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Mondelez has been an aggressive financial machine since it was carved out of the former Kraft foods Inc. in 2012, dedicated to increasing profits by squeezing workers and aggressive cost cutting. For Mondelez workers this has meant layoffs, plant closures and permanent restructuring. Together, IUF affiliates are fighting back to defend quality employment at Mondelēz.

Since its inception, Mondelēz has used its cash on hand to fund share buybacks and dividends while struggling to service its large debt load. Because of the constant pressure on cash flow, the company has required constant infusions of new cash, provided in part through perpetual business restructuring.

While it squeezes the workforce, top shareholders and executive officers have become richer. Over the last three years, the company has returned $11 billion of capital to shareholders; in 2015, Irene Rosenfeld received $19,674,812 in total compensation.

Mondelez workers must be united and organized in the face of a company seeking to generating profits through selloffs and improvised cost-cutting rather than investing wisely in its workforce and long-term business growth. The IUF Mondelēz Union Network is an international trade union network which has been formed to build organized union unity and organization at Mondelez. Contact your IUF affiliate to get more involved.

Response to Mondelez New Zealand closure shows global brands' fading veneer 25-11-2017

The gloss is peeling off 'global brands', whose makers have built their marketing and production on the assumption that the brand name alone is sufficiently powerful to efface all interest in where goods are produced, or under what conditions.
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The fight to save quality jobs at Mondelez Dunedin, New Zealand 20-10-2017

Mondelezsticker_0The IUF-affiliated union E tu has worked tirelessly with community leaders to save quality jobs at Mondelez and is highly critical of the final decision by the company to move all production of Cadbury products at its Dunedin, New Zealand production plant to Australia. This decision also follows an IUF urgent action that many IUF affiliated members took part in to support their brothers and sisters from E tu in New Zealand.

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UK Unite Cadbury (Mondelez) members win improved pay in new wage agreement 19-09-2017

About 1,300 workers at three Cadbury (Mondelez) sites in the United Kingdom have reached a two-year pay agreement that addresses increased cost of living. The agreement also includes an improvement in maternity pay.

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Mondelez Chairman and CEO Irene Rosenfeld to retire 03-08-2017

Irene Rosenfeld announced her retirement from Mondelez International on August 2, 2017. Replacing Rosenfeld as Mondelez CEO effective November 2017 is Dirk Van de Put who is currently Chairman and CEO of McCain Foods.

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North American IUF Affiliates rally at Mondelez shareholder meeting 18-05-2017


On May 17, members from North American IUF affiliates BCTGM and UFCW rallied in advance of the Mondelez shareholder meeting in Lincolnshire, Illinois to show their commitment to defending quality employment at the company they have helped to build. Over 18 labour organizations were present to express their support; Letters of solidarity from IUF affiliates were also read out to rally participants.

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International union action to defend quality employment at Mondelez 04-04-2017

MondelezstickerIUF affiliates around the world showed their determination to defend quality permanent employment at job-slashing Mondelez in a week of trade union action from March 27-31, 2017.
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Information on Mondelez IUF union activities in Korean 24-03-2017

Please click on the following link to view information on Mondelez IUF union activities in Korean.

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New Zealand Mondelez workers fight to save their factory 03-03-2017

1054Four hundred workers in Dunedin, New Zealand have been fighting to save their Cadbury plant since parent company Mondelez announced on February 15 that it plans to close the facility. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE COMPANY!

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Urgent call for solidarity messages for Mondelez workers in Dunedin, New Zealand 01-03-2017

On February 15, 2017, nearly 400 Mondelez workers in Dunedin, New Zealand and their union E Tu were informed that the historic Cadbury factory in their hometown would be closing with production offshored to other sites. Mondelez is a corporation driven by financial short-termism and aggressive cost cutting, which is resulting in the destruction of quality jobs. Consequently, Mondelez workers across the world have known only sell-offs, closures, outsourcing and permanent restructuring ripping jobs out of communities.

But, the fight is not over to keep the Dunedin factory open. E Tu, its members and Dunedin urgently need your solidarity and support.

Please send messages of solidarity to Sarah Meyer ( at the IUF Secretariat, which will then be forwarded to E Tu. Let Dunedin and its Mondelez Cadbury workers know that they are not alone and that they are part of an international effort to #savequalityjobs at Mondelez.

