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Turkey: Canned fish company held workers captive in production after COVID-19 outbreak 28-08-2020

A canned fish and ready-made sandwich company, Dardanel, in the north western province of Çanakkale in Turkey forced more than 1000 workers to maintain production on its premises for 2 weeks between July 29 and August 9, 2020 after more than 40 workers tested positive for coronavirus. According to recent figures, in total 150 workers from the Dardanel factory have now tested positive, and 56 have been hospitalized.

Trafficking, exploitation and death: the human cost of unregulated, illegal fishing 13-05-2020

Video evidence and media reports detailing gross abuses aboard a Chinese fishing vessel operating with migrant seafarers have again shone a spotlight on the violence and human trafficking proliferating in the global fishing industry.


Indonesia: Unions step up pressure on serial rights violator BMI 10-10-2019

The IUF-affiliated independent food and beverage workers federation FSBMM is escalating the fight for rights at seafood processor BMI.

Indonesia: BMI union leader convicted in trial farce, union to press criminal charges for systematic wage and benefit violations 10-09-2019

The trial of Reni Desmiria, secretary of the SPBMI union of workers at seafood processor Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) in Lampung, Indonesia, has concluded with her conviction and a reduced sentence. The notoriously corrupt legal system declared her guilty as expected, but faced with campaigns at local, national and international level was forced to reduce the sentence to 4 months with time served.


Evidence of Systematic Wage Theft at BMI 16-08-2019

Evidence that PT BMI have deliberately and systematically paid workers below the provincial minimum wage was revealed in an Indonesian Court.

Tell Chicken of the Sea to take action on human rights violations in its supply chain! 12-08-2019

US-headquartered packaged seafood provider Chicken of the Sea promises ‘A Sea of Good’ and likes to talk about sustainability. Its products are well-known throughout the Americas. Like many US seafood companies, Chicken of the Sea sources products from Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) in Lampung, Indonesia. And BMI is trying to send a brave trade union leader to prison for 6 years.

CLICK HERE to tell Chicken of the Sea to use its commercial relationship with BMI to press for Reni's release and stop this outrageous use of a corrupt legal system to bully workers.

Union Victory for Norse Production workers at court. The verdict is unanimous and crystal clear - union-busting is a crime. 31-07-2019

In autumn 2017, after a 35-day strike workers of Norse Production compelled their company to sign the national collective bargaining agreement for the fish processing sector. It was a big win for the migrant fish workers from Poland since the company had to raise their wage to the nationally set level.

Aqua Star, audits and a union leader in prison 26-07-2019

Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) in Indonesia is a major supplier to a number of large seafood processors and retailers, primarily in North America, including Aqua Star. What are Aqua Star and others doing in response to BMI's manipulation of a notoriously corrupt legal system to send a trade union leader to prison for 6 years?



Mass protests demand freedom for imprisoned union leader at BMI seafood Indonesia 09-07-2019

IUF affiliates from across Indonesia continue their daily protests demanding the release from prison of Reni Desmiria, secretary of the SPBMI union of workers at seafood processor Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) in Lampung, Indonesia.





Solidarity with imprisoned union leader at Indonesian seafood giant BMI 17-06-2019

IUF affiliates in Indonesia continue their protests in support of Reni Desmiria, secretary of the SPBMI, the union of workers at major global processed seafood exporter Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) in Lampung. Reni was arrested and jailed on May 17, and the company is demanding 6 years' imprisonment - the maximum penalty - for an infraction committed 8 years ago, when she was first hired as a contract worker at the factory.

Empowerment of workers is central to the establishment of the rule of law, protection of human rights and safety in the seafood sector 25-05-2019

The Second Regional technical workshop under the joint AOS/FAO programme “Joining forces in the fisheries sector: promoting safety, decent work, and the fight against IUU fishing” was held with the support on ITF Seafarers Trust in Maha, Seychelles, on May 21-23, 2019. It brought together government officials from the region’s Ministries of Labour, maritime and fisheries authorities, representatives of port inspectorates, trade unions, human rights organisations, and small-scale fishers’associations.

