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Dairy Workers News

IUF members oppose closure of 3 Danone plants in Italy, Germany and Hungary 19-06-2014

Danone's intention to close 3 European factories producing dairy products - in Italy, Germany and Hungary - will destroy a total of 325 jobs and will seriously threaten the job security of workers at warehouses, logistics and related companies that service those Danone plants.
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Expansion and realignment in global dairy industry 30-05-2014

Nestle and Fonterra swap assets in Latin America while Arla increases its presence in the lucrative UK market.
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IUF dairy affiliates to fight trade and investment agreements 01-04-2014

IUF dairy division members call on their respective Governments to abandon the current model of investment agreements and to conduct trading relationships which respect human rights and promote food security and economic sovereignty.
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ATILRA open technology education center and host 3rd IUF global dairy conference 25-03-2014

dairy%20conference%20smallerThe Argentinian dairy union's technology education center in Sunchales, Santa Fe is a modern well designed facility aimed at providing university level education in the skills of dairy processing, research and innovation.
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A Fair Deal For Dairy Workers 14-03-2014

fair%20deal%20picture%201The IUF is issuing an initiative of a Fair Deal For Dairy Workers(FDFDW) to demand that their rights as workers are respected. In the dairy industry we want to stop employers abusing workers' rights and driving down wages and working conditions in a competitive race to the bottom.
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PepsiCo sells off dairy farms in Russia 26-02-2014

Like a shook-up can of Pepsi, PepsiCo company is bubbling over with plans for its Russian operations. After four relatively quiet years since taking over leading dairy producer Wimm-Bill-Dann (WBD), PepsiCo has announced it is to 'quit the farm' - focusing solely on processing.
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Yogurt production to leave Antioch for Danone Fort Worth Texas 14-02-2014

Brown Cow Yogurt owned 80% by Danone will shut down its Antioch operation and move production of yogurt from its current location in Antioch, California to a facility in Texas within Groupe Danone. The IUF affiliated Teamsters let the negotiations for its members to be effected by the closure with the support of the IUF.
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Hector Ponce re-elected General Secretary of ATILRA for a further four year term 16-01-2014

The inauguration of the new national board of the Argentinian Dairy Union, ATILRA was held on January 8 where General Secretary Hector Luis Ponce was applauded on his election for a further four year term. ATILRA has 27000 members who all work in the dairy sector, a large increase since Hector Ponce was first elected General Secretary 12 years ago.
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Danone to Sue New Zealand's Fonterra Over Baby Formula Recall 09-01-2014

On August 2, 2013, Fonterra issued an alert concerning a possible contamination of certain ingredients supplied to Danone. Additional tests revealed later on that it was in fact a false alert.
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Danone Rotselaar employees go back to work after a deal is reached following 8 days of strike against restructuring 22-11-2013

The employees of dairy producer Danone in Rotselaar at a staff meeting on November 19 approved the draft agreement regarding restructuring and redundancies that management and unions had achieved. After an 8 days of strike majority of workforce started production again on November 20.
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Danone Signs Deal to Invest in Russian Dairy Farms 04-11-2013

French food group Danone signed a deal recently to co-fund the construction of dairy farms alongside Russian firm Damate to try to secure long-term milk supplies in the fast-growing Russian market.
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Arla Foods restructure in Sweden 28-10-2013

Germany: NGG organizes a warning strike at Bavarian dairy industry 02-10-2013

China's huge dairy market attractive and problematic for TNCs 30-09-2013

Dairy Top 20 11-09-2013

Starbucks and Danone Team Up to Take on Growing U.S. Yogurt Market 24-07-2013

Indian Milk Food Factory Workers Union wins fight against union busting, restores rights 05-05-2013

Danone Ecosystem Fund Newsletter- Issue 10 23-04-2013

Karnataka State DEFOI unions plan for National DEFOI meeting 15-04-2013

Protest at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) dairy plant continues into 54th day 15-04-2013

The campaign by the IUF-affiliated Milk Food Factory Workers Union against union-busting by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare at its dairy products plant in Nabha continued into its 54th day. Before and after every shift 400 workers join meetings outside the factory gates while inside union members peacefully boycott the canteen and refuse overtime.

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New Danone baby nutrition union formed in India 14-04-2013

Dairy workers protest cuts short GSK Horlicks shareholders’ meeting in Nabha, India 11-04-2013

India: dairy workers face suspensions, wage cuts in fight for decent jobs 06-04-2013

India: Struggle against union-busting at GSK Horlicks escalates 01-04-2013

Outcome of IUF/Danone Extraordinary Meeting for information and consultation for European members 18-03-2013

Dairy Division Leadership Group holds conference call 28-02-2013

US dairy sector making headway in the European Union by trans-Atlantic trade negotiations 19-02-2013

Taulov Dairy Denmark - New Employees Must be Skilled 19-02-2013

Billion Investment and New Jobs in Western Jutland, Denmark 13-02-2013

Teamsters report on Saputo after its acquisition of Dean Foods Morningstar unit in USA 25-01-2013

Australia: Lion dairy workers strike and win protection for casual workers 24-01-2013

Big moves in North American dairy sector. 20-12-2012

FrieslandCampina to modernise in German plants, 230 jobs will be cut 18-12-2012

Corporate collusion has enabled dairy executives to milk the profits 29-10-2012

INDIA: GSK Horlicks workers fight for reduced workloads for more jobs & better conditions 17-10-2012

FEMSA invests in the dairy industry of Mexico and Panama 14-10-2012

Workers at Fonterra Malaysia get Organised 11-10-2012

IUF Dairy Division launches a global organising initiative "A Fair Deal for Dairy Workers" 08-10-2012

Danone Ecosystem Fund Newsletter 23-09-2012

Updated activites of Danone Ecosystem projects 09-09-2012

USA: Teamsters organizing win at Danone's YoCream plant 30-07-2012

Argentina's Dairy Industry Report 27-07-2012

Danone Reports 5.9% Growth In Sales In H1 2012 27-07-2012

Malaysia: Fonterra workers' struggle backed by New Zealand union 13-07-2012

UK: Arla Foods makes largest cut to milk price 05-07-2012

India: Women dairy workers win improved maternity rights 03-07-2012

Arla board approves British and German dairy mergers 27-06-2012

FRANCE: Danone to "fight" for southern Europe 20-06-2012

Large Arla mergers under way in Germany and United Kingdom 14-06-2012

Pakistan: Union secures hundreds of permanent jobs for casual workers at Nestlé Kabirwala 04-06-2012

USA: Two Teamster union wins on the same day 01-06-2012