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Make my workplace safe - Dignity for hotel housekeepers!

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Hotel housekeepers around the world demonstrate for a safe and secure workplace 16-11-2015

HotelHousekeepersGlobalWeekofAction1Hotel workers from all continents took part in the 2nd IUF Global Week of Action from November 4-11, 2015 to highlight the unacceptable working conditions of housekeeping staff and their determination to fight for a safe and secure working environment.
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Researches analyse OHS laws in South Africa and Estonia for the global hotel housekeepers initiative 07-10-2015

Cornell_logoTwo important research documents have been prepared for the IUF Initiative, "Make My Workplace Safe" by students of the Labor Law Clinic at Cornell University Law School to develop and expand on research originally conducted by Yale Law School, on Argentina, India, and Indonesia.
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Global Housekeeping Campaign in the Philippines brings union gains at Manila hotels 01-10-2015

The IUF-affiliated NUWHRAIN set up a Campaign Committee in August after joining the Global Housekeeping Campaign and has won important gains for local union chapters at Sofitel and Holiday Inn in Manila.
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Nigerian unions team up to promote the hotel housekeepers initiative 29-09-2015

In Nigeria, some 30 participants, female and male, attended two workshops in August to identify the problems facing workers in the hospitality industry and discuss discuss key union priorities.
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IUF Asia/Pacific 2nd Global Housekeeping Campaign Strategic Meeting 22-09-2015

The second strategic meeting on the Global Housekeeping Campaign, held 11-12 September in Langkawi, Malaysia, brought together 62 participants from 15 federations and national level unions from 13 countries to continue building the initiative.
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India: "Don't call me Room Boy!" say hotel housekeepers fighting for respect 19-08-2015


Union members from six hotels in southern India joined the "Make My Workplace Safe" educational workshop in Bangalore on August 7-8 as part of the IUF Global Housekeeping Campaign. 

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Global Housekeeping Campaign launched at Cambodia’s biggest hotel casino 28-07-2015


Members of the IUF-affiliated union at NagaWorld Hotel Casino participated in a "Make My Workplace Safe" meeting on July 27 and developed an action plan involving recruitment, education and collective bargaining. 

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Housekeepers around the world speak out in new IUF video 25-06-2015

In 2012, the IUF launched a global "Make my Workplace Safe" campaign to demand better working conditions with rights and dignity. In a new video filmed during the IUF Global Week of Action from December 3 to 10, 2014, housekeepers around the world share their experiences, concerns and hopes and express their solidarity

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Housekeepers' meeting in Salta Province - Argentina 05-06-2015

FullSizeRender%20%282%29On Thursday 28 May, the first meeting of housekeepers in the Province of Salta took place. Two hundred housekeepers from San Salvador de Jujuy, Tucumán and every town in Salta Province took part
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Nordic unions join forces for the global hotel housekeepers initiative 05-06-2015

On May 21, the first meeting of the Nordic Union Coordination Workgroup on the hotel housekeepers initiative took place. The coordination group discussed initiatives and campaigns that unions can run together in the Nordic region, which includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
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'We should not work alone!' declare Langkawi hotel housekeepers 21-05-2015

On May 17 the first IUF Global Housekeeping Campaign meeting was held on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. One of the key demands raised by housekeepers was the need to work in teams of two or three when cleaning rooms. 

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Africa: OSH in HRCT sectors under the spotlight 20-04-2015

In Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Togo, celebrations were held for the 9th IUF Day on 10th April, during which IUF affiliates in these four countries organised seminars to discuss risks and prevention methods in hotel and restaurant sectors.
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Belgium: hotel housekeepers under the spotlight for International Women's Day 09-03-2015

In its annual International Women's Day seminar, the IUF's Belgian affiliate ACV-CSC highlighted hotel housekeepers' working conditions.
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Argentina's UTHGRA International Women's Day message 09-03-2015

On International Women's Day the IUF-affiliated UTHGRA reiterates its commitment to continue its efforts to improve hotel housekeepers' working conditions.
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Solidarity with hotel workers killed in Mogadishu terror attack 26-02-2015

The IUF has sent a message of solidarity to the Somali Hotel and Catering Workers Union, whose deputy general secretary Mohamed Mohamud was killed in the February 20 terror attack on the Central Hotel in Mogadishu. Five hotel workers were among the dead and seven wounded.
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Indonesian Accor Union Council joins global housekeepers initiative 20-02-2015

The Accor Union Council of Indonesian IUF-affiliate FSPM will play an active part in the initiative to improve hotel housekeepers' working conditions and to increase collective bargaining power.
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Decent conditions and a thank you 09-01-2015

It's tough on the body to make 20 beds and scrub 20 bathrooms a day. It demands a good overall view and a great sense of responsibility to be able to create exactly the atmosphere the hotel wants to offer it's guests.
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Global action spotlights campaign for hotel housekeepers' rights 10-12-2014

Thousands of hotel workers in dozens of cities around the world took part in the IUF  Global Week of Action December 3-10 to highlight the abusive, unacceptable working conditions of housekeeping staff and to demand a safe, secure working environment from a global industry which rests on their efforts. Hotel unions are determined to change the situation, and highlighted the urgent need for industry-wide change with a variety of actions over the course of the week, including workplace and public demonstrations, media events and educational activities.