Vicious escalation in anti-union aggression at Indonesian global seafood supplier BMI 23-05-2019

IUF affiliates in Indonesia have launched daily mass protests outside the Lampung, Indonesia seafood factory of Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI), a major supplier to the global seafood industry, following the May 17 arrest of union secretary Reni Desmiria. Eight years after she began work at the factory as a contract worker, the company has determined that she submitted a fake high school certificate to get hired, reported her to the police and is pressing for the maximum criminal penalty - 6 years' imprisonment.  On June 2, BMI management  visited the union secretary in prison to inform her that she can be immediately released on condition that she resigns her position at the company, confirming that her arrest, imprisonment and prosecution are at the request of BMI. She has refused.

Norway: Stop union-busting at processed fish exporter Sekkingstad! 02-07-2018
Norway's Sekkingstad AS, a salmon and trout processor which exports to retail customers in over 50 countries, is trying to roll back a successful struggle by the Norwegian Food Workers Union NNN, which last year won recognition and a collective agreement at the company's processing sub-contractor following a 35-day strike. CLICK HERE to tell Sekikingstad to stop union-busting!

International solidarity with Phillips Seafood Indonesia workers 15-03-2018
International union delegates to IUF meat and dairy division steering meetings in San Francisco, USA showed their support for the struggle for decent jobs at Phillips Seafood Indonesia with an informational picket at one of Phillips' principal US retail outlets, CostCo, on March 14.

Launch of first-ever independent federation of food workers in Indonesia 14-02-2018
On February 2 and 3, sixteen independent unions came together in Yogyakarta to form the first ever independent union federation of food workers in Indonesia, FSBMM, a historic step in building independent and democratic union power in the food and beverage sectors in Indonesia.

NNN strike ends with recognition and CBA at Norwegian fish processor Norse Production 16-10-2017
The strike launched by the Norwegian Foodworkers' Union NNN at fish processor Norse Production on September 8 ended on October 12 with the company signing the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the fish processing sector. With union recognition secured, the local union will now be able to negotiate additional improvements with local management within the framework of the sectoral agreement.

NNN on strike for rights and recognition at fish processor Norse Production 25-09-2017

NorsestrikeWorkers - many of them migrants from Poland and Lithuania - have been on strike since September 8 at the fish processing company Norse Production near Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Organized in the IUF-affiliated Norwegian Food and Allied Workers Union (NNN), they are demanding the right to a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the company.


Philippines: unions call on government to reject industry pressure and implement regulation enforcing the rights of fishing vessel workers 18-08-2017

CitraMinaSENTROpressconference090517detailThe Citra Mina Workers Union, with the support of their national center SENTRO and the IUF, is stepping up its push for the government to implement a regulation enforcing the rights of workers on fishing vessels which it has promulgated but never implemented.


UFCW fighting US Bornstein Seafoods' attack on retirement 03-08-2017
The IUF-affiliated UFCW is in a tough fight on behalf of some 100 workers at the Bornstein Seafoods processing plant in Bellingham, Washington in response to the company's unilateral withdrawal from the collectively-bargained pension fund last June.

Philippines' Supreme Court affirms Citra Mina resnsibility for labour rights violations on outsourced fishing vessels 29-07-2017
In a legal process lasting two decades, the Supreme Court of the Philippines has upheld a 2010 lower court ruling holding Citra Mina responsible for labour rights violations on outsourced fishing vessels

Tasmanian salmon workers fight to defend their industry 19-07-2017

The Australian Workers’ Union (AWU) has commenced a campaign to support jobs in the salmon industry.  The campaign is titled Tasmanian Salmon - Our Jobs, Our Future.

US unionists return to Phillips Seafood restaurants in solidarity with Indonesian workers 19-07-2017

disposablejobsThe United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) returned to leaflet customers of US Phillips Seafood restaurants in support of IUF members at the Phillips Seafood processing plant in Lampung, Indonesia where the union is fighting for permanent jobs for workers who have been employed up to 15 years without a permanent contract.


New actions in campaign against precarious work at Phillips Seafood plant in Indonesia 19-06-2017

June10ActionOn June 10 and 12 workers at the Phillips Seafood plant held actions coinciding with US management's planned visit to the Lampung factory to highlight their demand for direct, permanent employment at the facility where many have worked up to 15 years without a permanent contract.



Indonesia: Phillips Seafood workers continue fighting for permanent employment 31-05-2017
PhillipsSeafoodDemo24052017Members of the IUF-affiliated SBPSI representing workers at the Phillips Seafood plant in Lampung, Indonesia, held a mass demonstration in front of the factory on May 24, with support from the Lampung Workers' Union Federation. The union continues to fight for permanent positions for over 100 workers, mostly women, many of whom have worked at the facility for up to 15 years without a permanent employment contract.