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Mondelez struggles to keep up with consumer demand for healthy food 08-02-2017

Mondelez, like many other big consumer packaged goods companies, continues to struggle with consumer demand shifts towards healthy, organic and fresh food. One of the reasons for Mondelez's troubles is that large food companies like Mondelez are being managed with a focus on financial short-termism, not as food and beverage companies with a long-term vision.

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Belgian IUF affiliates LBC-NVK and BBTK act against job destruction at Mondelez 14-12-2016

IUF affiliates LBC-NVK and BBTK protested today in front of Mondelez-Mechelen against job destruction. In 2015, Mondelez-Mechelen's workforce declined by 10% and will decline by another 20% in 2017. IUF Mondelez unions demand investment in the future of the company and its brands and an end to the continuous restructuring and financial short-termism which is driving the destruction of quality jobs at Mondelez. The IUF and its affiliated Mondelez unions and membership further demand immediate negotiations around all restructuring actions with affected unions.
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Mondelez workers from across Europe demonstrate at Zurich head office 24-11-2016

IUF affiliated unions from over 13 countries rallied yesterday at European Mondelez head office to signal their determination to save the facilities, the brands, the skills and experience which built the company from the current management's reckless financial mismanagement. IUF Mondelez unions demand investment in the future of the company and its brands and an end to the financial short-termism which is driving the destruction of quality permanent jobs at Mondelez.
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What’s driving Mondelēz? 16-11-2016

Mondelez is a particularly aggressive employer because of its strategic reliance on high and unsustainable levels of debt for funding top management and large shareholders at the expense of investment in building a sustainable food business. Because of its precarious financial structure and strategy, Mondelez relies on short-term fixes and aggressive cost cutting to boost margins rather than increasing sales volume and investing in innovation. But costs cannot be endlessly cut before they endanger the business as a whole. Read more in the latest IUF Mondelez Union Network: click here to read, download and distribute!

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Highlights from Mondelez’s Third Quarter 2016 Results: What Does it Mean for Workers 31-10-2016

On October 27, Mondelez reported its Q3 financial results. It repurchased approximately $475 million of its common stock in Q3 and paid around $264 million in cash dividends to shareholders all the while continuing the squeeze on its workforce and restructuring its business. Mondelez has loaded up on debt to boost (on paper) its return on equity while funding buybacks and dividends rather than reinvesting in its business and workforce. The high debt ratio leaves the company, and its workers, highly vulnerable to even the slightest change in interest rates, sales income etc.
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Mondelez unions come together to defend union jobs 25-09-2016

MondelezChicagodemo2Over 40 members of IUF-affiliated trade unions representing Mondelez workers around the world marched on CEO Irene Rosenfeld's residence outside Chicago on September 21 to protest the company's systematic destruction of union employment. Most recently, the company has eliminated 600 union jobs at the Chicago Nabisco facility and announced the closure of its factory in Valladolid, Spain, with the loss of 220 jobs.

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Mondelez no longer pursuing Hershey: What now? 31-08-2016

Mondelez announced on August 29, 2016 that it had ended discussions with US chocolate maker Hershey regarding a possible acquisition. Mondelez’s attempt to acquire Hershey reflects the company’s drive to boost profitability and scale in snacking and confectionery.
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Affiliates fight Mondelez shareholder greed 02-05-2016

The Mondelez strategy of aggressive cost cutting and shifting production to lower cost countries is paying dividends for investors while it destroys the livelihoods of long-standing employees.
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Death toll rises following fatal accident at Mondelez Egypt 18-04-2016

Three more workers have died as a result of injuries suffered following a boiler explosion and fire at the Mondelez Cadbury factory in Cairo on March 28, bringing the death toll to seven. Initially four workers were reported dead with some 60 injured, many with serious burns and in critical condition.
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Mondelez disposes European brands to disposal experts Eurazeo 04-04-2016

Irish workers strike against outsourcing 14-03-2016

Members of IUF affiliates Unite the Union and SIPTU took indefinite strike action on March 3 to protect 'permanent and pensionable' jobs and stop the outsourcing of 17 permanent positions at the Mondelez Coolock chocolate factory. The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) brought the parties together to hammer out an agreement.
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BCTGM calls on US consumers to 'check the label' 14-03-2016