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"Make Up My Workplace!" A trade union perspective on a living wage in the tourism industry in Asia 21-11-2014

HG%20Stockholm%2C%2025%20September%202014Excerpted from a presentation by IUF Asia/Pacific Regional Secretary to "One way ticket out of poverty?" A seminar on sustainable tourism, community development and living wages in the global tourism sector, Stockholm, 25 September 2014

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IUF global housekeeping campaign gives workers hope in Pakistan 07-11-2014

In Lahore, Pakistan, 55 housekeepers make up 600 rooms at the five star Pearl Continental Hotel. Only 17 of the 55 housekeepers are permanent. Only one of the 17 permanent workers is a women and another 12 women are employed on a precarious basis.
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OSH laws for housekeepers – under the spotlight in Argentina, India and Indonesia 31-10-2014

Yale Law School has conducted a study for UNITE HERE on if and how health and safety legislation is applied to hotel housekeepers . The study covers Argentina, India and Indonesia.
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UTHGRA meetings spread the word about the IUF global housekeeper campaign 03-10-2014

Meeting%20Housekeeping%20%20UTHGRA_1UTHGRA Argentina organized two meetings of hotel housekeepers in the towns of Los Cocos (Córdoba) and Mar del Plata on September 11 and 24, respectively, to explain the IUF's Global Housekeeper Campaign.
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Hyatt agrees to pay ousted hotel housekeepers 30-09-2014

The Boston branch of IUF-affiliated UNITE HERE! has reached an agreement with Hyatt Hotels to compensate 98 Boston-area housekeepers who were fired five years ago and replaced by lower-paid outsourced workers.
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Hyatt Paris: outsourced hotel housekeepers strike and win wage increase 26-09-2014

Outsourced hotel housekeepers at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme have won an important wage increase bringing pay into line with other luxury hotels following a four-day strike for better wages and working conditions begun on September 19.
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IUF A/P region plans activity to support Hotel Housekeepers 23-09-2014

A strategic meeting to advance the initiative took place in the Asia/Pacific region in Penang on September 12-13, with 47 participants from 13 unions including a number of housekeeper members. The meeting addressed specific health and safety issues linked to workloads, working conditions, employment status and gender.
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Philippines' NUWHRAIN joins the Global Housekeeping initiative 16-09-2014

Members of the IUF-affiliate NUWHRAIN attended an IUF seminar in Manila on August 20 to join the IUF's Global Housekeeping initiative.
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Is hotel housekeepers' health adequately protected by national and international law? 18-06-2014

Hotel housekeepers are exposed to numerous health risks, among them musculoskeletal strains and injuries, acute traumas, chemical exposure and the risks which come with long working hours.
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Training session in Finland for hotel housekeepers 05-06-2014

In April, some 50 hotel housekeepers were joined by health & safety officers to attend a training session organized by the IUF-affiliated PAM in Finland.
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Indonesian hotel workers demand ‘Make Up My Workplace!’ 13-05-2014

The national hotel workers' federation, FSPM, held protest actions at a major international hotel in Bandung as part of the global housekeeping campaign.
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Protests across Pakistan raise awareness of housekeepers' rights & dignity 13-05-2014

In Pakistan protest actions were held in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Swat throughout the month of April culminating in national actions on May Day.
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Korean union highlights plight of precarious women workers in housekeeping 13-05-2014

The Korean Federation of Private Service Workers Unions (KFSU) escalated the IUF global housekeeping campaign by bringing public attention to the plight of casual women workers employed as housekeepers.
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Indian HEFOI activists for the Housekeepers initiative 02-05-2014

On March 17, 14 union activists from the IUF-affiliated HEFOI Goa State Committee leafleted outside the Radisson Blu, in South Goa to spread news of the Housekeepers initiative to co-workers and passers-by.
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Hotel housekeeping outsourcing worsens conditions, outsources responsibility 13-03-2014

It was clear from the launch that the housekeeper campaign would have outsourcing as one of its targets. It is a common experience for outsourced workers to be treated worse than those directly employed.
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Paris Hyatt Hotel housekeepers on strike for direct employment and decent work 23-09-2013

Some 60 housekeeping staff and valets at Paris prestigious Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme Hotel went on strike and took to the streets Friday under the banner: "The class war starts here."
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Putzi - online game about housekeeping 23-07-2013

A game developed by the Finnish union PAM. Here's what they have to say about it: "With this game, Service Union United PAM wants to draw attention to the fair purchasing of cleaning services.
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Running to support Hotel Housekeepers 17-07-2013

If running is a pleasure, running for good causes is a real pleasure. This is what IUF's Massimo Frattini did last Sunday, 14th July, in London in The British 10K London Run.

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Reinstatement Victory for Korean Hotel Workers Who Challenged Outsourcing 31-03-2010