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Unions meet to coordinate Nestlé work in the United States 10-04-2017

Five unions representing Nestlé workers in the United States met with members of the IUF Secretariat in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 30 to discuss coordination in organizing and bargaining with the company.
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RWDSU-UFCW organize Nestlé distribution centre 10-04-2017

Workers at Nestlé's logistics and shipping centre in McDonough, Georgia voted on April 5 to be represented by the IUF U.S. affiliate RWDSU-UFCW.
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New IUF affiliate at Nestlé in Chile 08-02-2017

The trade union of Nestlé Chile's Los Angeles factory officially joined the IUF on January 1, 2017.
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New agreement between the Histadrut and Nestlé reinforces workers' rights 02-02-2017

 Nestlé workers in Israel are now covered by a collective agreement which confirms and enhances the rights previously negotiated site-by-site.

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Germany: Nestlé workers fight and win! 22-12-2016

NescaféMainz1Thanks to their willingness to fight, the workers at the Nescafé Factory in Mainz will now have a decent foundation for their future.
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Death toll rises in Bangladesh fire at factory supplying packaging to consumer multinationals 19-09-2016

TampacoFoil2At least 34 people are so far known to have been killed in the September 10 explosion and fire at the Tampaco Foils factory near Dhaka in Bangladesh. The factory produced packaging for local and multinational companies, including British American Tobacco and Nestlé - companies which will now need to again examine how they monitor and enforce their supplier codes and how they plan to meet their clear obligations as customers of this factory.
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Nestlé UK: unions successfully defend the pension scheme 23-08-2016

UNITE and GMB have successfully defended the defined-benefits pension scheme which Nestlé intended to close and replace with a defined-contribution scheme.
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Strike at Nestlé Turkey ends with collective bargaining success 22-07-2016

Following an 11 day strike, IUF affiliate Tekgida-Is signed a collective bargaining agreement with Nestlé to apply at its multi-product site at Karacabey in the province of Bursa, Turkey.
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Workers strike at Nestlé factory, Turkey 22-06-2016

Nestlestrike1jpgStriking members of IUF affiliated Tekgida-Is employed at the large multi product site at Karacabey in Bursa province Turkey, are demanding a substantial improvement in their low wages that better reflects their living costs and recognizes their contribution to company profits.
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Nestlé unions in Europe adopt statement on refugees 30-11-2015

The statement underlines the values of unity and solidarity which underpin the trade union movement and the central role of trade unions in promoting equity, fairness and inclusiveness.
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Recruiting action by union members at Nestlé Russia 13-10-2015

Members of the Nestlé Moscow Medical Representatives' Union organised a leafletting action on October 12 to inform their co-workers about workplace issues and union activities and the benefits of joining the union.
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IUF raises inadequate maternity provisions with Nestlé - significant improvement announced 07-07-2015

In meetings with Nestlé corporate management on gender issues, the IUF had consistently pointed out to Nestlé that there was a need to raise its global standards on the issue of maternity protection at least to the level of ILO Convention 183. In a welcome move Nestlé has now acted.
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NGG reaches first collective agreement at Nestlé Wagner in Germany 03-06-2015

The first-ever collective bargaining negotiations at pizza manufacturer Nestlé Wagner - begun in September 2014 - were successfully concluded on 20 May 2015. The German food workers union, NGG, has negotiated a collective agreement for the approximately 1,700 employees, which comes into force on 1 September.
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Nestlé defies Korean Supreme Court and provokes strike 13-11-2014

Nestle%20Lotte%20dispute%202014Workers at the Nestlé/Lotte joint venture went on strike on 13 November after the company refused to accept a Supreme Court decision from December 2013 that declared that regular bonuses should be calculated as part of ordinary wages. The decision was further formalized by a Corrective Order issued by the Ministry of Employment in October this year. Other TNC's have complied with the ruling.

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Nestle dismisses 28 workers in Turkey after protest at collective bargaining outcome 29-10-2014

IUF affiliate Tekgida-Is protested the dismissal of 28 workers by the Swiss based food and beverage giant, Nestle, outside the Swiss Consulate in Istanbul on October 22.
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Nestle Chairman misleads public to promote trade and investment agreements 25-06-2014

"As far as I know, no one has died in the United States from eating American products. If that is our fear then we also shouldn't go on holiday in the United States."
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Expansion and realignment in global dairy industry 30-05-2014

Nestle and Fonterra swap assets in Latin America while Arla increases its presence in the lucrative UK market.
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Nestlé workers in Finland fight against agency labour 15-02-2014

Workers at Nestlé's baby food plant in Turku, Finland, went on strike on 6 days in December 2013 to protest company plans to transfer directly-hired temporary workers to a staffing agency.
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Nestlé eliminates 26 more jobs in Switzerland 26-11-2013

After eliminating 28 jobs in August 2012, Nestlé plans to eliminate 26 more jobs by March 2014.
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Nestlé disposes of two regional water brands in France 29-07-2013

Nestlé Waters France has sold the Carola and Saint-Lambert spring water brands.
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Restructuring at Nestlé Waters Germany 19-06-2013

Nestle workers in Sao Paulo fight for equal pay and conditions 12-05-2013

Nestlé Morocco workers celebrate May Day 05-05-2013

New CBA at Nestlé Panjang Indonesia 25-04-2013

Agency workers at Nestlé Perm get direct employment 10-04-2013

Nestlé 2012 results 27-02-2013

Nestlégate: Swiss court finds Nestlé guilty of illegally infiltrating activist group 06-02-2013

NGG fights for permanent jobs at Nestlé 10-01-2013

Planned job cuts at Nestle Waters Germany 03-12-2012

Strike at Nestlé Tunisia 08-10-2012

Nestlé Perugina: Bye-bye “generational pact” 02-10-2012

Industrial action averted, pay talks completed at York factory 17-09-2012

Important collective bargaining win at Nescafé Switzerland 05-09-2012

Organizing successes at Osem-Nestlé in Israel 17-08-2012

Nestlé: 2012 Half-Year Results 13-08-2012

Italian unions slam Nestlé for cynical employment proposal 09-08-2012

US unions beware: Nestlé UK CEO to transfer to the US 07-08-2012

Turkey: Labour Ministry shuns unions in hazelnut child labour discussions 31-07-2012

Agency work can kill 23-07-2012

SINPROLAC sets its agenda for collective bargaining with Nestlé Nicaragua 19-07-2012

Union members voting on industrial action at Nestlé York 19-07-2012

Nestlé European Trade Unions affirm their solidarity with Nestlé workers world-wide 10-07-2012

Nestlé US subsidiary cited in death of temp worker 26-06-2012

Pakistan: Union secures hundreds of permanent jobs for casual workers at Nestlé Kabirwala 04-06-2012

IUF and Nestlé welcome settlement of Panjang Indonesia dispute 29-05-2012

IUF Congress to launch 'We are the 53!' campaign as next stage in global fight for justice for fired Nestlé Indonesia unionists 09-05-2012

Nestlé Nicaragua - pressure on women workers, high rate of job-related injuries 08-05-2012

'Continuous excellence' or more dubious claims in Nestlé's sustainability reporting? 08-05-2012

Arrest warrant issued for Nestlé Pakistan labour contractor as shareholders prepare to meet in Switzerland 11-04-2012

New York City hotel workers say 'Stop Nespressure!' 02-04-2012