Philippines unions call on seafood industry employers to change course 11-05-2017

CitraMinaSENTROpressconference090517detailRepresentatives of the Citra Mina Workers Union and their national center SENTRO have called on the seafood industry employers' association SFFAII to take stock of the potential consequences of growing international concern over the industry's ongoing failure to respect international standards.


US union solidarity with Phillips Seafood workers in Indonesia 10-05-2017

disposablejobsThe IUF-affiliated UFCW leafleted customers at Phillips Seafood's flagship Baltimore restaurant on a busy May 9 evening in solidarity with the union fight for permanent jobs at the company's crabmeat factory in Lampung, Indonesia, where workers with up to 15 years of service are still denied permanent employment contracts.



International IUF delegation in Brussels calls for EU action on rights violations by Citra Mina in the Philippines 26-04-2017
Members of the SENTRO Citra Mina Workers Union in the Philippines joined an international trade union delegation for talks with the European Union's Directorate General for Trade in Brussels on April 24 on systematic abuses by Citra Mina and the need for firm EU action to ensure respect for international human rights standards throughout the Philippines' massive tuna industry.

Moroccan fish canner DOHA drops charges against union leader - now the company must reinstate 540 dismissed workers! 21-04-2017

1066Over 500 workers in the Moroccan city of Agadir have been on strike since March 2015 at DOHA, part of the wealthy BICHA Group. DOHA workers, nearly 95% of whom are women, produce tinned fish and other products for worldwide export. The company has been pressured to drop the punitive financial claims against the union leader it has been pressing since the strike began - now it's time to reinstate the dismissed workers. CLICK HERE to send a message to the company.


Philippines and Papua New Guinea tuna workers unite to tackle rights abuses 20-04-2017
Tuna workers in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea are organizing joint campaigns to tackle systematic human rights abuses by the world's largest manufacturers of canned tuna.

BMI seafood workers in Indonesia fighting for rights, recognition and permanent jobs 10-04-2017
The union of workers at the Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) seafood factory continues its fight against abusive casual contracts and for access to social security for all workers. BMI is one of the main Indonesian suppliers to the global seafood industry, supplying most internationally known seafood brands.

Indonesia: Union continues to demand permanent jobs for Phillips Seafood workers 16-03-2017

PhillipsbannerThe IUF-affiliated SBPSI continues to fight for permanent, secure jobs at the Lampung, Indonesia crabmeat factory of US-based Phillips Seafood. Under the company's brutal precarious work regime, where workers are hired and fired by text message, workers with as many as 15 years of service are still denied permanent employment contracts.


Human rights violator CITRA MINA in the focus of the PHL parliamentary debate on ending contractualization in the tuna industry 06-03-2017
A labor strike in the Citra Mina Group of Companies (CMGC), the second largest company in the Philippines tuna industry, which started in General Santos City on November 13, 2013, remains unresolved to this day. The sacking of those workers, who demand union recognition, is just the tip of the iceberg in the long story of massive violations of workers' rights permeating the whole tuna industry. 

Morocco: workers from throughout the country march in Agadir in support of rights for DOHA fish workers 07-01-2017

rahmoun%203Union activists from around the country travelled to Agadir on December 31, 2016 to show their support for the more than 500 workers dismissed by the DOHA fish canning company following a strike and lockout in 2015 and to denounce the court-ordered seizure of the union leader's apartment.



Campaign in support of DOHA company workers in Morocco continues 18-12-2016
Despite of the on-going mass actions of protest and critical reaction of the international community, the Court of Appeal rejected Mr Abdellah's appeal to lift the precautionary confiscation of his apartment and instead supported the ruling of the Court of the First Instance for charges to be brought against him for causing the company financial losses.

UILAPESCA leads debate on fish workers' rights at the conference in memory of Gaetano Pensabene 18-12-2016
The debate has ranged from the specific Sicilian fishing problems to the issue of illegal fishing and the respect of labour rights of fishermen in the world.

Serial rights offender Citra Mina responsible for yet another death 15-12-2016
Continued rights abuses by the Citra Mina Group, the Philippine's second-largest tuna exporter, have resulted in another worker death. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO SERIAL RIGHTS ABUSER CITRA MINA!

