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Mondelez has been an aggressive financial machine since it was carved out of the former Kraft foods Inc. in 2012, dedicated to increasing profits by squeezing workers and aggressive cost cutting. For Mondelez workers this has meant layoffs, plant closures and permanent restructuring. Together, IUF affiliates are fighting back to defend quality employment at Mondelēz.

Since its inception, Mondelēz has used its cash on hand to fund share buybacks and dividends while struggling to service its large debt load. Because of the constant pressure on cash flow, the company has required constant infusions of new cash, provided in part through perpetual business restructuring.

While it squeezes the workforce, top shareholders and executive officers have become richer. Over the last three years, the company has returned $11 billion of capital to shareholders; in 2015, Irene Rosenfeld received $19,674,812 in total compensation.

Mondelez workers must be united and organized in the face of a company seeking to generating profits through selloffs and improvised cost-cutting rather than investing wisely in its workforce and long-term business growth. The IUF Mondelēz Union Network is an international trade union network which has been formed to build organized union unity and organization at Mondelez. Contact your IUF affiliate to get more involved.

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