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Marriott News

San Francisco Marriott workers return to work with important gains, ending nationwide US hotel strikes 06-12-2018

MarriottSFsettlementStriking members of UNITE HERE at 7 Marriott San Francisco hotels voted overwhelmingly to approve a new agreement after two months on the picket line, closing 9 weeks of strikes at Marriott involving close to 8,000 workers across the country.
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Hotel housekeepers around the world highlight their fight for rights in IUF Global Week of Action 06-11-2018

Argentina2Hotel housekeepers around the world took action to highlight their fight for rights and recognition during the IUF 5th Global Week of Action from October 8-14.
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From the Marriott US picket lines, solidarity with the fight for rights at Marriott Indonesia 17-10-2018

OnejobOn October 10, local UNITE HERE union local leaders in all the US cities involved in the Marriott strikes and campaign wrote to Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson, calling for the reinstatement of dismissed union chairman Agus Sarwatama at the W Hotel in Bali and full respect for trade union rights.

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Marriott strikes spread as thousands more workers say 'One job should be enough!' 10-10-2018

MarriottHawaii2sUNITE HERE members at Marriott hotels in 5 more U.S. cities have joined the growing national strike, which now brings the number of strikers to 7,700 at 23 hotels. On October 8, 2,700 union members walked off the job at Marriott-operated hotels in Hawaii.
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Fast food workers around the world rise up for their rights 09-10-2018

FastFoodDay4Fast food workers around the world are rising, and showed their determination to fight for rights and recognition on October 4, the IUF's International Fast Food Workers' Day. Across the globe, workers and unions held strikes and rallies and demonstrated their mutual solidarity and support in the struggle for decent pay and conditions and union recognition.

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'One job should be enough!': Marriott workers on strike in cities across the US 04-10-2018

MarriottBostonMore than 4,000 members of UNITE HERE are now on strike at Marriott hotels in 3 U.S. cities in support of their demand for jobs that are safe and enough to live on. Union members are also preparing for possible strike action at Marriott in other cities across the country after members overwhelmingly voted to authorize strikes if bargaining fails.

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Hotel chains respond to campaign against sexual harassment 18-09-2018

MWWT2In June the IUF launched a global campaign for action to protect workers in the hotel sector from sexual harassment and assault. Marriott, in response, has rejected the IUF call for negotiations.

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Marriott workers in Italy win a new CBA 08-08-2018

IUF-affiliated Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltucs have renewed the CBA for nine Marriott hotels in Italy, involving some 3.000 workers.

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Swiss union investigation into housekeeping in Marriott Zürich hotels reveals exploitative, dangerous and unsanitary conditions 19-07-2018

An investigation by IUF affiliate Unia into housekeeping in Marriott-branded hotels in Zürich - one of the world's most expensive cities - shows the brutal consequences of cut-throat outsourcing: extreme speed-up and exploitation of a vulnerable workforce resulting in dangerously unsanitary conditions for workers and guests and multiple violations of the regional collective agreement for the cleaning sector which sets minimum legal working conditions.

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Marriott workers around the world demand global measures to combat sexual harassment 28-06-2018

PhilippinesMarriott2On June 27, IUF members at Marriott hotels around the world demonstrated in support of the union call for concrete action by the world's largest hotel group to protect workers from the endemic sexual harassment which afflicts hospitality workers.

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Marriott workers from around the world demand action to combat sexual harassment 30-05-2018

http://www.iuf.org/w/sites/default/files/Marriott1.jpgUnion members from Marriott hotels in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Americas came together in Geneva on May 29 to voice their demand for global action by the world's largest hotel group to protect workers from the endemic sexual harassment which plagues the industry.

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Sheraton Brussels: workers thrown on the scrapheap while hotel gets renovated 20-01-2017

SheratonBrussels1Two hundred workers at the Sheraton Brussels hotel in Belgium are paying the price of a conflict between the owner, the UK-based property group International Real Estate Ltd, and Starwood, recently bought by Marriott, who managed the establishment. When the owner and management couldn't agree on who should pay for renovation and asbestos removal Sheraton management simply walked away, leaving the workers jobless when bankruptcy was declared.