IUF European affiliates establish Seafood unions coordination group within EFFAT 19-10-2016
The founding meeting of EFFAT Seafood group was held in Brussels on November 15, 2016.

Namibia seafood corporations wage a war against fish workers rights 17-10-2016
Refusal of the companies to negotiate have lead more than 4000 fishermen in the provinces of Walvis Bay and Luderitz to strike, protesting against 21-hour working shifts on the vessels, appalling living conditions and demanding recognition of the Metal, Mining, Maritime and Construction Workers' Union (MMMC), affiliated to the NANLO trade union center.

Vigo dialogue on decent work in fisheries and aquaculture 05-10-2016
The third session of the FAO-sponsored Vigo dialogue which was held on October 4, 2016, brought together ILO sector department experts, fishing, processing and distribution companies - the seafood industry employers who participated in the Conxemar International Frozen Seafood Exhibition - and international trade union organizations (ITF, IUF, TUAC) to discuss the alarming human rights situation in the industry.

Trapped at Sea: The fight against slavery in the fishing industry 01-10-2016
Along the way, FAO media team explore why trafficking and forced work remain so pervasive in the global fishing industry and what fishers stand to gain from a new collaboration between FAO and the International Labor Organization -- a partnership that joins the fight against human trafficking at sea with the fight against illegal fishing.

Philippines tuna workers call upon industry to stop reckless, unsustainable fisheries 10-09-2016

PhilippinesTunaWorkers_smallThe fight of the Citra Mina workers for reinstatement and recognition of their union became central in uniting workers of General Santos, the capital of the Philippines’ tuna industry, within the Tuna Workers" Solidarity initiative led by the trade union center SENTRO.



The IUF governing body endorsed a plan to develop international trade union coordination in the seafood sector 10-09-2016

IUFEC20161Members of the IUF Executive Committee supported the proposals of the sea food industry workers' unions to step up international organising efforts in the sector whose workers in the vast majority of the world's countries have no chance of creating unions and securing conditions that would facilitate their organisational development.



International appeal to the US President to introduce the human rights dimension into the illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing concept 06-09-2016
Deceived by promises of a good job that will enable them to send money home, many workers are trapped at sea for months, even years, at a time and forced to work and live under dangerous, violent, and unthinkably atrocious conditions.

ILO: enforcing workers right to form trade unions is the first step towards decent work in the fishing sector 20-08-2016
In August 2016 the International Labour Organisation published the report of a tripartite meeting, convened on November 25-26, 2016, in Oslo to discuss ways to tackle labour exploitation in the fishing sector. The conference brought together experts from around the world - representatives of governments, employers' and workers' organisations, including experts on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing and human trafficking.

Significant progress at FAO COFI conference on illegal work and fishing 16-07-2016
UN FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI) met in Rome on July 11-15, 2016. The IUF/ITF international trade union delegation intervened in the debate on the industry's sustainability, stressing the need for swift enforcement of the ILO Convention C 188 on work in fishing and the need to develop wider international labour and environmental standards for the entire global seafood value chain.

FAO Report calls for the recognition of workers' right to organise 01-07-2016

a-i5555e_02016 edition of the state of world fisheries and aquaculture report was issued by the UN's Food and agriculture organisation (FAO) in preparation for the bi-annual world-wide conference of the Committee on Fisheries. The report provides a comprehensive picture of the global seafood industry and covers specific issues which require attention of national governments and the United Nations.



US seafood industry: NGA challenging de-unionisation, erosion of labour relations and human rights abuses 15-06-2016
The National Guestworker Alliance (NGA) published a comprehensive report, highlighting the poor conditions faced by migrant workers employed by large US seafood corporations in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. The report describes massive use of forced labour, poor health and safety conditions, sexual harassment, and obstacles to forming or joining a union.

Global unions call on EU for action to protect seafood industry workers 29-04-2016
Two global union federations representing millions of workers worldwide met with the European Union (EU) commission on fisheries this week to call for an expansion of legislation to protect fishers and workers employed in the production of seafood. The meeting coincided with the Brussels Seafood Expo Global, which brings together more than 2000 fish and aquaculture companies.

International union action grows at Seafood Expo Global 28-04-2016

http://www.iuf.org/w/sites/default/files/BrusselsSeafoodAction2016small.jpgUnions took action at the annual Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Belgium from April 26-28 to highlight the brutal practices which are widespread within the industry and to defend the rights of seafood industry workers. Seafood Expo Global is the largest international trading platform for fish and sea food.