The IUF affiliate BCTGM has launched a 'check the label' campaign as part of its fight to support their members who are contesting the elimination of 600 jobs at the Nabisco plant in Chicago (click here for background).
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Mondelez reported to be recruiting strikebreakers in preparation for bargaining 19-02-2016

According to a report in the US union-supported Northwest Labor Press, Mondelez has recruited strikebreakers in preparation for national bargaining with the IUF-affiliated BCTGM covering 5 Nabisco biscuit plants and three distribution centers.
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BCTGM steps up fight against Mondelez mass layoffs in Chicago 26-01-2016

The IUF-affiliated BCTGM has stepped up its fight against mass layoffs at the Mondelez Chicago biscuit factory by filing grievances and a federal lawsuit charging that the layoffs are discriminatory and violate the collective agreement. The union has also formally charged management with inserting non-union contract workers into the bargaining unit in order to weaken union bargaining power.
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Mondelez slashes union jobs in Chicago after demanding impossible concessions 30-07-2015

Union rights violations at Mondelez North America 10-06-2015

Mondelez squeezes Ireland - closure, layoffs, casualization 09-03-2015

Cadbury 5 re-elected to Union Executive at Mondelez Alexandria 05-09-2014

The Cadbury 5 and their supporters swept to victory in elections to the executive of the independent union at Mondelez in Alexandria, Egypt held on August 29.
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Cadbury 5 re-elected to Union Executive at Mondelez Alexandria 02-09-2014

The leaders were once again elected as the principal officers of the union and supporters of the leadership fill all 9 positions on the executive.
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IUF and Mondelez International welcome the settlement of the Alexandria Egypt dispute 04-08-2014

Strike at Mondelez-SOTUBI in Tunisia 18-06-2014

The workers at the Saida biscuit factory in Ben Arous, south of Tunis, walked out for three days to demand the implementation of agreements signed with management in March of this year.
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Belgian Unions tell Mondelez : SOTUBI Tunisia management not welcome in our plants ! 21-03-2014

IUF affiliates in Belgium take concrete action in support of Mondelez workers in Tunisia.
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Heinz, Mondelez and the private equity effect 14-03-2014

Private equity dominated the February Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) conference, even without a formal presence - a measure of the extent to which the buyout funds' operational methods have permeated the entire food industry.
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Mondelez CEO gets a New Year's message- talk to the IUF 12-02-2014

The IUF New Year postcard campaign saw over 3,500 postcards signed and sent to Mondelez CEO Irene Rosenfeld with a simple message for 2014: talk to the IUF.
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Mondelez workers in Pakistan continue to fight for permanent jobs 15-01-2014

The Cadbury union, an affiliate of the Pakistan Food Workers Federation, has been trying to re-negotiate their collective agreement for the past 20 months. At stake is the union’s determination to win permanent jobs for precarious workers and the company’s refusal to negotiate over this issue.
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BCTGM sends strong message to Mondelez about alleged human rights violations - Talk to the IUF! 13-01-2014

Another delicious moment of investor joy - Mondelez increases dividend, share buybacks 12-12-2013

IUF Mondelez affiliates meet to build global organisation 12-12-2013

Rally at Mondelez in Tunisia highlights continued harassment 05-12-2013

Cadbury 5 gain support in Switzerland 29-11-2013

Women food workers' solidarity with struggle against disposable jobs at Mondelez Pakistan 26-11-2013

Pennsylvania political representatives challenge Mondelez to public meeting on threatened Philadelphia biscuit plant 18-11-2013

Precarious work expands at Mondelez Pakistan but management refuses negotiation on status of 'outsiders' 08-11-2013

Cookie sales up, Mondelez prepares Philadelphia workers for cookie factory closure 08-11-2013

Mondelez Tunisia union confirms leadership commitment to struggle for rights 08-11-2013

Mondelez rejects US government offer to mediate disputes over allegations of human rights abuses 30-10-2013

Mondelez turns a blind eye to human rights while 'smart shelf' technology watches consumers 23-10-2013

Justice delayed - Mondelez Egypt lawyers appeal and delay sacked union leaders' legal hearings, cut off medical benefits 24-09-2013

Press Conference in Cairo features Cadbury 5 Campaign, calls on Government to "Do your duty" 18-09-2013

To seduce investors, war on workers - 'wrecking ball' for older sites 10-09-2013

Mondelez squeezes suppliers by extending payment to 120 days - who's next? 27-08-2013