases.
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Coca-Cola's Christmas Truck met with protests 16-12-2019

The iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck had something of a rough ride this festive season. In the UK its showpiece final stop at London's O2 Arena had to be cancelled as a result of planned protests. And at Switzerland's most prestigious Monteux Christmas Market shoppers were provided with details of Coca-Cola's denial of workers' rights in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland, Haiti and the USA.
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RadioLabour interview: The IUF's Coca-Cola campaign 16-12-2019

RadioLabour has broadcasted an interview with the IUF detailing Coca-Cola rights abuses in Indonesia, Haiti, the United States and Ireland. You can listen to the interview here.

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Coca-Cola Amatil: Reinstate leaders of independent unions in Indonesia now! 09-12-2019

IUF-affiliated FSBMM members organized a protest action at the Coca-Cola Amatil Pasuruan plant on December 7, 2019 demanding the reinstatement of their union leaders Atra Narwanto, Lutfi, Arifiyanto, Danies Andriadi and Jamaludin and good faith collective bargaining with independent and democratic unions at Coca-Cola Amatil.
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EFFAT Congress stands with fights of Coca-Cola workers in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland and the USA 12-11-2019

The 5th EFFAT Congress took place on November 6-7, 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia. IUF affiliates across Europe expressed solidarity with the international union campaign in support of Coca-Cola workers in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland and the USA.
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Coca-Cola Indonesia: Escalated actions at Ministry of Labour and Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia head office 06-11-2019

IUF-affiliated FSBMM members escalated their series of protest actions by organizing demonstrations at the gates of the Ministry of Labour and the Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia head office in Jakarta.
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Tanzania: Coca-Cola Beverage Africa workers in support of Zero Rights campaign 01-11-2019

Coca-Cola Beverage Africa workers in Tanzania showed their support for the "Zero Rights" campaign and solidarity with the workers fighting for their human rights in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland and the USA Coca-Cola operations.
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UA ZENSEN General Service Division express solidarity with the Coca-Cola Zero rights campaign 29-10-2019

At their 8th Central Meeting on September 19, 2019 in Kobe, Japan the General Service Division of UA ZENSEN, the Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions, unanimously expressed their solidarity for the IUF's Coca-Cola "Zero rights" campaign. The meeting brought together 346 union officers and members from the service sector.
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Indonesia: Solidarity with Coca-Cola unions fighting for rights continues to grow 27-09-2019

The FSPM's Women's Committee and participants in the independent hospitality federation's General Assembly expressed solidarity for the IUF's zero rights campaign under the campaign banner, "Refreshing taste/Suppressing rights".
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Belarusian and Ukranian Unions call on Coca-Cola to end violation of rights 27-09-2019

Members of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union and IUF affiliates in Ukraine support the fights of Coca-Cola unions in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland and the US.
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Southern Asia affiliates stand with Coca-Cola unions in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland and the USA 23-09-2019

An IUF South Asia Regional Unilever meeting in Nepal provided an opportunity for Unilever union representatives from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh to show their solidarity with and support for the IUF's Coca-Cola campaign, "Refreshing Tastes, Suppressing Rights".
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Indonesia: Human rights protest at Coca-Cola concentrate plant 17-09-2019

IUF affiliates in Indonesia held a demonstration at The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) owned concentrate plant in Cibinong, West Java on September 16.  This protest followed the IUF's protest at the Coca-Cola hosted human rights conference in Atlanta on September 12.
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Unions protest Coca-Cola's serial human rights violations at company-hosted conference on… Business and Human Rights 16-09-2019

Attendees at the 11th Business and Human Rights Conference hosted by The Coca-Cola Company on September 12 at its Atlanta headquarters faced a group of fifty trade unionists at the entrance denouncing ongoing human rights abuses at Coca-Cola in countries around the world (click here to learn more).
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Indonesia FSBMM: We will not stop until we have our rights at Coca-Cola Amatil 11-08-2019

IUF-affiliated FSBMM members are continuing a series of protest actions in Indonesia in support of their right to form and join independent Coca-Cola unions at Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA).
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Coca-Cola Indonesia: FSBMM members resisting anti-union dismissals take their fight to company headquarters 31-07-2019