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Pakistan: solidarity action to support dismissed Sheraton workers 10-04-2015

Members of the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi Workers Union, the Sind Club Employees Union and the Karachi Club Employees Union gathered together to show solidarity with dismissed workers from Sheraton Maldives and Ethiopia.
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Unite the Union joins the Shame on Sheraton campaign 08-04-2015

SheratonUnitesmallThe IUF's UK affiliate Unite the Union organized an action in London on April 2 to show support for the IUF's Shame on Sheraton campaign.
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France: union action in solidarity with international Sheraton campaign 31-03-2015

On March 26 the IUF's French affiliate CGT Hôtels de Prestige et Economiques leafletted in front of the Starwood Le Méridien Etoile and W Paris Opera hotels in Paris.
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Dismissed Ethiopian Sheraton workers celebrate International Women's Day 12-03-2015

Fifty-two union members illegally dismissed for their union membership at the Sheraton Addis Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia celebrated International Women's Day on March 8 by meeting and pledging to continue their struggle. The venue was kept secret to allow union workers still employed at the upscale hotel to participate and show their support and solidarity.
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Swiss UNIA says Shame on Sheraton! 13-02-2015

The IUF's Swiss affiliate Unia organized an action in Geneva on February 12 to show support for the IUF's recently launched Shame on Sheraton campaign. UniaShameonSheraton1
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Shame on Sheraton! 05-02-2015

shameonsheratonSheraton hotels and resorts are part of the Starwood Group, whose other brands include Westin, St. Regis, Méridien, W Hotels and the Luxury Collection. Starwood calls them "distinct lifestyle brands" - upscale accommodations for affluent travelers and vacationers. But brutal violations of the human rights of the company's employees can be part of that distinct lifestyle. Recently, workers at Sheraton hotels in Ethiopia and Maldives sought to exercise a basic human right: negotiate through their unions their employment terms and conditions. They got Sheraton management's full service abuse treatment - brutal mass dismissals and intimidation. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO STARWOOD

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Global action spotlights campaign for hotel housekeepers' rights 10-12-2014

Thousands of hotel workers in dozens of cities around the world took part in the IUF  Global Week of Action December 3-10 to highlight the abusive, unacceptable working conditions of housekeeping staff and to demand a safe, secure working environment from a global industry which rests on their efforts. Hotel unions are determined to change the situation, and highlighted the urgent need for industry-wide change with a variety of actions over the course of the week, including workplace and public demonstrations, media events and educational activities.

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No place for human rights at Sheraton Maldives private island resort 13-06-2014

sheratonmaldivesbig"Welcome to a world of golden sunshine, fine dining, water sports and entertainment, topped off with warm Maldivian hospitality on our own private island", beckons the website for the Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa. But hospitality at the luxury resort doesn't extend to workers seeking to exercise basic human rights. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE RESORT'S PARENT COMPANY STARWOOD

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Campaign success! – charges dropped against Fiji hotel leaders 04-02-2014

Fijian union leaders arrested after a strike at Starwood hotels 14-01-2014

Union leaders from the National Union of Hospitality Catering and Tourism Industries were arrested on January 9 and charged as a result of what the government claims to have been an "unlawful strike" that took place on New Year's Eve at Sheraton Fiji Resort and Westin Denarau Island Resort and Spa (both owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.) at Narewa village, Fiji.
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'Beautiful and absolutely secured'.. against unions - mass firings in response to union formation at Sheraton's upscale Algerian resort hotel 23-10-2011

Reinstatement Victory for Korean Hotel Workers Who Challenged Outsourcing 31-03-2010

Italian Unions Oppose Layoffs, Outsourcing at Ciga Starwood Hotels 23-01-2009