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Indonesia: Fast food chain fires pregnant workers 'for safety' 01-04-2015

The restaurant chain PT Champ Resto Indonesia fires pregnant workers based a company policy that treats them as a health and safety risk. Under this policy workers are denied their legal right to three months paid maternity leave and must resign. Restaurant workers are also denied any medical insurance.
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Arrested Chinese rights activists face prison for attempting to highlight sexual harassment on International Women's Day 23-03-2015

Five young Chinese women activists arrested in the run-up to International Women's Day planning for planning actions to highlight sexual harassment on public transport are now in criminal detention facing charges of 'picking quarrels and provoking troubles', which can carry a five-year prison sentence.
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Dismissed Ethiopian Sheraton workers celebrate International Women's Day 12-03-2015

Fifty-two union members illegally dismissed for their union membership at the Sheraton Addis Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia celebrated International Women's Day on March 8 by meeting and pledging to continue their struggle. The venue was kept secret to allow union workers still employed at the upscale hotel to participate and show their support and solidarity.
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Global standards needed to stop violence against women 04-03-2015

Attacks against women's dignity and safety at work and in society are widespread and growing, and few governments or employers are willing to take adequate measures to stop it. It is therefore urgent that unions actively support the call by the United Nations' Special Rapporteur on violence against women for a universal legally binding instrument at the United Nations level.
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INDIA: Thousands of women agricultural workers mobilize to demand living wage rights 11-01-2015

In the lead up to International Women's Day 2015 thousands of women agricultural workers in Gujarat are holding mass meetings at district level to promote living wage rights.
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Swiss Parliament votes to ratify Domestic Workers Convention 19-06-2014

The Swiss Parliament voted on June 12 to ratify the Domestic Workers Convention (ILO C189). Switzerland is the third European country to ratify (after Italy and Germany) and the fifteenth on a global level.
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Swiss Parliament votes to ratify Domestic Workers Convention 19-06-2014

Domestic Workers' International welcomed into IUF 19-05-2014

At its meeting in Geneva on May 15-16, the IUF Executive Committee unanimously accepted the International Domestic Workers' Federation's (IDWF) request to become a special group within the IUF.
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Equality now! International Women's Day 2014 05-03-2014

Raising the volume for International Women’s Day 28-02-2014

Korean Women's Trade Union holds second strike against wage discrimination, precarious work 09-12-2013

Decent Work – not for one day only 07-10-2013

Domestic Workers honoured at AFL-CIO Convention 10-09-2013

Domestic violence clause in AMWU agreement with Heinz 22-08-2013

Jamaica Household Workers’ Association – Union at last ! 26-04-2013

Bolivia ratifies Convention on Domestic Workers 26-04-2013

Women tobacco workers win historic wage increase in Ahmedabad, India 12-04-2013

Safe at home, safe at work – zero tolerance of violence 08-03-2013

Domestic Workers: Human Rights Award for “historic success” 06-03-2013

UFC: respect Women! 05-03-2013

Third ratification of the Domestic Worker’s Convention 189 20-09-2012

Korean Women's Trade Union joins fight against precarious jobs 25-07-2012

India: Women dairy workers win improved maternity rights 03-07-2012

'Unions took it to their hearts' 23-03-2012

Women workers win 200 permanent jobs at Lampung's biggest seafood processing factory 12-03-2012

International Women’s Day 2012 - Good Food, Good Life for Women at Nestlé? 05-03-2012

Australia: Historic gender pay decision narrows pay gap 04-02-2012

Struggle for domestic workers’ ILO convention heads for final round - and needs your support 04-03-2011