On July 29, IUF unions affiliated to the independent Food and Beverage Workers Federation (FSBMM) again demonstrated outside the headquarters of Coca-Cola Amatil in Jakarta, Indonesia. They demanded the reinstatement of Lutfi Arifiyanto, Atra Narwanto, Danies Andriadi and Jamaludin, the terminated union leaders and members.
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FSBMM in Indonesia protests rights violations in Coca-Cola system 12-07-2019

The IUF-affiliated independent Food Workers Federation FSBMM continues its series of protest actions at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia workplaces in support of the dismissed leaders of independent Coca-Cola unions in Indonesia. FSBMM members that participated in the July 12 demonstration at Cibitung plant called on Coca-Cola Amatil to reinstate Lutfi Arifiyanto and Atra Narwanto, the terminated union leaders. Rolling actions in Indonesia will continue to highlight the ongoing rights violations in the Coca-Cola system.
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Ukraine: IUF Coordination Council in solidarity with #TasteZeroRights international campaign 08-07-2019

On June 21, 2019, members of the IUF Coordination Council in Ukraine showed their solidarity with the #TasteZeroRights international campaign which targets TCCC's failure to remedy the ongoing rights violations in its system.
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Nigerian IUF affiliates stand with IUF's Zero Rights campaign 15-06-2019

IUF affiliates FOBTOB, HAPSSSA, NUFBTE and NUHPSW in Nigeria visited the IUF office in Geneva and discussed their members' workplace and rights issues. They particularly saluted the unions and their members in the Coca-Cola system fighting for their rights and leading the IUF's "Zero Rights" campaign.
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Ukraine: Coca-Cola workers in solidarity with IUF's Coca-Cola Zero Rights international campaign 15-06-2019

Members of Coca-Cola Workers Union of Ukraine joined an IUF workshop on June 6-7, 2019. They unanimously expressed full solidarity with Coca-Coola workers whose rights are being abused and vowed to continue to support the IUF's ongoing "Zero Rights" campaign.
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Coca-Cola: respect workers' rights 14-06-2019

IUF-EFFAT EWC/TNC Coordinators' Conference participants representing unions from across Europe called on The Coca-Cola Company and its bottlers to respect workers' rights and address the concerns of workers to be heard at the European level.

Youth and community groups in Indonesia join Zero Rights campaign 03-05-2019

University students and local communities in Indonesia have joined IUF affiliates to support  the IUF's  #TasteZeroRights campaign. Throughout Indonesia student and community groups will be joining those in Indonesia and internationally demanding justice for Indonesian Coca-Cola workers fighting for their rights.
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Ireland: Students Nationwide Stand Against Coca-Cola in #TasteZeroRights campaign 01-05-2019

In April the Union of Students national congress in Ireland passed a motion to support SIPTU and the IUF's #TasteZeroRights campaign in protest particularly of Coca-Cola's denial of workers' rights to unionise and engage in collective bargaining  in the west of Ireland. USI represents 347,000 students across the island of Ireland.
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Indonesia: Zero Rights campaign protests on May Day 01-05-2019

FSBMM and FSPM joined the May Day rally in Lampung and Jakarta and organized a substantial show of solidarity with Coca-Cola workers in their ongoing fight for the right to form and join independent unions. Marchers also demanded that unfairly dismissed leaders at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia be reinstated by the Company.
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Indonesia: FSBMM protests call for the reinstatement of union leaders, collective bargaining rights and a living wage at Coca-Cola Amatil 15-04-2019

FSBMM members have continued a series of protest actions in Indonesia in support of the independent Coca-Cola unions at Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA).
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The Coca-Cola Workers International Alliance demands that Coca-Cola ends longstanding violations of rights in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland, the Philippines and the USA 11-04-2019

IUF affiliates representing Coca-Cola workers from 18 countries, including countries that represent some of Coca-Cola's major markets joined a meeting of the Alliance in Geneva on April 8 and 9. Amongst a number of issues raised at the two-day meeting were longstanding rights abuses in a number of countries.
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IUF Executive Committee calls on Coca-Cola to remedy accumulated human rights abuses 05-04-2019

The IUF's World  Executive Committee met in Geneva, Switzerland April 3-4 and expressed strong and unconditional support for the Coca-Cola "Zero Rights" international campaign. Executive Committee members from 31 countries demanded that  The Coca-Cola Company urgently remedy all  ongoing human rights violations within the Coca-Cola System.

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Indonesia: Independent Coca-Cola unions step up their mobilization 05-04-2019

IUF-affiliated FSBMM members continue their demonstrations at Coca-Cola Amatil factory gates in Indonesia. On March 30, 2019, they organized another protest action at the Bawen factory gate.

