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Agricultural Workers News

BBC tea report shows further failures by Rainforest Alliance 10-09-2015

The BBC report was highly critical of the Rainforest Alliance, which certifies large parts of the tea industry for global companies like Tata and Unilever
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Agricultural and plantation workers' unions call for paraquat ban in India 10-08-2015

On August 5 agricultural and plantation unions from ten states in India joined the "Goodbye Paraquat!" meeting organized by the IUF, developing a national action plan to raise awareness of its risks and to secure a complete ban on its manufacture, sale and use. 

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NUW targets supermarkets to combat criminal exploitation of migrant workers in Australia's food industry 23-06-2015

The National Union of Workers (NUW) is holding Australia's largest supermarket chains accountable for human rights abuses in their supply chains. The Fair Food Australia campaign calls for union access to farms and factories to ensure compliance with labour standards and adequate worker protection. The campaign follows the publication of a report by the Fair Work Ombudsman documenting criminal exploitation of migrant workers by labour contractors supplying Baiada, Australia's largest poultry processor.

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World Day Against Child Labour - new website on agriculture and new report on decent work for young people 12-06-2015

ipcclaTo mark the World Day Against Child Labour on June 12, members of the International Partnership for Cooperation on Child Labour in Agriculture which includes the IUF, have launched a joint website (only in English so far) to bring together information and news on elimination of child labour in the sector.
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ILO Experts highlight dismal working conditions in the rural sector 12-06-2015

"Inequitable labour relations and distribution of benefits… severe socio-economic disadvantage.. insanitary living conditions" are among the problems highlighted in Giving a voice to rural workers, one of the reports currently under discussion at this year's International Labour Conference (ILC).
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Agricultural workers and farmers federation secures national recognition in Myanmar 24-05-2015

Agricultural workers and farmers in Myanmar call for ban on paraquat 24-05-2015

Agricultural workers and farmers from nine states/regions in Myanmar participated in a two-day IUF training seminar on herbicides, focusing on paraquat and glyphosate. Members of the IUF-affiliated AFFM studied the severe harm paraquat causes to health and the environment. Paraquat - often sold in containers labelled only in Thai and Chinese - is used extensively in Myanmar on major food crops.
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UN special rapporteur 'deeply troubled' by asbestos and paraquat impasse 08-05-2015

Workers Memorial Day - April 28 2015: paraquat too big a risk to life and health 28-04-2015

Roundup, the WHO and the pesticide treadmill 24-04-2015

On March 20, the UK journal Lancet Oncology published the summary of a report by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)) which classified glyphosate - the active ingredient in Monsanto's RoundUp and the world's most widely-used herbicide - as "probably carcinogenic to humans."
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Palm oil - international union meeting says moratorium urgently needed 20-03-2015

Colombian sugarcane workers win permanent jobs following brutal attack on strikers 09-03-2015

Risaralda1The IUF-affiliated SINTRAINAGRO has won direct, permanent contracts for cane cutters at the Risaralda mill in western Colombia's Cauca Valley. The breakthrough agreement was signed on March 5 following a brutal attack on strikers by state anti-riot forces and company guards.

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Armed attack on Colombian SINTRAINAGRO leaders 26-02-2015

India: Tea workers denounce agreement on starvation wages, continue fight for a living wage 25-02-2015

Tea workers in West Bengal have rejected the tripartite wage agreement signed on February 20 that sets wages below the poverty line for the next three years.
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Indian police stop mass protest against land grabs 12-01-2015

INDIA: Thousands of women agricultural workers mobilize to demand living wage rights 11-01-2015

In the lead up to International Women's Day 2015 thousands of women agricultural workers in Gujarat are holding mass meetings at district level to promote living wage rights.
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On International Migrants Day, IUF and Amnesty call on Korean government to end systematic abuse of migrant agricultural workers 18-12-2014

On International Migrants Day, December 18, the IUF and Amnesty International Korean organizations capped their two-month joint campaign with a declaration and joint press conference calling on the government to protect the right of migrant agricultural workers in the country to live and work in safe conditions.
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Unions organize against new Indian government's attack on rural employment 16-12-2014

nrega2India's new right wing government has lost no time in proving its 'business-friendly' credentials by attacking the world's biggest employment program, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), a vital support for the country's rural poor. Unions have begun organizing the fight back.

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Myanmar agricultural workers and farmers organize against contract farming threat 12-12-2014

WorkshopposterWorkers and small farmers must build collective bargaining power in the face of growing corporate control of agriculture or risk falling into debt and dependency. Organizing to build that power was the theme of the recent 'Beware of Contract Farming' training workshops for members of the IUF-affiliated Agriculture and Farmers Federation of Myanmar (AFFM-IUF).

