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Nestlé News

Nestlégate: Swiss court finds Nestlé guilty of illegally infiltrating activist group 06-02-2013

NGG fights for permanent jobs at Nestlé 10-01-2013

Planned job cuts at Nestle Waters Germany 03-12-2012

Strike at Nestlé Tunisia 08-10-2012

Nestlé Perugina: Bye-bye “generational pact” 02-10-2012

Industrial action averted, pay talks completed at York factory 17-09-2012

Important collective bargaining win at Nescafé Switzerland 05-09-2012

Organizing successes at Osem-Nestlé in Israel 17-08-2012

Nestlé: 2012 Half-Year Results 13-08-2012

Italian unions slam Nestlé for cynical employment proposal 09-08-2012

US unions beware: Nestlé UK CEO to transfer to the US 07-08-2012

Turkey: Labour Ministry shuns unions in hazelnut child labour discussions 31-07-2012

Agency work can kill 23-07-2012

SINPROLAC sets its agenda for collective bargaining with Nestlé Nicaragua 19-07-2012

Union members voting on industrial action at Nestlé York 19-07-2012

Nestlé European Trade Unions affirm their solidarity with Nestlé workers world-wide 10-07-2012

Nestlé US subsidiary cited in death of temp worker 26-06-2012

Pakistan: Union secures hundreds of permanent jobs for casual workers at Nestlé Kabirwala 04-06-2012

IUF and Nestlé welcome settlement of Panjang Indonesia dispute 29-05-2012

IUF Congress to launch 'We are the 53!' campaign as next stage in global fight for justice for fired Nestlé Indonesia unionists 09-05-2012

Nestlé Nicaragua - pressure on women workers, high rate of job-related injuries 08-05-2012

'Continuous excellence' or more dubious claims in Nestlé's sustainability reporting? 08-05-2012

Arrest warrant issued for Nestlé Pakistan labour contractor as shareholders prepare to meet in Switzerland 11-04-2012

New York City hotel workers say 'Stop Nespressure!' 02-04-2012

Panama: Nestlé union elects new leadership, pledges to roll-back precarious work 29-03-2012

Struggle continues with protest camp at Nestlé Pakistan 29-03-2012

Nestlé's 'New Reality' looks a lot like the old - squeezing workers to squeeze out cash 21-03-2012

Deputies call on Geneva government to Stop Nespressure! 16-03-2012

Nestlé UK shop stewards say Stop Nespressure! 15-03-2012

Nestlé fined in the UK after safety failures led to worker's death 12-03-2012

Workers rally across Indonesia on International Women's Day to say Stop Nespressure! 12-03-2012

Nestle Joint Trade Union Newsletter - Unite, GMB, Usdaw 12-03-2012

International Women’s Day 2012 - Good Food, Good Life for Women at Nestlé? 05-03-2012

Nestlé workers, supporters rally in Indonesia and Pakistan as global support builds - Stop Nespressure! 01-03-2012

Nestlé Pakistan continues to flout the law - human resources boss in high court for serial violations of reinstatement orders! 10-02-2012

International Transport Workers call on Nestlé to stop Nespressure! 09-02-2012

Nestlé announces factory closure in the UK 25-01-2012

Nestlé European Works Council / 7-9 November 2011 09-01-2012

Nestlé's end of year lottery - on the wrong shift? OK then "you're fired" 25-12-2011

New York City union activists 'Occupy Nespresso!' 19-12-2011

Nestlé Pakistan attempts to blackmail workers challenging precarious jobs regime into renouncing their rights 05-12-2011

Challenging Precarious_Work @ Nestlé.Kabirwala.com 05-12-2011

“Practicing what you preach” at Nestlé 01-12-2011

Jail, bail, dismissals - criminalizing the struggle for decent work at Nestlé Pakistan 28-11-2011

Unleashing aggression at Nestlé 21-11-2011

Nestlé European Trade Unions Demand "Stop Nespressure" in Indonesia and in Pakistan! 09-11-2011

Jail, bail, threats and dismissals as Nestlé Pakistan dairy workers fight for their rights 09-11-2011

Nespressure returns with mass dismissal of union members in Indonesia/provocation and attacks on union leader in Pakistan 24-10-2011

Nestlé European Works Council / Steering Committee Meeting / 14-15 September 2011 19-10-2011

Nestlé European Works Council / 23-25 May 2011 12-09-2011

Nestlé to enter partnership with Chinese confectionery company Hsu Fu Chi 14-07-2011