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Unions need to push for a new direction at Kraft Heinz 29-05-2019

Until recently, Kraft Heinz set the pace for finance, management and deal-making in food processing and the broader consumer goods sector. The 30% + operating margins it claimed were the benchmark against which corporate performance was measured.  Other companies followed suit.

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Workers must prepare for new cost-saving drive as KHC struggles with rising interest rates 12-04-2018

The IUF has written extensively about the risks of the 3G model, which flourished in the food processing sector when interest rates were near zero creating a situation where companies like Kraft Heinz could borrow virtually free money.

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What happens when the shark runs out of water for the feeding frenzy? 13-02-2018

For many, Kraft Heinz/3G Capital's business model is old news - though not for the thousands who have lost their jobs due to the company's aggressive cost cutting. 3G loads up on debt to acquire a company, wrings out all possible costs to boost profitability, and once this has been completed, borrows again to fund a new acquisition and repeats the cycle.
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More aggressive cost cutting at Kraft Heinz 12-10-2017

Kraft Heinz (KHC) continues to struggle with sales growth as consumer demands shift particularly in developed countries towards healthy, natural and organic foods. Slow growth in consumer spending and retailer buyer downward pressure on prices, particularly from deep discounters (e.g. Aldi, Lidl), is also slowing sales growth for companies like KHC. In response to market conditions and sales declines and to have continued profitability and ability to service its large debt load, KHC continues its aggressive cost cutting to the detriment of its workforce.

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Kraft Heinz' failed bid for Unilever 21-02-2017

Late last week, Kraft Heinz (KH) bid $143 billion for Unilever on the heels of an earnings call where KH told investors that additional savings through cost cuts were limited. The bid ultimately failed. So how is KH to boost profitability given its business model and with few additional available cost cuts? History has shown that in this case KH/3G will acquire another company repeating the process all over again.

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Kraft Heinz/3G Capital: Who might be next? 09-02-2017

"The pattern is buy, squeeze, repeat. The 3G managers developed extraordinary operating skills and greatly increased the value of every company [they've] bought, but they were not great innovators. They achieved growth through acquisitions-not organically." This quote from a recent Fortune magazine article confirms everything the IUF has been saying for some time about 3G Capital - major Kraft Heinz shareholder.
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Highlights from Kraft Heinz Second Quarter 2016 Results: Why IUF Affiliates Should Be Interested 24-08-2016

On August 4, 2016 Kraft Heinz reported its Second Quarter results for the 2016 Fiscal Year (FY). There were notable items in the Company's report and in analyst commentary.
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KRAFT deal: What should H.J.HEINZ workers expect? 05-04-2015

H.J Heinz Co and Kraft Foods Group merged into the single Kraft Heinz Company on March 25, subject to regulatory approval which is expected later this year. What should Heinz workers expect now?
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Heinz merger spells accelerated job losses for Kraft workers 27-03-2015

Pay negotiations at Wigan St.Kitts, UK ended with 2,75% increase 02-06-2014

The battle of Turnhout is over - what’s next? 17-04-2014

Unions and management at the Turnhout H.J.Heinz plant in Belgium have reached an agreement on a social plan and packages to compensate the job loses for almost 190 employees after the factory shuts down.
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Heinz: Stop the war on jobs! IUF members committed to mutual support in fight for sustainable employment 22-03-2014

The international meeting of Heinz unions took place in Pittsburgh, USA in March 13-14, 2014 on the initiative and with support of IUF affiliated United Food and Commercial Workers' Union.
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Heinz, Mondelez and the private equity effect 14-03-2014

Private equity dominated the February Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) conference, even without a formal presence - a measure of the extent to which the buyout funds' operational methods have permeated the entire food industry.

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Heinz has announced the closure of two sites in Europe 01-03-2014

As a result of a "comprehensive and on-going process of reviewing its supply chain operations" in Europe, Heinz has decided it still has too many workers and in order to "ensure maximizing efficiencies" the company decided "to improve capacity utilization" by making almost 350 workers redundant.
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Workers at Heinz National Distribution Centre in Wincanton UK are fighting plans to close their final salary pension scheme 28-02-2014

After a breakdown in talks, more than 70 workers based at the Martland Mill complex are being asked to consider what industrial action they would be prepared to take. In a joint statement, the four unions representing Wincanton workers, GMB, Usdaw, Unite and the URTU, said that they are fighting to protect the final salary pension scheme, or create an alternative pension scheme for members that would provide a reasonable future on retirement.
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Union victory at Heinz Golden Circle plant in Melbourne 28-02-2014

The dispute at Heinz Golden Circle plant has been resolved. AMWU members returned to work after voting to accept an offer of a 1 year agreement backdated to 10 January.
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Strike at Heinz Golden Circle plant in Melbourne 26-02-2014

Members of Australian Manufacturing Workers Union at the Heinz Golden Circle juice plant in Mill Park, Melbourne, are continuing an indefinite stoppage with a 24 hour 7 day protest line outside the premises.
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The more things change: Heinz and the varieties of private equity buyout 06-03-2013

Subject to shareholder approval later this year, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and Brazilian 3G Capital will acquire food giant Heinz for USD 28 billion. It is a private equity buyout with a twist - appropriate for a company which marketed the phrase "57 varieties" - but the impact on Heinz workers will be similar to what workers have long experienced in leveraged buyouts: intense pressure on employment and working conditions as investors seek to wring out the last drop of cash.
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Heinz announces further US plant closure 27-02-2012

Heinz announces plans to close more factories 29-11-2011

Heinz announces plant closure in California – 140 Teamsters risk losing their jobs 17-10-2011

Heinz keeps workers in the dark – and docks their pay 06-07-2011

Heinz celebrates biggest profit jump ever with… mass layoffs 31-05-2011

Production canned as 1200 UK Heinz workers set to walk out for 24 hours 15-12-2010