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Organising, fighting and winning LGBTI workers’ rights: A resource for IUF affiliates in the Africa region

LGBTI Workers Rights News

New IUF Africa publication: a resource for fighting for LGBTI workers' rights 09-02-2018

LGBTI workers' rights are human rights 08-12-2017

LGBTIOn this International Human Rights Day, the IUF joins with all those around the world calling for the full recognition of LGBTI rights as human rights.

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Organizing, fighting and winning together: the IUF 27th Congress 05-09-2017

CONGRESSLOGOENGLISHThe 27th IUF Congress, held in Geneva from August 29 to September 1, 2017, was the largest, most representative, and most participatory Congress in our history. Of the 518 participants from around the world, 339 official delegates took part in the work of the Congress - an increase of nearly 29% over 2012. All regions and sectors were strongly represented in a Congress marked by a high degree of enthusiasm, militancy and solidarity.

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