International solidarity secures health coverage for Citra Mina workers dismissed for forming a union 06-04-2016
International solidarity organized through the IUF has secured comprehensive health insurance coverage for the union leaders and members unfairly dismissed by the Philippines tuna giant Citra Mina after they formed a union two-and-a-half years ago.

US seafood industry: blind and deaf 15-03-2016
A whole number of corporations known to persecute their workers for their attempts to unionise came to Boston for the annual SeaFooodExpo on March 6-8, 2016 with the view of signing contracts to sell their produce on the North American market.

Tuna workers organize to restrain reckless tuna companies in the Asia-Pacific 14-03-2016

Presconf%20RecklessWorkers across the tuna industry are escalating the campaign to make sustainable jobs and respect for human rights an integral part of a sustainable fisheries industry. At the March 11 launch of Tuna Workers Solidarity in General Santos, the tuna capital of the Philippines, workers and their families condemned human rights violations, forced labour and trafficking, insecure employment in tuna factories and tuna companies' refusal to take responsibility for fishing vessel workers lost at sea or abandoned in other countries.



Morocco: DOHA workers continue campaign to support Abdullah Rakhmoun, demand jobs and union rights 02-03-2016

MoroccoDOHA_1Workers of the DOHA canned fish factory in Agadir, Morocco, continue with their regular actions demanding that their union leadership be cleared of all charges and the court order imposing an incongruously large fine on the union's president Abdullah Rakhmoun be reversed. They also demand reinstatement for dismissed activists and recognition of their union, which belongs to the national center CDT.




Vicious union-busting at Moroccan fish canner DOHA 05-02-2016

979Over 500 workers in the Moroccan city of Agadir have been on strike since March 2015 at DOHA, part of the wealthy BICHA Group. DOHA workers, nearly 95% of whom are women, produce tinned fish and other products for worldwide export. The company, with the help of compliant legal and political authorities, has sought to dissolve the union, dismiss its members, criminalize and punish the strikers and confiscate the union leaders' home. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO DOHA!


International seafood workers meeting calls for mobilisation to eliminate abusive labour policies 01-01-2016

IntSeafoodWorkersMeeting_1_smallAlmost every day, the media expose new facts about slavery and other unacceptable labour practices in the seafood sector. Thousands of workers are engaged in their daily fight for a change, calling for help, and this call can no longer be ignored. Urgent measures must be taken by the employers, governments and relevant UN structures to rectify the situation, reduce criminality, and create opportunities for the workers to implement their fundamental right to improve their own working and living conditions.

FSBL and IUF stop illegal union verification by Phillips Seafood 17-12-2015

Phillips%20Seafood65US-based company Phillips Seafood has reacted to the international campaign calling for the reinstatement of unfairly terminated workers and union recognition by introducing a new product in their factory in Lampung, Indonesia: a management-manufactured union. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO PHILLIPS SEAFOOD!


Two years after mass terminations, Citra Mina workers determined to struggle for their rights 16-11-2015

FightuntilwewinTwo years ago the Citra Mina Group of Companies, among the largest tuna exporters in General Santos, the Philippines, terminated 234 workers for exercising their human right to form a trade union. In the 24 months since the unfair termination of union leaders and members, the campaign for "Worker Safe" tuna has seen the struggle for reinstatement become a struggle for the future of the tuna industry itself.



US Phillips Seafood brutal Indonesian operation: crabmeat workers hired, fired and outsourced by text message 09-11-2015

LampungPhillipsMiniplants30102015Phillips Seafood, a US company with a chain of seafood restaurants on the East Coast which also has outlets in airports and casinos and markets processed seafood products, relies on brutal exploitation and disposable jobs for their Indonesian crabmeat. Most of the production workers at the Phillips Seafood crabmeat factory in Lampung, Indonesia are women; 60 percent of these workers have no permanent jobs. They're on permanent standby, and never know when or if they will be called to work by text message. SEND A MESSAGE TO PHILLIPS SEAFOOD!

“Lampung Needs Sustainable Fisheries, Sustainable Jobs!” 03-11-2015
On October 30th, Federasi Serikat Buruh Lampung (FSBL) led 130 women workers of Phillips Seafood wearing “Worker Safe” bandana in a protest rally to show their disappointment to the one of the biggest seafood companies.