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Indonesia: demonstration at Cibitung Coca-Cola factory gate broadens support for "Zero Rights" campaign! 29-03-2019

European Trade Unions condemn Coca-Cola's accumulated human rights abuses 21-03-2019

19 IUF affiliates from 11 countries met for the IUF European region EFFAT's Coca-Cola Coordination Group meeting in Berlin on March 18 and 19 to develop union action to protect their members' futures in the Coca-Cola system.
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FCCU stands with IUF's Zero Rights campaign 05-03-2019

On February 21-22, 2019, The Federation of Coca-Cola Unions in the Philippines organized its national conference. The conference attended by leaders of all FCCU local unions saluted the ongoing fights of Coca-Cola workers in Indonesia, Ireland, Haiti and the US and extended its solidarity and support to Coca-Cola workers and their unions in these countries.
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Pakistan Coca-Cola Beverages Workers Union show solidarity with Zero Rights campaign 08-02-2019

On February 5 2019, Coca-Cola Beverages Workers Union (CCBWU) in Pakistan held its second General Council Meeting. Delegates to the meeting expressed their continued outrage at the ongoing human rights abuses within the Coca-Cola system in Indonesia, Ireland, Haiti, the Philippines and the USA. The union unanimously adopted a resolution extending their solidarity and support to Coca-Cola workers in these countries.
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Workers at Coca-Cola Indonesia again confirm their confidence in victimized union leaders 07-02-2019

Workers at Coca-Cola Indonesia fighting for independent and democratic unions have again confirmed their confidence in union leaders victimized by management. At a general membership meeting on February 5, Lutfi Arifiyanto was re-elected chairman of the independent SBMCC, the union of workers at Coca-Cola Indonesia in Bawen, Java.

Three days after the union elected him chairman at its founding assembly in February 2017, Lutfi was informed of his transfer to a distribution facility some 170 kilometers from the Bawen plant. He refused the transfer because it violated his members' fundamental right to freely elect their union leadership. As a result of his refusal to have these internationally recognized rights stripped away he was formally terminated on November 21, 2017.
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Sweden - LIVS highlights IUF's Zero Rights campaign in its widely circulated news magazine 28-01-2019

IUF-affiliated LIVS in Sweden has circulated information about Coca-Cola's human rights violations in several countries and promoted the IUF's Zero Rights campaign via its online and printed news magazine.
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Unions, student groups in Ireland pledge support to the IUF's Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign 18-01-2019

Following on the visit to the UK by an international IUF Coca-Cola 'Zero Rights' delegation, campaign meetings were held in Ireland with the IUF-affiliated SIPTU, with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and with organizations representing high school and older students.
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Belgium: IUF affiliated LBC-NVK promotes IUF's Zero Rights campaign - Calls on its member to engage in concrete support 17-01-2019

The LBC-NVK in Belgium has widely circulated information about Coca-Cola's human rights violations in several countries and called on its members to support the ongoing struggles for basic rights in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland, the Philippines and the US. The union produced the Dutch version of the campaign leaflet and circulated it.
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International delegation to the UK builds broad support for Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign 17-01-2019

An international IUF delegation highlighted the ongoing human rights attacks by Coca-Cola in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia, Ireland and the USA with activities in the UK and in Ireland in December.
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Philippines: FCCU members affirm their solidarity with Zero Rights campaign 07-01-2019

Federation of Coca-Cola unions (FCCU) in the Philippines continues to show solidarity with the IUF's Zero Rights international campaign.

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Coca-Cola European Partners EWC discussed IUF's Zero Rights campaign 18-12-2018

IUF affiliates that represent Coca-Cola European Partners' (CCEP) workers in Europe expressed support for the Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign at the CCEP European Works Council (EWC) meeting on December 14.
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Zero rights campaign a key focus in strike at Coca-Cola Belgium plant 14-12-2018

On December 14, 2018 workers at the Coca-Cola Chaudfontaine site took strike action for a day.
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Philippines: CCSU stands with Coca-Cola workers' fights in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland and USA 13-12-2018

The Coca-Cola Sales Force Union (CCSU) affiliated to FCCU- SENTRO and the IUF in the Philippines saluted the fights of IUF affiliates in Indonesia, Ireland, Haiti and the US for their rights in the Coca-Cola system.
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