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Government of South Korea must act to halt massive abuse of migrant agricultural workers 28-10-2014

The migrant workers on whom South Korean agriculture depends suffer appalling living and working conditions, and the government's Employment Permit Scheme (EPS) directly contributes to this exploitation, according to a new report (Bitter Harvest) from Amnesty International. The report documents intimidation and violence, squalid accommodation, excessive working hours, unpaid overtime, an absence of weekly rest days and workers forced to apply pesticides without protective clothing. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE GOVERNMENT

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Rural development workers in Niger continue strike action for pay equity 27-10-2014

World Food Security Committee puts corporate investors before human rights 17-10-2014

Kenya: KUSPAW branch reaches collective agreement at Nzoia Sugar Company 16-10-2014

On 24 September 2014, an agreement for Nzoia Sugar was concluded at Kisumu during the joint industrial council, covering a total of 931 unionisable employees, including 75 women.
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World Food Day 2014 - plantation workers still Harvesting Hunger 15-10-2014

HarvestingHungerThe IUF together with the NGOs Misereor and FIAN is launching Harvesting Hunger - Plantation Workers and the Right to Food to mark World Food Day on October 16. The booklet highlights the massive violation of plantation workers' right to food resulting from their low wages and the routine exclusion of this scandalous situation from food security debates.
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New threats to trade unionists in Colombia 14-10-2014

Brazil: CONTAG, IUF demand urgent action to halt violence against rural workers and trade unions 28-08-2014

Tobacco companies must act to stop migrant US farmworker abuse! 23-07-2014

Every year thousands of migrant workers, many from Mexico, arrive to work in the US tobacco fields. They spend months in labor camps with deplorable living conditions, suffer from illnesses resulting from nicotine poisoning and exposure to dangerous pesticides and work long hours for sub-poverty wages. Tobacco companies can and must act to end these abuses.
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Organizing, Fighting & Winning against land grabs in Myanmar 10-05-2014

Farmers and agricultural workers in Myanmar denounce land grabs, call for measures to guarantee food rights and sustainable food production 30-04-2014

Life after Suicide? New Seeds, New Threats 28-04-2014

Terminator seeds may soon crop up in a field near you. The "suicide seeds" that die at harvest time (requiring new seed purchases every sowing season) have languished under a UN moratorium since 2000 but may be legalized this year in Brazil.
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No to GMOs! - a view from IUF Africa 21-03-2014

Agriculture in Africa threatens to be undermined by the G8's New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition and by Public/Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives led by African governments and African elites fronting for multinational corporations promoting high-input monoculture production, including transgenic (GMO) crops.
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Enduring abuses on India's tea plantations 04-03-2014

Top law school report documents "sub-standard housing, acute hazards in sanitation and denial of statutory benefits" on Tata's tea plantations in Assam, India.
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Action brings progress, strike suspended at FloraHolland 14-02-2014

The unions at Dutch flower auction FloraHolland suspended their strike on February 12 when the company finally agreed to negotiate on their demands. The negotiations followed a mass march by the strikers to the company's head office. The details will be finalized and members will vote on the agreement next week.
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New strike action in the Netherlands at flower giant FloraHolland 05-02-2014

Bangladesh: Five day strike by farm workers launches national rights campaign 30-09-2013

Honduras: Rainforest certification provides cover for rights-busting company – protest now and help banana workers 19-09-2013

Bananas: new agreement on zero tolerance of sexual harassment in Chiquita operations 16-08-2013

Malawi: UN rapporteur calls for living wages and more collective bargaining 16-08-2013

Fiji: sugar workers vote for strike action 14-08-2013

Settlement averts strike, brings important gains for Colombian banana workers 26-06-2013

Colombia: banana workers prepare for national strike 06-06-2013

Workers’ Memorial Day, April 28, 2013: IUF calls for ban on killer pesticide paraquat 29-04-2013

Agricultural workers win trade union rights in Pakistan 25-04-2013

Women tobacco workers win historic wage increase in Ahmedabad, India 12-04-2013

England and Wales: Help agricultural workers defend their pay & conditions - save the AWB 11-04-2013

India: IUF supports demand for investigation into working conditions at APPL/Tata 05-04-2013

Colombia: cane cutters demand fair pay and an end to the use of labour providers 28-03-2013

UK: Government told 'This is about dismantling agricultural workers' rights' 27-03-2013

UK - Unite takes fight to save the AWB to House of Lords 06-03-2013

Fiji - fairtrade ignores abuses in sugar mills? 01-03-2013

Moldova: Legal victory for Glodeni leaders but struggle goes on 04-02-2013