Rescued Citra Mina fishing workers launch union-owned 'Worker Safe' training boats 10-08-2015

CitraMina565sFive months after internationally coordinated action by IUF and SENTRO secured the release and repatriation of 43 fishing crew detained in Indonesia and abandoned by the tuna giant Citra Mina, the Citra Mina Workers' Union and its allies celebrated the launch of three newly built fishing vessels owned and operated by the union. 

Global pressure on Citra Mina widens 09-06-2015
One of Japan's major seafood companies which imports tuna from General Santos, Philippines, has initiated an investigation into human rights violations by the Citra Mina Group, the Philippines' second-largest tuna exporter. This announcement comes as preparations advance for a visit by a trade delegation from the European Commission charged with looking into the country's compliance with the EU's GSP Plus trade program following international union action earlier this year.

Phillips Seafood - 'sustainable' fisheries, disposable jobs 29-05-2015
Phillips Seafood Restaurants is one of the oldest and largest seafood restaurant chains in the United States. The associated Phillips Foods, the world's largest processor of crabmeat which also produces a full line of fish products, relies on 17 overseas plants, because US stocks are exhausted due to overfishing and pollution. So the company claims to be promoting sustainable fisheries. In fact it relies on disposable jobs - but Indonesian workers are fighting back and winning support for their struggle.

Citra Mina workers defend their picket line! 26-05-2015

CitraMinapicketdetailWith strong support from members and the community, Citra Mina workers in General Santos, Philippines have beaten back company pressure to end their factory picket. On April 22, the Mayor's office issued an order for the union to cease picketing or face forcible removal. Over the next three days, union members and supporters mobilized continuously to show their support for the striking workers and their struggle. The Mayor's office then rescinded its order - and apologized for its "error".


IUF, Greenpeace, unions, human rights organisations join with government to develop "Worker Safe" initiative 07-05-2015
A new "Worker Safe" label for exported tuna is one the new ideas emerging from a Sustainable Fishing Industry - Sustainable Jobs roundtable held in the tuna capital of the Philippines on April 30, 2015.

May Day Philippines: support for Citra Mina workers makes it the biggest ever march in General Santos 07-05-2015
Over two thousand people went out on the streets of General Santos of May 1st to support the demands for the human rights for Citra Mina workers. Led by the trade union center SENTRO, demonstrators demanded improvements in the working and living conditions of the tuna workers

Union protest against casual employment and mass dismissal at Phillips Seafood plant in Indonesia 06-05-2015
Workers from the Phillips Seafood plant, Lampung, Indonesia are fighting back after 171 workers were brutally sacked between April 27-29.

Workers Memorial Day in General Santos, Philippines - Citra Mina workers remember their dead and fight for the living 28-04-2015

citraminaWMD1The Citra Mina Workers Union and their national centre SENTRO commemorated Workers Memorial Day with the families of fishing vessel workers declared lost at sea. Over the past two years, at least 17 workers on vessels fishing for the Citra Mina Group are known to be missing or dead and the union continues to investigate other cases.



Union action at Belgian Seafood Expo raises pressure on Citra Mina 25-04-2015
The IUF, International Transport Workers' Federation and Belgian unions CSC Alimentation et Services, FGTB Horval, and CSC Transcom raised the growing pressure on the Citra Mina Group at the Brussels Seafood Expo - the world's largest seafood trade fair -by demonstrating on April 23 outside the venue, where Citra Mina's Philfresh Corporation was one of the companies exhibiting and seeking contracts with buyers.

World trade unions hold tuna company Citra Mina to account at Brussels SeaFoodExpo 23-04-2015
On April 22, Global union federations the IUF and ITF, assisted by Belgian trade unions, used the Brussels Seafood Expo to spotlight human rights abuses by Philippines' tuna giant Citra Mina.

Indonesian seafood workers demand respect and union rights at Bumi Menara Internusa 05-04-2015
On April 1 workers at Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI), one of Indonesia's largest fish processing companies picketed the factory gates in Lampung protesting intimidation, dismissals and abusive precarious employment.

Philippines Congress shines spotlight on tuna giant Citra Mina's brutal abuses 19-03-2015

CitraMinaBillboardsmallThe first in a series of Congressional hearings into abuses and illegal practices by Philippines tuna producer Citra Mina got under way on March 18 in the Philippines' House of Representatives, marking an important milestone in the long fight for justice for Citra Mina workers.



