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Meat Workers News

NZ meat company AFFCO Talleys threatens worker after she seeks support from her MP 07-05-2015


AFFCO Talleys which locked out its workforce for several months in 2012, has threatened a butcher who has 15 years service with the company that she may not be re-hired after she approached her MP for support.
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Australia: meat workers stood down, migrants cast adrift 07-05-2015

Meat companies are increasingly employing migrant workers on temporary work visas to fill job vacancies in the seasonal Australian lamb processing sector. When lines and plants close due to supply and demand factors migrant workers are particularly hard hit.
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Health care protected in agreement with JBS 10-04-2015

Following six months of negotiations and campaigning, the workers union of the meat industry Criciuma region (SINTIACR), part of the IUF Brazilian affiliate CONTAC, has achieved a good outcome in their collective bargaining with JBS.
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NUW fights for the rights of workers exploited by poultry company while on holiday in Australia 13-03-2015

Go here to sign the union petition to demand payment to dozens of backpackers who are owed tens of thousands in backpay! B&E poultry should abide by Australian workplace law and stop exploiting workers on holiday in Australia that have language barriers or a lack of Australian workplace knowledge.
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NUW calls for direct hire employment in the poultry industry. 04-02-2015

The abuse of migrant workers employed by labour hire contractors in Australia has again been exposed by the IUF affiliated National Union of Workers (NUW)
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NZ Meat Workers campaign for secure jobs 17-12-2014


More than 20,000 meat workers provide their labour for this critical NZ export industry which contributes significantly to the wealth of the country.

However labour standards have declined in a traditional seasonal industry to the point where dangerous jobs, casual and zero hours contracts, and increasing pressure on workers to join non-union individual agreements are increasingly prevalent.

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Argentine, Brazilian unions and governments agree to work together to promote union rights in the meat sector 03-12-2014

At the initiative of the IUF Latin American Region(REL-UITA), a meeting of meat unions and government officials from Argentina and Brazil was convened in Buenos Aires on November 27 where a groundbreaking agreement was signed to promote cooperation and assistance in government labour policies and on the elimination of human trafficking.
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JBS strengthens its dominance of Australian meat industry 21-11-2014

JBS, the world's largest meat processor, and the largest distributor of fresh meat products in Australia, has announced the acquisition of the Primo Group,the largest producer of small goods in Australia and New Zealand.
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Trans-Atlantic solidarity for union activist dismissed by Hormel 07-11-2014

The IUF Danish affiliate NNF expressed solidarity with Jen Pulaski and the UFCW by publicizing her case to members and requesting that Danish company Tulip, owned by Danish Crown, protest to Hormel about the dismissal of a union activist. Tulip manufactures Spam products for Hormel.
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NUW exposes exploitation and rights violations in Australian poultry industry 25-10-2014

The union discovered that when Pedro was hired with little knowledge of the English language and even less knowledge of Australian workplace laws in 2007, he had been hoodwinked into becoming an independent contractor, with no minimum hourly wage, penalty rates, holidays, sick leave or superannuation and was responsible for paying his own tax. He earned less than the minimum wage with no entitlements.
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No increase in line speeds in USDA Poultry Modernization Rule 04-08-2014

After intense lobbying by labor unions, food safety groups and the civil rights community, the proposed increase in line speeds to 175 birds a minute has been dropped and the current maximum rate of 140 birds a minute maintained.
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Sick consumers and injured workers: the price of cheap chicken 29-07-2014

UK affiliate Unite the Union has called for increased numbers of food inspectors in the wake of the Guardian newspaper expose on the serious food safety risks throughout the poultry industry supply chain.
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Strikes averted as UFCW wins new union contract with JBS 11-06-2014

Members of the UFCW local 1161 at the pork processing plant at Worthington, Minnesota have secured a new 5 year union contract after spending 11 months at the negotiating table.
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UFCW calls for safety first in poultry industry changes 11-04-2014

UFCW%20Logo%20jpeg_0A new study released by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) confirms what workers in the poultry industry have been saying for decades-it is among the most dangerous places to work in America.
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Agreement reached on a minimum wage for the German meat industry 20-01-2014

Breakthrough in Germany in the struggle against wage dumping 24-09-2013

Food safety and worker health and safety at serious risk in US poultry plants 11-09-2013

German Food Workers fighting to end meat industry abuses 20-08-2013

A small step toward eliminating wage dumping in the German meat industry 19-08-2013

Brazil’s meat unions educate members and monitor implementation of Government safety regulations 02-08-2013

Caged chickens, caged workers 26-07-2013

Further deregulation of US poultry inspection would put workers and consumers at risk 25-07-2013

Deadly China poultry fire highlights need for independent trade unions 07-06-2013

Supermarkets and brand owners to pass on costs of horsemeat scandal 18-04-2013

Weak labour standards: the scandal behind the horsemeat scandal 25-03-2013

The horse meat scandal: strengthen labour standards to secure food safety 12-02-2013

German Food Workers mobilize against outsourcing, wage dumping at meat giant Vion 07-01-2013

Unite demands assurances over jobs at Vion 26-11-2012

NNF strengthens its commitment to an International Agreement with Danish Crown 23-10-2012

Doux: Liquidation of fresh-products division confirmed, 1,000 workers to lose their jobs 18-10-2012

Vion closes major plant in Scotland 17-10-2012

Outcome of the EFFAT Meat Conference 31-08-2012

Taskforce working to save jobs at Vion-owned plant in Scotland 16-08-2012

Industrial Action at JBS Australia 15-08-2012

Doux: Court orders liquidation of Doux fresh products division 08-08-2012

1,700 Jobs at risk as Vion announces closure of a plant in Scotland 05-07-2012

Demonstrations in support of Doux workers 05-07-2012

European Meat Workers Meet 20-06-2012

Vion announces cost-cutting plans 17-06-2012

RWDSU wins at Pilgrim's Pride Poultry in Alabama 13-06-2012

Major win in New Zealand: Locked-out Talley's/AFFCO workers back to work! 25-05-2012

JBS to operate Doux-Frangosul plants in Brazil 19-05-2012

Poultry unions internationally say safe food begins with worker safety 26-04-2012

Provisional meat sector steering group agrees work programme 16-04-2012

As the Talley’s/AFFCO lockout enters its 6th week, 500 more are locked out over Easter 11-04-2012

Lockout continues at Talley’s/AFFCO while NZMWU plans more strikes 22-03-2012

Danish Crown UK management shuts out workers, uses coercion to get them to go quietly 20-03-2012

Danish Crown shuts down UK factory after only 38 days of ownership 14-03-2012

One Thousand New Zealand Meat Workers Locked-Out at Talleys/AFFCO 12-03-2012

Vion workers to take further action over pay 02-03-2012

Unite Meatworkers To Take Strike Action At Vion Foods 17-02-2012