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Meat Workers News

Strikes averted as UFCW wins new union contract with JBS 11-06-2014

Members of the UFCW local 1161 at the pork processing plant at Worthington, Minnesota have secured a new 5 year union contract after spending 11 months at the negotiating table.
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UFCW calls for safety first in poultry industry changes 11-04-2014

UFCW%20Logo%20jpeg_0A new study released by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) confirms what workers in the poultry industry have been saying for decades-it is among the most dangerous places to work in America.
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Agreement reached on a minimum wage for the German meat industry 20-01-2014

Breakthrough in Germany in the struggle against wage dumping 24-09-2013

Food safety and worker health and safety at serious risk in US poultry plants 11-09-2013

German Food Workers fighting to end meat industry abuses 20-08-2013

A small step toward eliminating wage dumping in the German meat industry 19-08-2013

Brazil’s meat unions educate members and monitor implementation of Government safety regulations 02-08-2013

Caged chickens, caged workers 26-07-2013

Further deregulation of US poultry inspection would put workers and consumers at risk 25-07-2013

Deadly China poultry fire highlights need for independent trade unions 07-06-2013

Supermarkets and brand owners to pass on costs of horsemeat scandal 18-04-2013

Weak labour standards: the scandal behind the horsemeat scandal 25-03-2013

The horse meat scandal: strengthen labour standards to secure food safety 12-02-2013

German Food Workers mobilize against outsourcing, wage dumping at meat giant Vion 07-01-2013

Unite demands assurances over jobs at Vion 26-11-2012

NNF strengthens its commitment to an International Agreement with Danish Crown 23-10-2012

Doux: Liquidation of fresh-products division confirmed, 1,000 workers to lose their jobs 18-10-2012

Vion closes major plant in Scotland 17-10-2012

Outcome of the EFFAT Meat Conference 31-08-2012

Taskforce working to save jobs at Vion-owned plant in Scotland 16-08-2012

Industrial Action at JBS Australia 15-08-2012

Doux: Court orders liquidation of Doux fresh products division 08-08-2012

1,700 Jobs at risk as Vion announces closure of a plant in Scotland 05-07-2012

Demonstrations in support of Doux workers 05-07-2012

European Meat Workers Meet 20-06-2012

Vion announces cost-cutting plans 17-06-2012

RWDSU wins at Pilgrim's Pride Poultry in Alabama 13-06-2012

Major win in New Zealand: Locked-out Talley's/AFFCO workers back to work! 25-05-2012

JBS to operate Doux-Frangosul plants in Brazil 19-05-2012

Poultry unions internationally say safe food begins with worker safety 26-04-2012

Provisional meat sector steering group agrees work programme 16-04-2012

As the Talley’s/AFFCO lockout enters its 6th week, 500 more are locked out over Easter 11-04-2012

Lockout continues at Talley’s/AFFCO while NZMWU plans more strikes 22-03-2012

Danish Crown UK management shuts out workers, uses coercion to get them to go quietly 20-03-2012

Danish Crown shuts down UK factory after only 38 days of ownership 14-03-2012

One Thousand New Zealand Meat Workers Locked-Out at Talleys/AFFCO 12-03-2012

Vion workers to take further action over pay 02-03-2012

Unite Meatworkers To Take Strike Action At Vion Foods 17-02-2012

Smithfield workers protest proposed job cuts in Poland 15-02-2012

Informal meeting of the provisional meat sector steering group 12-02-2012

India: Barefoot slaughterhouse workers fight for rights in the world's third largest beef exporter 02-01-2012

IUF Global Meat Conference 2011 - Report 28-12-2011

Locked-out New Zealand meat workers back on the job! 22-12-2011

Lock out of New Zealand meat workers entering its 3rd month 14-12-2011

Locked out New Zealand meat workers picket McDonalds 12-12-2011

Agreement ends tough strike over precarious work at Baiada Poultry 23-11-2011

Strike against brutal, precarious conditions at Australia's largest poultry producer, supplier to one of Australia’s biggest supermarket chains 17-11-2011

New Zealand lamb producer CMP ANZCO locks out 111 workers 15-11-2011

Australian NUW Launches 'Better Jobs 4 Better Chicken' Campaign 27-10-2011

UFCW members at Hormel Foods approve new collective agreement 30-09-2011