European unions plan for better quality industrial relations in fisheries and aquaculture 26-11-2014
The IUF Italian affiliate FLAI-CGIL hosted a European fish industry conference on November 13-14, 2014 to discuss the findings of EU-sponsored research on the quality of industrial relations in fisheries and aquaculture and to evaluate the impact of the EU Common Fisheries Policy on the quality and quantity of jobs.

Citra Mina’s Human Right Violations Exposed During the Philipinnes Tuna Congress 05-09-2014
Hundreds of Citra Mina workers trooped to the venue of the 16th Tuna Congress to dramatize their plight and to reiterate the pressing need for the erring company to address its continuing human rights violation. Bearing “Justice for Citra Mina” banner and chanting, “because of Citra Mina, our families are hungry,” the workers conducted a symbolic die-in action outside the hall where the congress is being held.

Citra Mina workers union celebrates the first year of registration 24-07-2014
Citra Mina workers gathered to celebrate the first year of the registration of their union with a loud chant: Workers United Will Never be defeated! Mabuhay ang uring manggagawa !!!

Dignity is not for sale! Citra Mina attempts to buy out union members 20-07-2014
Citra Mina workers union president Jumary Arevalo revealed to the public that conciliation hearings between the management has failed. Citra Mina is not willing to agree on union's basic demand for reinstatement with full back wages and had declared to call back all previous offer of separation pay and livelihood assistance package.

Solidarity with Citra Mina workers at US importer 16-07-2014
Members of UFCW Local 359 at New York's New Fulton Seafood Market - the entry point for Citra Mina frozen tuna products into the US - were outraged to learn the story of Citra Mina workers in General Santos, Philippines.

Tell Philippines' seafood giant Citra Mina to respect the human rights of their workers! 24-06-2014
Seafood giant Citra Mina is the Philippines' second largest exporter of tuna, doing billions of dollars in sales to the European, Asian and North American markets under the Philfresh brand. This hugely profitable Group, however, is violating the human rights of its workers. CLICK HERE TO TELL THE COMPANY TO RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS!

Philippines unions picket union-busting Citra Mina 19-06-2014
The Philippines national center SENTRO mobilized hundreds of members on June 19 to picket distribution outlets belonging to Citra Mina, the seafood giant which terminated 78 workers last year to prevent them from forming a union.

IUF and ITF welcome Thai fisher slavery exposé 13-06-2014
Two international union federations working together to fight appalling exploitation of fishery workers have applauded this week’s exposé by the UK’s Guardian newspaper of the use of slave labour in the Thai prawn industry.

Guardian: Slavery in prawn trade: consumers urged to check source of seafood 11-06-2014
Marine Stewardship Council, Greenpeace and Marine Conservation Society say retailers must be called to account

Philippines: IUF and ITF demand justice for Citra Mina workers 30-05-2014
The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) and IUF (International Union of Food, Agricultural and Hospitality Workers) today demanded the reinstatement of 78 unfairly sacked workers at Philippines seafood supplier Citra Mina – and promised the workers their continuing support.

Strike threat brings wage increase for Norwegian fish industry workers 28-05-2014
The Norwegian food workers’ union NNN reached on agreement on wages with the Norwegian Seafood Association (FHL) on May 19, averting a strike set to begin on May 21.

IUF and ITF applaud NZ ‘slave ships’ progress 16-05-2014
ITF (International Transport Workers' Federation) and IUF (International Union of Food, Agricultural and Hospitality Workers) today applauded the steps forward made in preventing often shocking abuse of crews on fishing vessels in New Zealand waters.

IUF Executive Committee debates aquaculture and fisheries sector work 15-05-2014
The IUF Secretariat report and proposals for development of coordination among the IUF affiliates, organizing workers in fisheries and aquaculture received the unanimous support of the IUF Executive committee, which met in Geneva on May 14-15, 2014.

IUF Africa team prioritise fisheries and aquaculture workers coordination 15-05-2014
Following the sectoral report to the IUF Executive Committee (May 14, 2014) on the Secretariat work in fisheries and aquaculture, the leadership of the IUF African regional secretariat team met to discuss the long-term working plan for this sector.

International unions IUF and ITF welcome Finnish food chain report 13-02-2014
International Transport Workers’ Federation and International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations today welcomed the release of research by Finnish group Finnwatch into the human cost of that nation’s cheap supermarket food.